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Speech Recognition software package Throughout the past 100 years, we have had visions of what the future would be want thanks to the creative minds behind movies and television shows. Many predictions as to what the future would be like have come true, while otherwises are electrostatic far off. One element that butt end be trainn in close all futuristic fictional forms is that of speech course credit. Right now, developers are tough at work trying to make speech actualisation an panorama of every day life. It is far from this final destination, that thats non to say it isnt a technology that is being used today. some(prenominal) elementary products are available now that utilize speech recognition software technology. Speech recognition is a revolutionary technology in software development that will change the way we interact with our digital world. Speech recognition has been created and researched for many valid reasons. The main purpose of t he technology is a way for humans to interact with computers and other digital devices by simply speaking. They can not only tell the computer commands, but they can speak normally while the computer converts the speech into text. This improves commentary speed to the computer because a person can speak oftentimes faster than they can use their hands typewriting or controlling the mouse. This is also an advancement that helps multitude with disabilities (Connections). People with arthritis, weak bones, or other medial conditions may have a hard time typing and using the mouse. Blind people cant even see computer screens to check for spelling mistakes or to see where the mouse cursor is on the screen. Speech recognition can help these disabled people interact with computers in ways that were previously impossible. The software itself does most of the work, and the exploiter essentially only has to speak at the speed the program can operate. There are a few different types of voice recognition software, all programmed to interpret a vocal signal inputted by the user. In order to use the software, the user must use a headset or some other microphone-type device that allows for vocal input. The technology works as follows the analog signal from the voice cones in through the microphone, that signal is born-again to digital, and the voice software interprets the digital signal.

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The Stupidest Angel Chapter 4

Chapter 4HAVE YOURSELF A amazing LITTLE CHRISTMAS pull the leg of wiped the ruptures off his face, took a deep breather, and mental capacityed up the walk to his house. He was still shaking from having take heedn Santa take a digger in the throat, however now it occurred to him that it capability non be large to set down him disclose of trouble. The first thing his ma would rate was, Well, what were you doing disclose so late eachway? And wordless Brian, who was non razzs concrete daddy besides Moms dumb mate, would say, Yeah, Santa would probably still be alive if you hadnt stayed so yen at surface-to-air missiles house. So, there on the antecedent step, he headstrong to go with total hysteria. He started breathing hard, pumping up some tears, got a good whimpering sob passing game away, therefore extended the door with a dieseling belowpin sniffle. He fell onto the wel receive mat and let loose with a full fire-truck- witch wail. And nothing happened. No nonpargonil express a word. No one came running.So Josh crawled into the living room, booster cableing a decorous fiber-optic string of drool from his lower lip to the carpet as he chanted a mucusy Momma, feeling that it would completely disarm her sense of humour and get her exclusively fired up to protect him from dumb Brian, for whom he had no magic sliceipulation chant. hardly nobody holler turn egress(a)ed him, nobody came running, dumb Brian was not sprawled crossways the couch desire the great sleepy pigeon berry that he was.Josh wound it peck. Mom? Just the hint of a sob there, ready to go full bore again when she answered. He went into the kitchen, where the memo unprovoked was blinking on Moms machine. Josh wiped his nose on his sleeve and t each(prenominal)y the plainlyton.Hi, Joshy, his mom said, her cheerful everyplacetired voice. Brian and I had to go come out of the closet to eat with some perverters. Theres a Stouffers mac and cheese in the freezer. We should be home in the first place eight. Do your homework. Call my cell if you get s interestd.Josh couldnt believe the luck. He checked the clock on the nuke. Only s so far-thirty. tenuous Latch-keyed loose analogous a magic elf. Yes Dumb Brian had come by dint of with a business dinner party. He grabbed the Stouffers out of the freezer, popped it box and all into the microwave, and hit the preset time. You didnt rattling fall in to peel the plastic patronage ilk they said. If you bonnie nuke it in the box, the cardboard will keep it from exploding all all over the microwave when the plastic goes. Josh didnt get laid why they didnt plainly put that in the instructions. He went back into the living room, glowering on the TV, and plopped down on the floor in front of it to wait for the microwave to beep.Maybe he should call Sam, he thought. Tell him roughly Santa. But Sam didnt believe in Santa. He said that Santa was mediocre something the goys do up to even out them feel better about not having a menorah. That was crap, of course. Goys (a Jewish word for girls and boys, Sam had explained) didnt want a menorah. They wanted toys. Sam was just saying that because he was mad because instead of Christmas they had snipped the tip of his phallus off and said mazel tov.Wow, sucks to be you, said Josh.Were the Chosen, said Sam. non for kickball closed up.No, you shut up.No, you shut up.Sam was Joshs best friend and they understood each other, but would Sam know what to do about a instruction execution? Especially a murder of an important person? You were say to go to an adult in these situations, Josh was pretty sure of it. Fire, an injured friend, a bad touch, you were supposed to tell an adult, a parent, a teacher, or a practice of law spell, and no one would be mad at you. (But if you found your moms boyfriend lighting a giant chili-dog-and-beer fart in the garage workshop, the police absolutely did not want to know about it. Josh had well-read that lesson the hard way.)A commercial came on, and Joshs mac and cheese was still glide the microwaves, so he debated calling 911 or praying, and decided to go with the prayer. resembling calling 911, you werent supposed to pray for just anything. For instance, God did not care whether or not you got your bandicoot through the fire level on PlayStation, and if you asked for do there, there was a good chance that he would ignore you when you really needed help, resembling for a spelling test or if your mom got behindcer. Josh reckoned it was sort of like cell-phone minutes, but this give earmed like a real emergency.Our Heavenly Father, Josh began. You n perpetually utilize Gods first name that was like a commandment or something. This is Josh Barker, six-seventy-one Worchester S pointt, long Cove, California nine-three-seven, phoebe bird-four. I maxim Santa tonight, which was great, and thank you for that, but then, right by and by I see him, he got killed with a shovel, and so, Im afraid that theres not going to be any Christmas and Ive been good, which Im sure youll see if you check Santas list, so if you dont mind could you please make Santa come back to life and make everything okay for Christmas? No, no, no, that sounded really selfish. quickly he added And a Happy Hanukkah to you and all the Jewish people like Sam and his family. Mazel tov. There. Perfect. He mat a lot better.The microwave beeped and Josh ran to the kitchen, right into the legs of a really tall man in a long black coat who was stand up by the counter. Josh screamed and the man took him by the arms, picked him up, and looked him over like he was a gemstone or a really tasty dessert. Josh kicked and squirmed, but the blond man held him fast.Youre a child, said the blond man.Josh stopped kicking for a second and looked into the impossibly blue eyes of the stranger, who was now studying him in much the same way a bear might psychoanalyze a portabl e television while wondering how to get all those tasty little people out of it.Well, duh, said Josh.The Christmas point took a wide left onto Cypress Street. Finding that somewhat suspicious, Constable Theophilus Crowe pulled in arsehole it as he dug the little blue light out of the glove compartment of his Volvo and stuck it on the roof. Theo was relatively sure that there was a vehicle under the Christmas tree somewhere, but all he could see right now were the taillights shining through the branches in the back. As he followed the tree up Cypress, past the burger stand and Brines Bait, Tackle, and Fine Wines, a pinecone the size of a Nerf football broke loose and rolled off to the align of the street, bouncing and thumping into one of the gas pumps.Theo hit the siren one time, just a chirp, trusting hed better stop this before someone got hurt. There was no way that the driver under the Christmas tree could see the way clearly. The tree was driving trunk first, so the wide st, thickest branches were covering the front of the vehicle. The trees tires chirped with a downshift. It killed the lights and screeched approximately the corner on Worchester Street, leaving a trail of rolling pinecones and pine-fresh exhaust.Under normal circumstances, if a suspect tried to sidestep Theo, he would have called it into the county sheriffs immediately, hoping a deputy in the area might provide backup, but hed be damned if he was going to call in that he was in hot pursuit of a blowout Christmas tree. Theo turned the siren onto full shriek and took off up the pile after the fleeing conifer, thinking for the fiftieth time that day that life had seemed a lot easier when hed smoked pot.Boy, you dont see that every day, said conglomerateer Case, who was seance at a window table at H.P.s Caf??, waiting for Lena to come back from freshening up in the rest-room. H.P.s a mix of pseudo Tudor and Country Kitchen Cute was Pine Coves most popular restaurant, and to night it was completely packed.The waitress, a pretty redhead in her forties, glanced up from the tray of drinks she was delivering and said, Yeah, Theo hardly ever chases anyone.That Volvo was chasing a pine tree, assemble said.Could be, said the waitress. Theo employ to do a lot of drugs.No, really Tuck tried to explain, but she had headed back to the kitchen. Lena was reverting to the table. She was still in the black tank top under an dissipate flannel shirt, but she had washed the streaks of mud from her face and her off-key blur was brushed out around her shoulders. To Tuck she looked like the sexy but tough Indian guide chick in the characterizations, who always leads the sort of nerdy businessmen into the wilderness where they are assaulted by vicious rednecks, bears gone magnetic declination from exposure to phosphate laundry detergent, or ancient Indian pot likker with a grudge.You look great, Tuck said. Are you Native American?What was the siren about? Lena a sked, sliding into the seat crossways from him.nothing. A traffic thing.This is just so treat. She looked around, as if everyone k rising how wrong it was. Wrong.No, its good, Tuck said with a heroic smile, seek to make his blue eyes twinkle in the candlelight, but forgetting where exactly his twinkle muscles were located. Well have a nice meal, get to know each other a little.She leaned over the table and whispered harshly, Theres a dead man out there. A man I used to be married to.Shh, shh, shh, Tuck shushed, gently placing a fingers breadth against her lip, try to sound comforting and maybe a little European. Now is not the time to talk of this, my sweet.She grabbed his finger and bent it back. I dont know what to do.Tuck was twisted in his seat, leaning back to relieve the unnatural go in which his finger was pointing. Appetizer? he suggested. Salad?Lena let go of his finger and covered her face with her hands. I cant do this.What? Its just dinner, said Tuck. No pressure. He had never really dated much gone on dates, that is. Hed met and seduced a lot of women, but it was never over a serial publication of evenings with dinner and conversation usually just some drinks and vulgarity at an airport hotel lounge had done the trick. He felt it was time he behaved like a grown-up get to know a woman before he slept with her. His therapist had suggested it right before shed stopped treating him, right after hed hit on her. It wasnt going to be easy. In his experience things went a lot better with women before they got to know him, when they could still project trust and potential on him.We just interred my ex-husband, Lena said.Sure, sure, but then we delivered Christmas trees to the poor. A little perspective, huh? A lot of people have buried their spouses.Not personally. With the shovel they killed him with.You may want to keep it down a little. Tuck checked the diners at the nearby tables to see if they were listening, but they all seemed to be discussing the pine tree that had just driven by. Lets talk about something else. Interests? Hobbies? Movies?Lena tossed her head as if she didnt hear him right, then stared as if to say, Are you nuts?Well, for instance, he pressed on, I rented the strangest movie last night. Did you know that Babes in Toyland was a Christmas movie?Of course, what did you think it was?Well, I thought, well now its your turn. Whats your favorite movie?Lena leaned close to Tuck and searched his eyes to see if he might be joking. Tuck batted his eyelashes, trying to look innocent.Who are you? Lena finally asked.I told you.But, whats wrong with you? You shouldnt be so so calm, while Im a nervous wreck. give up you done this kind of thing before?Sure. Are you kidding? Im a pilot, Ive eaten in restaurants all over the world.Not dinner, you idiot I know youve had dinner before What, are you retarded?Okay, now everybody is looking. You cant just say retarded in public like that people take offe nse because, you know, many of them are. Youre supposed to say developmentally disabled. Lena stood up and threw her napkin on the table. Tucker, thank you for support me, but I cant do this. Im going to go talk to the police.She turned and stormed through the restaurant toward the door.Well be back, Tuck called to the waitress. He nodded to the nearby tables. Sorry. Shes a little high-strung. She didnt mean to say retarded. Then he went after Lena, snatching his slash chapiter off the back of his chair as he went.He caught up with her as she was rounding the corner of the building into the parking lot. He caught her by the shoulder and spun her around, making sure that she saw that he was cheering when she completed the turn. Blinking Christmas lights played red and green highlights across her sombre hair, making the scowl she was aiming at him seem festive.Leave me alone, Tucker. Im going to the police. Ill just explain that it was just an accident.No. I wont let you. You ca nt.Why cant I?Because Im your alibi.If I turn myself in, I wont need an alibi.I know.Well?I want to spend Christmas with you.Lena softened, her eyes going wide, the swell of a tear watering up in one eye. Really?Really. Tuck was more(prenominal) than a little uncomfortable with his own honesty he was standing like someone had just poured hot coffee in his lap and he was trying to keep the front of his pant from touching him.Lena held out her arms and Tuck walked into them, guiding her hands inside his jacket and around his ribs. He rested his cheek against her hair and took a deep breath, enjoying the facial expression of her shampoo and the residual pine scent picked up from handling the Christmas trees. She didnt feel like a murderer she smelled like a woman.Okay, she whispered. I dont know who you are, Tucker Case, but I think Id like to spend Christmas with you, too.She buried her face in his chest and held him until there was a thump against his back, followed by a l oud scratching noise on his jacket. She pushed him back just as the fruit bat peeked his little doggie face over the pilots shoulder and barked. Lena leaped back and screamed like a bunny in a blender.What in the hell is that? she asked, backing across the parking lot.Roberto, Tuck said. I mentioned him before.This is too weird. Too weird. Lena began to chant and pace in a circle, glancing up at Tuck and his bat every couple of seconds. She paused. Hes wearing sunglasses.Yeah, and dont think its easy finding Ray-Bans in a fruit-bat medium.Meanwhile, up at the Santa genus Rosa Chapel, Constable Theophilus Crowe had finally caught up to the fugitive Christmas tree. He trained the headlights of the Volvo on the suspect evergreen and stood behind the car door for cover. If hed had a public-address remains he would have used it to issue commands, but since the county had never addicted him one, he shouted.Get out of the vehicle, hands first, and turn and face meIf hed had a weapon he w ould have drawn it, but hed left his Glock on the top shelf of his closet next to mollies old nicked-up broadsword. He completed that the car door was actually only providing cover to the lower thirdly of his body, and he reached down and rolled up the window. Then, feeling awkward, he slammed the door and loped toward the Christmas tree.Goddammit, come out of the tree. Right nowHe hear a car window whiz down and then a voice. Oh my, Officer, you are so forceful. A familiar voice. almostwhere under there was a Honda CRV and the woman he had married. molly? He should have known. Even when she stayed on her meds, as she had promised she would, she could still be artistic. Her term.The branches of the big pine tree shuffled and out stepped his wife, wearing a green Santa hat, jeans, red sneakers, and a jean jacket with studs down the sleeves. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail that trailed down her back. She might have been a biker elf. She rushed out of the branches as if she were immersion the blades of a helicopter, then ran to his side.Look at this magnificent son of a bitch She gestured to the tree, put her arm around his waist, pulled him close, humped his leg a little. Isnt it great?It certainly is uh, large. Howd you get it on the car?Took some time. I hoisted it up on some ropes, then drove under it. Do you think therell be a flat spot where it dragged on the road?Theo looked the tree up and down, back and forth, watched the car exhaust boiling out of the branches. He wasnt sure he wanted to know, but he had to ask. You didnt buy this at the hardware store, did you?No, there was a problem with that. But I saved a ton of money. Cut it myself. Completely totaled my broadsword, but look at this son of a bitch. Look at this inspired bastardYou cut it down with your sword? Theo wasnt so worried about what she had cut it down with, but from where shed cut it. He had a sneaking(a) in the forest near their cabin.Yeah. We dont have a chain saw that I dont know about, do we?No. Actually they did, in the garage, concealed behind some paint cans. Hed hidden it when her «artistic» moments had been more frequent. Thats not the problem, sweetie. I think the problem is that its too big.No, she said, walking the length of the tree now, pausing to jump through the branches and turn off the Hondas engine. Thats where youre wrong. Observe, double doors into the chapel.Theo observed. The chapel did, indeed, have double doors. There was a single mercury lamp illuminating the sire parking lot, but he could clearly see the little neat chapel, the shadows of gravestones showing dimly behind it a graveyard where theyd been planting Pine Covers for a hundred years.And the detonating device in the main room is thirty feet tall at the peak. This tree is only twenty-nine feet tall. We pull it through the doors backward and stand that baby up. Ill need your help, but, you know, you dont mind.I dont?Molly pulled open her jean jacket and flashed Theo, exposing his favorite breasts, right down to the shiny pock that ran across the top of the right one, cocked up like a searching purple eyebrow. It was like unexpectedly running into two tender friends, twain a little pale from being out of the sun, a nicety humbled by time, but with alert pink noses upturned by the night chill. And as quickly as they appeared, the jacket was pulled shut and Theo felt like hed been shut out in the cold.Okay, I dont mind, he said, trying to buy time for the blood to return to his brain. How do you know the ceiling is thirty feet tall?From our wedding pictures. I cut you out and used you to measure the whole building. It was just under five Theos tall.You cut up our wedding pictures?Not the good ones. make it on, help me get the tree off the car. She turned quickly and her jacket fanned out behind her.Molly, I wish you wouldnt go out like that.You mean like this? She turned, lapels in hand.And there they were again, his pink-nose d friends.Lets get the tree set up and then do it in the graveyard, okay? She jumped a little for emphasis and Theo nodded, quest the recoil. He suspected that he was being manipulated, enslaved by his own versed weakness, but he couldnt quite figure out why that was a bad thing. After all, he was among friends.Sweetheart, Im a peace officer, I cant »Come on, it will be nasty. She said nasty like it meant delicious, which is what she meant.Molly, after five years together, Im not sure were supposed to be nasty. But even as he said it, Theo was moving toward the big evergreen, looking for the ropes that secured it to the Honda. all over in the graveyard, the dead, who had been listening all along, began to murmur anxiously about the new Christmas tree and the impending sex show.Theyd heard it all, the dead crying children, yawl widows, confessions, condemnations, questions that they could never answer Halloween dares, raving drunks-invoking the ghosts or just apologizing fo r drawing breath would-be witches, chanting at indifferent spirits, tourists rubbing the old tombstones with piece and charcoal like curious dogs scratching at the grave to get in. Funerals, confirmations, communions, weddings, square dances, heart attacks, junior-high hand jobs, fire ups gone awry, vandalism, Handels Messiah, a birth, a murder, eighty-three Passion plays, eighty-five Christmas pageants, a dozen brides barking over tombstones like taffeta sea lions as the best man gave it to them dog style, and now and again, couples who needed something dark and smelling of damp earth to give their sex life a jolt the dead had heard it.Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah Molly cried from her seat astraddle the town constable, who was squirming on an uncomfortable bed of plastic roses a few feet above a dead schoolteacher.They always think theyre the first ones. Ooooo, lets do it in the graveyard, said Bess Leander, whose husband had served her foxglove tea with her last breakfast.I know, there are three used condoms on my grave from this calendar week alone, said Arthur Tannbeau, citrus farmer, deceased five years.How can you tell?They heard everything, but their vision was limited.The smell.Thats disgusting, said Esther, the schoolteacher.Its hard to shock the dead. Esther was feigning disgust.Whats all the racket? I was sleeping. Malcolm Cowley, antique book dealer, myocardial infarction over Dickens.Theo Crowe, the constable, and his crazy wife doing it on Esthers grave, said Arthur. Ill bet shes off her meds. volt years theyve been married and theyre still at this kind of thing? Since her death, Bess had taken a strong antirelationship stance.Postmarital sex is so pedestrian. Malcolm again, ever bored with provincial, small-town death.Some postmortem sex, thats what I could use, said the late Marty in the Morning, KGOB radios top DJ with a bullet a pioneer carjack victim back when hair bands ruled the airwaves. A rave in the grave, if you get my meaning. li sten to her. Id like to slip the bone to her, said respect Antalvo, whod kissed a rod on his Kawasaki to remain ever nineteen.Which one? Marty cackled.The new Christmas tree sounds lovely, said Esther. I do hope they sing Good King Wenceslas this year.If they do, spouted the frowsty book dealer, youll find me justly spinning in my grave.You wish, said Jimmy Antalvo. Hell, I wish.The dead did not spin in their graves, they did not hunt nor could they speak, except to one another, voices without air. What they did was sleep, awakening to listen, to chat a bit, then, eventually, to never wake again. Sometimes it took twenty years, sometimes as long as cardinal before they took the big sleep, but no one could remember audition a voice from longer ago than that.Six feet above them, Molly punctuated her last few convulsive climactic bucks with, I AM SO GOING TO WASH YOUR VOLVO WHEN WE GET HOME YES YES YESThen she sighed and fell preceding to nuzz le Theos chest as she caught her breath.I dont know what that means, Theo said.It means Im going to wash your car for you.Oh, its not a euphemism, like, wash the old Volvo. Wink, wink, jog, nudge?Nope. Its your reward.Now that they were finished, Theo was having a hard time ignoring the plastic flowers that were impressed in his bare backside. I thought this was my reward. He gestured to her bare thighs on each side of him, the divots her knees had made in the dirt, her hair played out across his chest.Molly pushed up and looked down at him. No, this was your reward for helping me with the Christmas tree. lavation your car is your reward for this.Oh, Theo said. I love you.Oh, I think Im going to be sick, said a newly dead voice from across the woods.Whos the new guy? asked Marty in the Morning.The radio on Theos belt, which was down around his knees, crackled. Pine Cove Constable, come in. Theo?Theo did an awkward sit-up and grabbed the radio. Go ahead, Dispatch.Theo, we have a tw o-oh-seven-A at six-seven-one Worchester Street. The victim is alone and the suspect may still be in the area. Ive dispatched two units, but theyre twenty minutes out.I can be there in five minutes, Theo said.Suspect is a whiten male, over six feet, long blond hair, wearing a long black raincoat or overcoat.Roger, Dispatch. Im on my way. Theo was trying to pull his pants up with one hand while working the radio with the other.Molly was on her feet already, naked from the waist down, holding her jeans and sneakers rolled up under her left arm. She extended a hand to help Theo up.Whats a two-oh-seven?Not sure, said Theo, letting her lever him to his feet. Either an attempted kidnapping or a possum with a handgun.You have plastic flowers stuck to your butt.Probably the former, she didnt say anything about shots fired.No, leave them. Theyre cute.

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BIBLIOGRAPHY Author URL Retrieved Skwirk From the comer of the prototypal fleet, Vietnam was a divisive issue * Australia deployed a total of 60000 troops, 521 died and 3000 were weakened * In reflection, Vietnam is described as the cause of the greatest political and hearty dissent and upheaval * Many draft resisters, conscientious objectors, and protesters were fined or captive, plot soldiers met a hostile reception on their return home.The convey of Vietnam lingered with the soldiers for coursen afterwards(prenominal) they returned home. Social Impacts * Public response went with several stages during the strugglefare. * former(a)(a) on, when Australias involvement was borderline with wholly the role of trainingVietnamese soldiers, public eyeshot was less(prenominal) critical, troops only sent to physic altogethery deal in 1965, they were yet training southern Vietnamese soldiers form 1962 on struggleds * Many, as was the trend in the archaean 60s, began to emb race the US connection and wherefore sup carriage resulted * Most agreed with the threat of the communist domino affect(although Menzies masterminded a lot of this), which analogouswise take to the acceptance of Australian involvement in the early 60s * Also, in the early 60s, Australia was still genuinely conservative, and the idea of ascent and challenging authority only set in later in the decade and the 70s.This meant that early on umpteen cauti unrivaledd from nousing the governing bodys decision. * As much as struggle wasnt ideal, in the early parts, before conscription, Australians accepted the war or paying diminutive attention as the Australians fighting were soldiers who joined the Army * The socially divisive pertain of Vietnam showed up post 1964 when the topic Service tour was introduced. This had the ramifications of s finishing unwilling Australians to war. Draft resistors who were deemed to non have legitimate excuses were jailed on failing to compl y with the National Service Act * They were released in 1972 when Whitlam ended conscription * The amendment of the Act in 1965 confirmed the inevitable that field of study servants could be deployed overseas, to Vietnam. * First time, an Australian was conscripted to fight outside of Aust. erritory * Socially, almost disagreed to a great extent with the notion of conscription than the war itself, this maybe hinted at the fact that communist discontentment was still strong and the Domino theory was real, just not strong enough to rush commonwealth overlook personal freedoms. * This led to anti-war and anti-conscription protest groups including * DENNIS TEXT * YCAC-Youth Campaign Against rough drawing. 1964-7 SOS-Save our Sons. * Formed by parent groups who didnt want their sons sent to Vietnam. * Formed in 1965, Australia wide, mainly female dominated agency. * Women were accused of creation bad mothers and communists when they approached MPs or authority * SOS cut numero us a(prenominal) noble voters shift to the roil camp. SOS was one of the eldest theatres that allowed women expression. * basically saw everyday suburban women become nvolved in politics and pickings action to influence political decisions * The womens movement of the 70s benefitted from anti-conscription lobby groups such(prenominal)(prenominal) as SOS * Draft Resistance Movement. Formed 1968 * The Committee for Defiance of the National Service Act. Formed 1969 * Vietnam Moratorium Movement * Formed in 1970, by therefore Vietnam was the longest war we had served in * Took form of peaceful protests involving many an(prenominal) Australians from all states.This highlighted the growing opposition, and to some extent shocked the government * ALP, and Gough fed of this big public demonstration * Moratorium events were on a coarse scale and by and large peaceful, these demonstrations seemed to have a larger impact on government and political change. The government realised that, non-radical Australians had strong feelings about the war. * Really detonated the decline of Aust. social function in the war * The fact that every night, the horrors of Vietnam were broadcasted on Aust. elevision sets, the movement self-possessed motion * The Movement galvanised the people, the less radical who wouldnt normally protest, protested such was the intense feelings about the war * This movement actively campaigned for two causes the abolishment of conscription and the onanism of troops from Vietnam * Politically influenced the Labor parties win of the 1972 alternative, ending 23 historic period of Liberal rule * Interestingly, only in 1969 all the same(p) did an opinion poll suggest that a majority contend the war itself.Up until then, the outcry was mainly rooted in the issue of conscription sort of than conflict itself * However, as unrest grew, many anti-conscript groups became anti-war in the hope that only the end of the war would end conscription. * Anot her massive catalyst for anti-conscript protests was the report of the war. * Vietnam is considered the branch live war where the atrocities occurring were being broadcasted into Australian living rooms. This do sending young Australians into war against their will even more(prenominal) illegitimate. This withal led to a questioning of whether this was was just, or being undertaken in the most human way possible. * This had the effect of also turning many anti-conscript groups, to become anti-war altogether. The fact that Vietnam was live also helped the demise of the Liberal government as people had direct evidence to question what the government was acquiring Australia and particularly our young men into. Following the Labor victory, and Gough Whitlams beau monde for withdrawal, social impact for the returning soldiers would ensue * Trade Unions also opposed the war, they labelled it blood for Dollars or diggers for dollars because they believed we were only fighting to the US would plead its investment into Australia. This view was not entirely correct * By the last mentioned stages, the larger majority of opposition came from university students. At first, the reaction was modest and many just viewed the war along their preferred political party lines * However, following(a) conscription, uni students began to come out in full force.Some of this sentiment began to be divided in the wider community as the war progressed into the late 60s * One of the major social impacts of the war was the fate of the returned soldiers. Due to the public nature of Vietnam and the atrocities that Australian people witnessed the veterans were not lauded in the same fashion as introductory war vets * This was a massive change from before when the ANZACs were treated as heroes * The tragedy of this was that as much as the Aust. tribe were effected by what they saw, the demonstrable soldiers were scarred far more significantly by what they experienced first hand. * This compounded the negative experience of the returned soldiers as not only where they marginalised they had no-one solely each other that could understand what theyd gone through. * These impacts lasted for much lengthy after the final Aust. Troops returned in 1972. * This has implications for continuity and change as following Vietnam, for the first time national servants and soldiers werent treated with the same admiration.The ANZAC reverence that seemed to follow previous veterans didnt occur with our Vietnam veterans. * This was a massive change in our attitudes towards the army Political Impacts * On face value, its easy to say Vietnam cost the Liberal party government after 23 years of rule * However on closer oversight it is clear that the political consensus on Vietnam varied mingled with 1965-1972 * White Australia insurance polity ended in 1972 * We opened our borders to non-white refugees. This in itself was cohesive and divisive.Many of these refugees fought alon gside our soldiers yet we still had this fear of non-white immigrants threatening the Aust. Way of life * Discontent politically only really came with Menzies introduction of Conscription on 1964. * However, Holt won the November 1966 election in a massive victory, highlighting that social discontent was not at its peak. Conscription peak later * The political effect of Vietnam also became more prominent post 1967 when Edward Gough Whitlam became leader of the opposition. He lead a fierce campaign against conscription which captivated a swing of Liberal voters to the Labor party * This is when the protest movement as well peaked and was in full flight * 1969 election, under Gorton highlighted the swing of voters. From the ALPs flog of 1966 they increased their share in the House of Reps from 41 to 59 seats highlighting the change in votes. * The Liberal advantage was only 7 seats now * Whitlam would go on to win the 1972 election with promises of withdrawal from Vietnam and the abolishment of conscription. The political landscape was finally shifting to progressivism after many years on conservative rule. This also began to happen on a state train * WA, NSW, TAS and SA all went from Liberal to Labour in elections between 1972-1975 shortly after the war * The Liberals National operate Act, was the single policy that really brought about the downfall of the Government * In terms of Political party support, the all major parties supported the war early on * Liberal support continued throughout * The DLP were very anti-communist so also supported the war. The ALP slowly began to oppose the war, as a means of attacking the government and also their disapproval also bar when conscription was introduced * Gough Whitlam no doubt used the divisive nature, and ALPs disapproval of Vietnam to the most advantage. * Trade Unions also opposed the war, they labelled it blood for Dollars or diggers for dollars because they believed we were only fighting to the US would maintain its investment into Australia. This view was not entirely correct VIEWPOINTS ON THE VIETNAM WAR At the start of the period(1962) the prospect was that sending willing soldiers(not conscripts) was fine * Early on, when Australias involvement was minimal with only the role of training Vietnamese soldiers, public opinion was less critical, troops only sent to physically fight in 1965, they were just training South Vietnamese soldiers form 1962 onwards * We had to protect ourselves from the communist menace as well as honour our obligations as port of SEATO and ANZUS * Menzies masterminded a lot of the fear that convinced us that war was secure-hand(a) * We were still quite conservative, trusted govt decisions * The gruesome nature of the war was not yet revelealed At Menzies announcement of sending troops in 1965, many different perspectives on the conflict emerged. Some more valid than others. * A lot thought communism was worth fighting against but frame that conscripti ng to do so undermined other rights that were held dearly in a ultramodern democracy * This fuelled anti-conscription protests as the reality that young men unwillingly could be sent to Vietnam. Most anti-war groups played on the injustice that this exemplified. * Importantly, the horrors of Vietnam exposed through media had not yet peaked so the atrocities that were taking place werent as well known about which led to that not being such a big anti-war factor. Some factions believed that training up a military was justifiable as we had done from 1962-65, but fighting for the South Vietnamese in what was really Vietnams civil war was not right. The idea of getting refer in other peoples business emerged * The Government claimed that as part of our SEATO agreement we were obligated to hang the fight against communism in South East Asia, i. e Vietnam. * The white-haired area with this is that, what does assisting constitute? Was training the army enough or should we be physically fighting for the anti-communist forces. CONTINUITY AND CHANGE * CHANGE * During and following Vietnam, Australians began to question authority more. Beforehand, they were well trained to trust the governments judgement, but what Vietnam revealed was that governments arent ceaselessly right *This questioning came to full voice during the Vietnam protests but general the experience changed Australia into a more progressive country that no longer was content to swallow every affaire the government told them * This represented change as previously, we were much more conservative * The exposure to speaking out gained from the late 60s during the Vietnam years also may have had some impact on the social movements that picked up in the late 60s, early 70s(lagging behind America) * Women probably benefitted most as movements such as SOS, gave them a voice and they continued to use that to instigate change in the 70s * The general shift from conservatism was highlighted politically as well as socially. Vietnam played a major factor in Whitlam and the ALP winning government for the first time in 23 years in 1972. Political change * The change was also solidified on a state level as WA, NSW, SA and Tasmania all elected Labor governments in elections between 1972-1975 shortly after the war.Highlighting the progressivism emerging Australia wide * People wanted change with Vietnam, and to an extent the White Australia policy and Whitlam delivered that. Also banknote that many too were uncomfortable with the end of White Australia as well. * The attitudes towards soldiers and veterans changed significantly for the worst. No longer where they held in such high esteem amongst ordination * The tragedy of this was that most of them were in desperate need for help and acquire little to no support other than from the RSL. * This was the first live war as some called it. For the first time, citizens had a relatively clear concord of what occurred in the battlefields * CONTINU ITY * The war emphasised the continuation of ANZUS.We stayed with the US right till the end effectively with us withdrawing in 72, a year before the last US troops * Despite the political outcry, politically we were still militarily tied to the US. We still are today * jiffy war with the US, first Korea then Vietnam GROUPS AFFECTED * ABORIGINALS * Aboriginals were exempt from national service, many didnt even know their birthdate so including them in a sportsmanlike ballot was difficult * The Department for Labour and National Service (DLNS) pushed for the removal of exemption but it never happened as only some states had straight birth records and some didnt making conscription difficult. * VETERANS * Received little support after the war * Werent lauded as national heroes like the ANZACS were * Suffered from mental trauma * YOUTHS The war inspired them and affected them greatly to make them speak out on a large scale for the first time in history * One of the largest groups th at embodied the progressive glossiness that was emerging * Vietnam, and the distrust of government fuelled their rebellion against authority during the 60s and 70s * FAMILIES * WOMEN * Had a greater influence on politics for the first time * Definitely, they gained confidence from their first exposure to speaking out COHESION * Youths voice * Youths gained a greater expression in society this was seen by their major roles in demonstrations. * This impact however can also be seen as a divisive argument because a link to the in the buff teenage rebellion that followed Vietnam is quite noticeable * Womens new status * Similarly to youths, women gained a new voice and expression during Vietnam. * Never before had they been so active in making their views on political policies known. This was the first time effectively where their actions influenced policy this was seen by the effect groups like SOS etc. had on shifting situation form the Liberals to the ALP. T * his newfound voice ga ve them confidence to push for other reforms in the womens movement. * The Vietnam war changed the status of women in society ever and widely this was accepted as a good thing. * Progressive wit * Vietnam brought out a new progressive mindset in Australians that had tho seen the light of day under the conservative rule of the Menzies government. * Vietnam made people more judgmental and progressive in their thinking as the war made them realise that they shouldnt swallow everything the government tells them. This change was bare by the swing of voters to the ALP and away from Liberal * Australia was never going to be as conservative * This was on the whole a good thing but opinion would still be split as the overall effect was that now governments had less influence as people were now thinking for themselves * This idea of thinking for yourselves scared some conservatives. * The change was evident in Federal politics with Whitlams election in 1972, but also on a state level the shift was taking place * WA, NSW, TAS and SA all went from Liberal to Labour in elections between 1972-1975 shortly after the war * DIVISIVE * The treatment of returned Servicemen * This was a major issue Many of the retuned soldiers werent lauded as heroes * Some of them entangle the cold treatment was unjust especially seeing some were forced(conscripted) to fight * Conscription * Most divisive aspect other than maybe the war itself * Divisive on a few levels * Limited rights * Sent soldiers into one of the most atrocious battlefields, the public knew this because of what the media showed them * Left them scarred even after they came home. * The War itself * Chemical weapons * The media brought this side of the war to peoples living rooms * Scarring of soldiers * Conscription * Removal of rights * ethics * How ethical was it to be getting over involved in Vietnams own civil

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Ib Bio Experiment on Effect of Substrate Conc on Enzyme Activity

Practical Assessment 2 The effect of substratum submerging on the outrank of enzyme activity of Catalase Aim To investigate the effect of substrate assiduity (manipulated by increasing concentration of heat content bl apiece) on the rate of enzyme activity of catalase, produced by liver-colored cells, on the decomposition of total heat hydrogen bl for each one. introduction Enzymes atomic number 18 biological catalysts that increase the rates of chemical reactions.In an enzyme-catalyzed reaction, the substrate binds to the active web site and forms enzyme-substrate complex with the enzyme through the lock and bring up method (where the lock represents the enzyme and the key represents the substrate). The enzyme then breaks the bonds in the substrate. The product of the reaction then leaves the enzyme, which delays self kindred(prenominal)(predicate) after the reaction. Without enzymes, many essential processes, such as digestion, would occur to a fault slowly f or life to continue.Catalase is an enzyme produced by our liver cells to break down henry peroxide a common end product of metabolism, but passing toxic to tissues if accumulated in the body into water and atomic number 8. The equation of the reaction is as follows 2 H2O2 O2 + 2 H2O Catalase Catalase In this experiment, we obtain 6% heat content peroxide origin from a pharmacy and extract sui gameboard concentrations of catalase from liver cells.Filter write up magnetic magnetic discs atomic number 18 dipped into the catalase solution before they are submerged in heat content peroxide solution. The oxygen produced from the enzyme reaction impart form on the discs and cause the disc to be buoyant enough to screw up upwards. We can investigate the effects of substrate concentration on the rate of reaction by catalase by victimization different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solution, and measuring the rate of reaction by measuring measure taken for the disc to float to the surface when sufficient oxygen is produced. HypothesisThe possibility for this experiment is that the rate of reaction leave increase with the increase of hydrogen peroxide concentration, if the other factors of enzyme activity (such as temperature, pH and enzyme concentration) are kept constant. However, the rate of reaction will stop increasing with hydrogen peroxide concentration at a point where the enzyme concentration becomes a restrict factor. At high substrate concentrations, most of the active sites available are occupied since they are saturated with substrate molecules at any given time.Hence, a further increase in substrate concentration will not cause the rate of decomposition of hydrogen peroxide to increase. As such, the expected graph from this experiment is as follows Graph 1 judge graph of rate of reaction against concentration of substance Variables Dependent variant regulate of enzyme activity of catalase in terms of time taken for the magne tic disk to float to the surface of the hydrogen peroxide solution when sufficient oxygen is produced. * Once the pervade theme disc has r distributivelyed the bottom of the adjudicate thermionic tube, the stop watch is started.The stopwatch is stopped once the disc has r severallyed the surface of the hydrogen peroxide solution. The recorded measure indicates the amount of time taken for the disk to float to the surface of the hydrogen peroxide solution. Independent variable Concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution. * Add different volumes of water to the different volumes of 6 % hydrogen peroxide solution. Controlled variable(s) 1. Enzyme concentration * We are provided with homogenous liquid liver solution. Hence, the concentration of catalase is constant throughout the liquid liver solution. . Volume of hydrogen peroxide solution * The volume of hydrogen peroxide solution in each test tube is 5cm3. Controlling the volume of hydrogen peroxide solutions ensures that the s ame amount of hydrogen peroxide molecules (substrates) is available for reaction in the test tube. 3. Size of test tubes * The test tubes used each time must be of the same size, length and volume. This is to ensure that the distance the filter paper disc has to travel (between the bottom of the test tube to the surface) is the same for each time. 4. Filter paper disc The filter paper discs should be of the same diameter and of the same thickness. This is to ensure that the same amount of oxygen burn out is required to lift it to the surface each time thereby enabling us to determine the time taken for it to do so. 5. Temperature * Enzyme activity is touch on by temperature. The experiment is carried out in room temperature (25 C), which is assumed to remain constant throughout the duration of the experiment. Apparatus * Digital stop watch, right to 0. 01 s * 6 Test tubes (Same size and length) * 6 Test tube holders * Wooden stick * 500 cm3 beaker 6 measuring cylinders Material s * 6 % hydrogen peroxide solution provided by teacher * Homogenous liquid liver solution provided by teacher * 30 Filter paper discs provided by teacher * Distilled water Procedure 1. 0. 75 % hydrogen peroxide solution is prepared by measuring 3. 00 cm3 of 6 % hydrogen peroxide using a measuring cylinder and then diluting it with 21. 00 cm3 of distilled water. 1. 50 %, 3. 00 %, 4. 50 % and 6. 00 % hydrogen peroxide solutions are prepared using the same method with interchangeable volumes of 6 % hydrogen peroxide and water as shown in the table below.Concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution/ %( 0. 02) Volume of 6 % hydrogen peroxide/ cm3( 0. 01) Volume of water added/ cm3( 0. 01) 0. 75% 3. 00 21. 00 1. 50% 6. 00 18. 00 3. 00% 12. 00 12. 00 4. 50% 18. 00 6. 00 6. 00% 24. 00 0. 00 Table 1 Dilution table for preparing different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide solutions The prepared hydrogen peroxide solutions are poured into test tubes. Each test tube should contain 5 cm3 of the solution. The test tubes with their olutions are placed in the test tube holder, labeled with the concentration of hydrogen peroxide solution that they contain. 2. Obtain homogenous liver liquid from teacher and add 8 cm3 of liver liquid into each petri dish to be used in the experiment. (5 petri dishes) 3. A filter paper disc is soaked with liver liquid in each petri dish. 4. A filter paper disc is removed from petri dish and pushed to the bottom of a test tube with 0. 75 % hydrogen peroxide solution using a wooden stick. 5. The stopwatch is started immediately when the filter paper disc touches the bottom of the test tube. . The stop watch is stopped once the filter paper disc reaches the surface. The time taken for the filter paper disc to float to the surface is recorded. 7. Steps 3 6 are perennial a further 5 times, using other new 0. 75 % hydrogen peroxide solutions. 8. The average of the 6 readings for each hydrogen peroxide concentration is calculated and recorded. Th e rate of reaction is calculated by the avocation formula Rate of reaction = 1/Average time taken for filter paper disc to reach the surface of the hydrogen peroxide solution from the bottom 9.Steps 3-7 are repeated with 1. 50 %, 3. 00 %, 4. 50 % and 6. 00 % hydrogen peroxide solutions 6 times each. Data table Timing for each run conducted/s Concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide solution/% 1 2 3 4 5 6 Average timing for each concentration Hydrogen Peroxide solution/s Rate of reaction for each concentration Hydrogen Peroxide solution/s 0. 75% 1. 50% 3. 00% 4. 50% 6. 00%

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Belief Systems: Personality Effects

There are many ways in which effect systems affect the personality of individuals, however, the most overarching and poignant way is the ability or lack of ability of a person to gravitate towards hope and forecast out personal solutions. Unfortunately, there are many populate who confide that they are not able to make positive changes in their lives, and these individuals stimulate stuck in cycles of maladaptive thoughts and behaviors (Metcalf & OHanlon, 2008). They believe that there are no solutions or actions which can be taken personally to help revivify and positively alter their own lives.In these types of situations, people can become attached to destructive thoughts and behaviors which impede their own life functioning and sometimes excessively the lives of people in their environment. Destructive behaviors which are linked to negative intellection are physical, observable signs that peoples feeling systems are disloyal and contributing to their own demise. So me people may demonstrate a signal to others that they possess the lack of believing in the value of self-importance control when they decide to discipline their children through spanking, an antisocial and abusive behavior.Another recitation of damaging thought is the belief that men do not invite to support women through childbirth and raising children, contributing to male vanity and also to woman and child deprivation of care and finances (Sklare, 2004). It makes ace for people who are stuck in cycles of harm and abuse to help to tear themselves out and to heal their harmful personalities by positively changing the ways in which they think and act. There are many ways in which peoples negative thinking in regard to formulating their belief systems disrupts the relationship of self with self and the relationship of self with others.It is important for people to find hope in their everyday thoughts and actions which lends to the bettering of their own lives and the lives of p eople in their environment. Life and development is only positive, its opposite being death and destruction, and focusing on the paths to workable solutions is the best way for peoples beliefs to offer to their surviving and thriving, to their characters, even under difficult circumstances. References Metcalf, L. & OHanlon, B. (2008). Counseling Toward Solutions. conjuration Wiley and Sons. Sklare, G. (2004). Brief Counseling That Works. Corwin Pre

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Explaining patterns and trends in health Essay

There ar legion(predicate) ship way to measure patterns of ill wellness these include mortality, morbidity, health events, disorder relative incidence, disease prevalence and health surveillance. These ar Morbidity Rates is how many individuals substantiate from the disease at a apt(p) time. Mortality Rates is how many individuals die from suffering from the disease and health events individuals being aw atomic number 18 of health issues such as the NHS providing information slightly the main concern. Disease incidence is the pretend of the individual being diagnosed. Disease Prevalence is how the proportion of the tribe is suffering from the disease. Health Surveillance identifies early signs of ill health and way to prevent and protect. There are many social congregations which tolerate figure out an individuals health and lifestyle both positively and negatively. These are Gender which is just whether you are potent or female. Age which is how honest-to-god an in dividual is when the data is recorded. Social Class which is not meant to still be around as we are supposed to live in a casteless parliamentary procedure were the course of study of mint does not matter. Risk behavior which is certain forms of behaviour which are shown to be associated with increased susceptibility to a certain disease of ill-health. Ethnicity which is the state of belonging to a certain social group that has a common national or cultural tradition. neighborhood which is the position or site of something.The signifierifications of social classes are the louver class scheme Register Generals Social Class (RGSC) WHICH IS I Professional Occupational, II Managerial and Technical Occupational, III Skilled Occupational, Manual (M) and Non-Manual (N). IV part skilled Occupational and V Unskilled Occupational. NS-SEC stands for the National Statistics Socio-Economic Classification which is 1 senior professionals/senior managers, 2 Associate professionals/J unior managers, 3 some other administrative and clerical workers, 4- Own account non-professional and 5- Supervisors, technicians and related workers. 6 intercede workers, 7- other workers and 8 never worked/other inactive.In 1980 the black cut across was then make. It had been commissioned approximately 30 years after the found of the NHS and provided a com manpowertary about how the UK had done in providing for the health of its population. The written report concluded that there was a poorer health devour for the lower occupational groups at all stages in life. These were Gender -Men and women in occupation class V had two and a half times higher chance of stopping point before reaching the retirement age than those in occupational class I. At birth and during the first month of life the endangerment of death in families of unskilled workers was double that of professional families. Boys in class V had a ten times greater chance of dying from fire, falls or fro wning than those in class I The dissimilitude betwixt the health of men and woman indicated that the risk of death for men in each social class was almost twice that for women. unlikeness in the health experiences of unlike racial ethnic groups are similarly identified. Age Health difference exists in our society and even though they affect different areas they are interlinked. Acheson (1998) said health inequalities affects the whole society and can be identified from foetus to old age vicinity From the black report I can see that were you live can affect your chances for getting an illness or disease. We find that death pass judgment for CHD for those born I the Indian sub-continent were 38% higher for men and 45% higher for women than rates indoors the UK. Social GroupsThe health gap between rich and poor in the UK has widened since 1980 and class is the main core of inequalities wheresoever they are identified. They found that the scientific evidence supports a socio-ec onomic explanation of health inequalities which are caused by factors such as income, education, employment, environment and lifestyle. The report make three key recommendations to the goernment. These are All policies are plausibly to guide an pretend on health should be evaluated in terms of their impact on health inequalities. A high priority should be given to the health of families with children. Further steps should be taken to reduce income inequalities and amend the living standards of poor households. Risks of Behaviour Consistent death rates in Europe have reached their lowest point in the entire accounting of human society. The twentieth century has witnessed a dramatic drop in the rate of infectious disease, as well as the introduction of therapies for its treatment. park causes of death which have greatly weakened, such as TB and diphtheria were lots linked to poverty and material deprivation. Ethnicity One of the most important dimensions of inequality in contemporary Britain is race. Immigrants to this country from the so-called new Commonwealth, whose ethnic personal identity is clearly visible in the colour of their skin, are known to experience greater difficulty in finding work and adequate housing.The different patterns and trends that I have found within my own research about inebriant related deaths links with ageing, Ethnicity, Risks of behaviour, Locality, Gender and social groups. Gender and age Males aged 30 and over are significantly more(prenominal) likely than females to die of alcohol related causes over 66% of all alcohol related deaths in the UK (in 2011 were among males). Males aged 30 and over were significantly more likely than females o die from alcohol-related causes. For both sexes, the number of alcohol0related deaths increased aggressively from the 25-29 year old age group, increasing to 838 for males and 411 for females aged 55 to 59. after this age, the number of alcohol-related deaths began to redu ce steadily for males across each age group reducing to 92 for those ages 85 and over. The decline across age groups was more gradual in females, dropping to 81 in the 85 and over age group.45-49year old men have died from alcohol related death by 32,000 but from females it goes to 14,000. Locality Data for Scotland and Northern Ireland are published separately. Between 2007 and 2010 male alcohol-related death rates were significantly higher in wales than in England. A three year decline in male death rates in wales means this difference is no lasting significant. The set back shows drinking habits by region in 2012 show people above the age of 16 who consumes alcohol weekly such as in the north east people who drink up to 3-4 units are 46% compared to North West who drink up to 3-4 units are 42%. Social Groups The table shows drinking habits in pregnancy in 2012. Women who are pregnant have consumed alcohol in the last week is 10% compared to women who are not pregnant and unsure are 53%. Ethnicity This table shows drinking habits by ethnicity in 2012 for people who have drank alcohol within the last week is 58% and the people who have drank alcohol five or more occasions last week is 11%.

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Mise En Scene in Sofia Coppola’s the Virgin Suicides Essay

Director Sofia Carmina Copolla has been kn birth for her ultra-feminine, visually stylish, quite ostentatious sliceipulation of her films.. Her love for arts and fashion contributes to the rattling sensual and appealing division of her work. One of her earlier films, The Virgin Suicides, is a testament to this with its soft coloring palettes, languorous soundtrack, and the liminal and transitional theme of the story that captures the pressures of going done stripling rites of passage first dance, first kiss, losing iodines virginity.The mysterious capital of Portugal misfires suicides is told to us by an anonymous boy that represents the base of boys that have loved, revered and wondered at the Lisbon girls and were the last to see them alive. In the sentiment wherein they get a support of Cecilias diary, the director establishes just how much of a mystery these girls argon to the boys.We are never given a clear picture as to the girls white-picket-fence suburban lives a nd the things that might have lead to Cecilias suicide solitary(prenominal) rumors and gossip offered by neighbors, narrated by the boys thats why the diary serves as both a vehicle for the advancement of the plot and an important strong suit to communicate to us the Lisbon girls thoughts and ruleings in a distant insofar very personal itinerary. The boys wanted to know what could have triggered the death of one them, and in knowing more approximately them, they come to fall in love with the elusive Lisbon girls.Even the diary prop, innocent in the way that it was madewith the stickers of rainbows, drawings of flowers, written in beautiful cursivecontained unbelievably sad anecdotes almost Cecilia and the girls. It was almost a foreshadowing of the things to come how the innocent, odorous girls could commit suicide for no readily apparent reason. The diary scene starts with the boys flipping through the pages together. It is important that we go together with the boys throu gh their journey in processing their information and feelings towards the girls.In this scene we are given our own space in the circle, as one of the investigators of Cecilias suicide, in the way the shots were framed. Medium to close up shots of the diary prop and the boys makes us feel like fellow speculators, looking over the shoulders of others in an attempt to code out whats going on. It is important to note also, the contrast in color, from the circle of boys hanging out in a room, to the dreamy, imagined diary entries.The very masculine solid blues, striped greens, dark reds of their costumes, the gray checkered walls and buttocks sheets transitions to the softly lit, and cross-fading yellows, oranges, sky blues and meadow greens of the girls. The diary portal montages is how the boys would like to imagine the Lisbon girls, as the voice over offers, we knew that the girls were real women in disguise, and that they understood love, and even death It starts with them readi ng through ledger institution after entry, looking for anything that might explain Cecilias suicide. They skim through a few, not very interested in anything. Boring, thinks the guys.One of the boys say how many pages can you write about dying trees? It is just now until they skirmish entries that tell of the Lisbon sisters that their attention is shifted from looking for something to finding out about the girls. It is interspersed with half-a-second clips of lux that looked almost like it was taken from a home-made video it is punctuated with only the starting beats of Airs Ce Matin La. The discontinuity of the music and the clips of Lux connotes that this is not what they were looking for, as it only ever induces slivers of imagined flashbacks with the girls, but they were close.The boys come on an entry that tells of Luxs relationship with Kevin Heines the garbage man and the music continues and this time, does not stop, as Cecilia voices over entry after entry with a mont age of the playful girls. This is how the boys see the girls through the diary glide through the pages, they see fragments and glimpses of their memories, thoughts, and feelings and so it is only befitting that this is how they imagine them as well.In only second-long clips of languid camera movements, extreme close ups of desired mouths, desirable hair brushing desirable eyes, cross-fading to unicorns and fireworks, tree swings, green meadows and handsome white clouds. And so we started to learn about their lives the voiceover says. They saw through the diary how incredibly still and stifling a sheltered Lisbon girls life could be, the way it made your mind active and dreamy and you ended up knowing what colors go together The unrealistic video montage, and the Lux imagined flashbacks, all contribute to the feeling of mystery and derangement that the girls bring.A diary can only ever reveal so much about a girl, let alone a group of girls. The boys realize that they can never know the girls in their entirety. To further occupy this point home, the scene ends with the screen fading to black, with only the voiceover saying we knew that they knew everything about us, and we couldnt fathom them at all this then adds to the later thwarting of the girls suicides, such that, by the end of the film, the group of boys that have fallen in love with the girls, say that they will spend the rest of their lives trying to frame in together the unsolvable mystery of the Lisbon sisters.

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was executed in a German prison house camp in April 1945, aged only 39 and at a time when the war was almost over. He is generally considered to be a martyr, dying because of his tremendous Christian faith. His life however started out as the youngest son in a large, happy and wealthy family. Although his father was an doubter Bonhoeffer entered the Lutheran ministry, unlike his brothers who preferred more well paid c bers in law and research. With Hitlers rise to power his church was not watchful to make any stand against him.The seminary, of which he was head, was forced to move underground. At this period he wrote The Cost of Discipleship in which he asks the questions How do I live a Christian life in the world? What does it stiff to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? From that time he became politically restless against Hitler, even travelling to America in influence to gain support. He soon returns because of his belief that if he is to take an active role in post-war Germany he must also share the difficulties with his people.He moves from the pacificism of figures such as Mahatma Ghandi, whom he had hope to visit one mean solar day to direct action, even taking part in an assassination plot. In 1943, soon after his engagement he is imprisoned. His letters from prison are positive in their nature. Two years later he is moved, kickoff to the concentration camp at Buchenwald, and then to Flossenburg. There he asks to manner a service for the other prisoners his texts are Isaiah 53 v 5 which speaks of being healed by Christ, and 1 Peter 1 v 3 which talks of the hope of resurrection. That same day he is taken to his death and to eternal life.

Research Proposal Sample Essay

Sample Research Proposal Resident canful Smith, PGY2 Research Mentor Jane Doe, MD, Section of General Internal Medicine insure of Proposal February 5, 2009 I. Title of Proposed Research chuck Medical Students as Mediators of variety in Tobacco UseII. Specific Aims In conducting this study, we will effectuate the following peculiar(prenominal) aims Specific Aim 1. Comp are the effectiveness of the leg special(prenominal) sess period focal pointing incumbrance with the control preventative by evaluating the impact on the following uncomplaining outcomes at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months a) halt rate, b) microscope stage of change, c) desire to quit, d) motivation to quit, e) trustfulness in quitting (self-efficacy), and f) nicotine dependance. Hypothesis 1. Patients counseled by students initially trained in stage specific smoking cessation focusing will pay back higher quit rates, improve their stage of change, increase their desire to quit, be more do to quit, have higher sanction in quitting, and have less nicotine dependence at 12 months.Specific Aim 2. Compare the effectiveness of the stage specific smoking cessation steering intervention with the control intervention by evaluating the impact on the following do byes of care rated by endurings at 1, 3, 6 and 12 months a) gratification with the quality of care in general, and b) mirth with the quality of care related to smoking cessation counseling. Hypothesis 2. Patients counseled by students initially trained in smoking-specific behavioral counseling will have greater satisfaction with both measures of quality of care at 12 months.III. Background Tobacco is the only legally sold product cognize to cause death in one half of its regular users.(1) Thus, of the estimated 1.3 trillion people in the world who smoke, n earlyish 650 million will demote prematurely as a consequence.(1) In the united States, approximately 25% of men and 20% of women, or 46 million adults, smoke.(2) The financial bell shape of tobacco use in the U.S. is substantial. Estimated costs include $75 billon per form in medical expenditures and $80 billion from lost productivity.(3) The personal health risks of smoking are even more significant with respect to unwholesomeness and mortality.Although the role of physicians in cessation efforts has been 1 demonstrated, many physicians fail to counsel tolerants. The most common reasons cited for lack of counseling include inadequate raising and time pressures. Our intervention will target medical students in the early stages of training. The proposed intervention will provide a foundation for medical learners in stage specific counseling and will aid physicians in primary election employment to help their patients stop smoking. The rationale for this program is that providing education early and allowing students to use these skills with patients in the community can help 1) future physicians with confidence in smoking cessation counseling, 2) physicians in the community who may not have adequate time to counsel patients, and 3) patients whose health may be at risk from smoking.IV. Research Methods Study Design Randomized cross-over struggle consisting of two smoking cessation counseling interventions 1) counseling intervention including patient education, written material and followup by students who have been trained in stage specific tobacco cessation techniques, and 2) counseling intervention that includes patient education, written material and follow-up by students who have been trained in non-smoking cessation techniques (exercise counseling). Setting Community practice sites in internal medication, family medicine and pediatrics throughout Connecticut where medial students watch weekly tenaciousness sessions with physician preceptors. Study Subjects 80 first-year medical students and 308-350 patients aged 16 years or older in the students community practice sites who are seeing the students physician preceptor for any reason and meet criteria of smoking one or more cigarette daily in the foregoing week.Randomization Students will be hit-or-missized by the day they attend their Principles of Clinical Medicine Course and trained in stage specific tobacco cessation counseling or exercise counseling. After 6 months, students will receive training in the other behavioral counseling technique. Main Outcome Measures patients quit rate, stage of change, desire to quit, motivation to quit, confidence in quitting (self-efficacy), and nicotine dependence at 1, 3, 6, and 12 months.Process Measures patient satisfaction with the quality of care in general, and satisfaction with the quality of care related to smoking cessation counseling. Analyses patient level analyses of main outcome and process measures comparing patients who received counseling from students trained in smoking cessation counseling and patients who received counseling from students trained in exercise counseling adjusting for pote ntial confounding factors. We will use logistic regression for dichotomous outcomes and linear regression for continuous outcomes. We will use generalized estimating equations (GEE) and random effects modeling to allow us to adjust for time-dependent covariatesV. Timeline of Research Project Month Activity Student randomization Train standardized patient Assess student behavioral counseling skills Train student in smoking or exercise counseling Assessment of office practice sites Train medical assistants to recruit patients Recruit patients Patient counseling in the flesh(predicate) Patient counseling by phone selective information collection Data analysis Prepare publication(s) Present research at scientific meetings 1 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 2 3-4 5 6-9 10-12 13-14VI. literature Cited 1. World Health Organization Website WHO tobacco Treaty set to stimulate law, making global public health history. WHO . 2005. 1-17-2005. 2. Cigarette smoking among adultsUnited States , 2001. MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep 2003 52(40)953-956. 3. Centers for Disease Control. Targeting Tobacco Use, the Nations leading Cause of Death 2004. CDC. 2005. 1-19-2005. 3

Monday, January 14, 2019

Prison Environment Essay

 The prison house surround could be define as a place to do persons convicted of crimes change their way of lifestyle, if it is a problem and serve out their sentence. The prison discussed in my readings is an environment where anyone from the cook to the janitor could influence someone to make a change in their thinking and their actions. What was once ran like a state under dictatorship, has now become a place where inmates argon interact with respect and dignity. The environment of a prison is leaning more to a nurturing way of dealing with the inmates versus a clad iron system. Institutional management and custody are influenced by the constant growing population and the parachute of gangs in the system. If there was less turnovers of correction officers in the prison the socialization could possibly be change. Secure custody methods play an important type in the prison environment. Secure custody methods are how personnel glide by a count of the inmates, keep them s afe from one another as well as keeping order in the prison.A some of the methods use are the count which is when personnel count the inmates to make certain(p) that all are accounted for. During this process there is minimum to no action mechanism until the task is complete. Another method is the sally port. This is basically two render that cant be opened at the same time. It operates by a person passing through the first gate in order for the next gate to open. Lastly, prison rules and contraband control are the other secure methods. Prison rules are likely broken on a consistent basis so that method of securing is probably not that efficient. The high count of gang members, more than likely play a large role in prison rules being broken as well as contra band being smuggled into the prison. The prison environment has improved over the years, but there is still room for improvement. The methods used to secure the facility should be revised. By revising these methods chances ar e the prisons impart began to make a change towards the better.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Importance of Negotiation: Planning

dialog scheme Planning is Critical University of Phoenix Krystal Torrez workweek 2 In dialogue the primal interest of the troupe is equ eithery as important as the surfacecome of acheivment. To rival the sought after terminuss negotiators must be cognizant of the uniquely different needs and accomodations individually desired goal requires. By accept the deviations between each desired goal the team will be interrupt prepared in sustaining let strategies and solutions. Negotiation should always be approached in a serious, well thought out manner to result proactively.Lack of prep often appears at the negotiating table as too much reliance on demands and ineffective attempts to persuade the opponent (Cronin-Harris, 2004). originator Cathy Cronin-Harris discusses good supply based on five strategies below, which whitethorn be the difference between effective negotiation and failed negotiation. In effective negotiation, establishing and be priority interests, assess ing fence parties priorites, understanding the representation of capital, careful planning of factual inquiries and principle based currency moves are the five strategies of planning in negotiation.Prior to negotiation each party should thouroghly study contingent outcomes, priority interests, and the ranks of immensity all the different interest of the desired outcome whitethorn have. The reason for ranking items by importance is to have little important items to spin as vocation during the process of the actual negotiation. Understanding the opposing parties desired outcome and priorities is also significantly inportant in planning for a radiate negotiation process.By understanding the desired outcomes of two parties involved a possible solution may be achieved benefiting both parties. Prior to the process of a negotiation the negotiator must undertsand what money is representing if money is a possible outcome for all party. Most times money is scarcely considered a substitute of satisfaction. However, by being aware of what the money is being utilize as a substitute for may allow the negotiator to creatively offer other ooptions more(prenominal) closely related to to the real underlying issue.Allowing problem firmness to be more beneficial to both negotiators. The careful planning of factual inquiries may result in the surfacing of pertly data. By allowing time to be funny and asking questions the negotiator may find a different plan of action. Although, all negotiators fear being taken advatnage of, reading may result in outcomes positively affecting both parties. Lastly, prior to the tack together of the negotiation appropriate money moves must be established. By establishing reasonable offers a negotiator may be more successful in receiving the amount coterie out for.In closing, proper nplanning in regard to negotiation may non only lead to professional assumption but acheivment of the desired outcome. By fittingly planning a s trategy for a negotiable scenario, both parties may baffle desired results, rather than, repeatitive bargaining. Works Cited Cronin-Harris, C. (2004, December). Negotiation Strategy Planning Is Critical. Retrieved April 11, 2010, from www. phoenix. edu http//search. ebscohost. com/login. aspx? direct= honest&038db=bth&038AN=15290421&038site=bsi-live

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Active involvement through the study circle Essay

Introduction The hire destiny is a dynamic process w herein the have sex and company of the participants makes up the raisingal system acting for this political platform. Since its beginnings, it has been set as an emancipatory method of teaching wherein a democratic arena for study is generate especially for young adults. The humor primal this is that observeing could be acquired through manduction of dynamic members (Putu, 2006). History of resume encircle Aiming at trans human bodying his country, a place wherein general poverty and a great opening between the poor and rich exist, Oscar Olsson arrived at America in 1893.Olson is searching for a form of education or method that would be beneficial to transforming his country into a place where justice and liberty release side by side with land in order for its people to indoctrinate or learn by themselves (Andrews, 1997). Olsson curtly found proscribed what he was flavour for in America in an incredible pl ace, an adult education movement sponsored by the Chautauqua literary and scientific circle. From this adult education movement, Olsson was adapted to discover a form of education called turn over company and is world referred today as the education by the people, for the people and of the people (Andrews, 1997).After learning or finding out nearly the Study overlap, Olsson came back to his country which is Sweden and here he began to write a series of report about the Study fate and incorporated his own theories and ideas about the method. At this time, Oscar Olsson principles and views are influenced heavily by thaumaturgy Dewey and it is known that he has the same philosophical, metaphysical and practical approach to education to Tao Xingzhi and Yan Yangchu, both considered as scholars who were too influenced by Deweys teaching and principles (Persson, 2006).Olssons ideals made federal agency for the creation of Sweden Study stack in 1902 in the Lund branch of the I nternational bon ton of Good Templar. First of its kind, the Study electric circuit emphasize four key areas concerning the Study association (Persson, 2006). They are the following 1) In order for everyone to join the Study synchronous converter, the platform must be cheap and in doing so, no one would be intermit in joining or participating in the program because of economic reason. 2) The method must be simple that everyone wont have a life-threatening time participating in the backchat irrespective of educational background or schooling.3) Participants shall meet as peers and have equal possibilities to express out their opinions about their studies regardless of their social status or background. 4) Lastly, the depository library and books entrust play an important image in the education of the participants (Persson, 2006). For Olsson, the Study mint is a method of organizing studies which focuses on the idea that every participant should educate himself. Study t idy sum educates its participants by letting them spot their own literature and energeticly communicating with other participants using their own familiarity during groups discussion and meetings.In doing so, Study Circle was known as forum of land, in which participants were held responsible for the contents and the method (Persson, 2006). Olsson also incorporated in the Study Circle the joy of learning. He reasoned out that by spending time and dexterity on education, the brain leave labour a strong impression that acquaintance is pleasure. Furthermore, Olsson agreed that continuous education and inquisitive could exactly be supplied by a stable atmosphere and spirit (Persson, 2006). follow-up of Related LiteratureBasic Principles fundamental Study Circles Derived from the ideas of Oscar Olsson, didactic principles that emphasize the business office of members in a group were dictated down to ensure that the Study Circle would function and extend according to its o bjective (Brattset, 1982). The principles describe the method as an active process, wherein acquaintance pass on be cognise into meets and social changes that could promote development. According to Kindstorm (2002), the method espouses the following principles1) Equality and democracy The principles of democracy and equality allow the members to work establish in hand by allowing the replacement of views and information through dialogues and conversation. 2) Change and action Being responsible for the education of their buster members, education on Study Circle wont just be concern on education precisely also the development of each member. 3) Study Materials Books and Libraries go away play the role of teachers, as they will be the source of impudently knowledge and information for the members.What subject to learn or book to read will be decided upon by the members. 4) freedom and the objectives of Study Circle Study Circle emphasize the idea that freedom comes wit h responsibility. The members will have to work in union with organizations framework maculation carrying out their educational duties and work. 5) Experiences and Co-operation their will be no competing deep down Study Circle and every members walk side by side with each other in trying to educate not only themselves but also their fellow members.Their experience and knowledge before entering the program will bring in radical ideas and concept. 6) Active participation and continuous preparation Determining the education level inside a Study Circle will depend on how active the members will be in the program. It is through participating that members will have the chance to voice out their opinion and individual knowledge in front of other members and from this, learning from other people begins.Study Circle is built upon the active participation of its members. Furthermore, individuals may learn best by compass up objectives and goals that will serve as their guide during th e program. Although things might have changed because of the course of instruction gap, Olssons ideas set the standard for succeeding(a) Study Circles. Although other ideas came after the first off Study Circle was created, the principles that Olsson established were able to ensure that Study Circles will work as he envisioned them (Kindstorm, 2002).

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Bulworth movie

The film Bulworth is a political satire that tells the humbug of US Democratic Senator Jay Billington Bulworth, played by warren Beatty, of California who was running for re-election in 1996. While doing his usual campaign and candidacy activities, he realized that his life has ferment superficial with all the lies and dirty tactic he employed to gain votes and favors from mingled organizations. Even his marriage was just a show to maintain his humanity image.As he reflected on his life, Bulworth was very much gross out because he no longer imbed himself to be an idealist person whose views were mold by the civil rights of the 60s. Seeing no future in the election, he suffered a nervous breakdown and planned to blot out himself during the net years of his campaign by hiring an assassin. He took a $10 trillion insurance policy in lineament of death to benefit his daughter. Knowing his days were numbered, the Senator changed his lifestyle dramatically. He decided to di scourse freely and truthfully irregardless of the consequences. loyalty became his cause anywhere he spoke.In his public appearance with the African-American community, he tossed deflection his prepared speech and told the group that he disregarded their needs because they did not devote enough money to his election bid. there he met Nina who gave him hope to alive(p) and an upbeat outlook. Bulworth learned many things from Nina who likewise introduced him to the hiphop culture. In his fund raising event at the Beverly Wilshire, Bulworth delivered his speech to the tone of a spigot artist shocking everyone. With the will to live again, the Senator tried to call off the blackwash but the mission was already order with an unknown hitman.Nina, who came from a family of Civil Rights, helped the Senator escape and offered her home for his safety. The Senator then prepared himself for his final transformation gathering enough military group to face the country. In a televised app earance, he lambasted the American political process. Reference Bulworth. Prod. Lauren Shuler Donner, Warren Beatty, Pieter Jan Brugge. Dir. Warren Beatty. Perf. Warren Beatty, Halle Berry, Paul Sorvino, Christine Baranski, and Kimberly Deauna Adams. DVD. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, 1998.

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Poverty and Human Essay

Poverty is a disgraceful and unjust characterize that has etern eithery haunted mankind. Most people describe the problem as insoluble. They see introductory solutions that contrive failed. nearly even approximate that previous remedies take a crap worsened the condition of the brusk. They claim that assisting the despicable increases dependency and produces a culture of poverty that persists from generation to generation. Some go further and blame the brusk for their problems. They think many of the pitiful atomic number 18 shiftless, lazy, unintelligent, or even parasitic. All that said, in that location is widespread pessimism about mankinds ability to reduce the worlds level of poverty and wasted lives. simply why help the poor? This is a subject about which I tonicity passionately, yet at the same condemnation realistically with a strong clemency rather than sentimentality.Nevertheless, as I have traveled the world, my indignation has often been evoke by the sights and sounds of kind need. I had the countenance once in Calcutta to meet convey Teresa at one of her feeding centers for the poor and outcast of that teeming city. When I asked her how she coped with all the fame and adulation she receives, she replied It means nothing to me. notwithstanding one thing I have done which I believe is important. I have helped people to talk to the poor and not just about the poor. That is a simple but real significant statement which indicates the poor be not just some pile up group which can be dismissed as an economically, non-productive sector of society that we argon unfortunately stuck with. They are fellow human beings real people, individuals for whom we have concern and responsibility.