Monday, March 9, 2020

colonial times essays

colonial times essays Selecting an appropriate place to live is a task which depends on many personal feelings as well as personal needs. In different periods of time, different factors may be important, some of which include climate, religious majority, and moral values. The decision becomes even more complicated when the decision is not up to one person alone, rather a whole family whose members may have different needs. In addition, there may be underlying factors such as the political, economic, and social standings of a region, both in the past as well as the present. In the middle of the seventeenth century, life is very hard no matter where one chooses to live. A colony may be struggling very much, however in the end the people who reside there may have the ability to come through and thrive. For this reason, one should not be fooled by the superficial and seemingly important features of an area. With this in mind, sir, I believe you will consider that while Massachusetts does have its redeeming qualities, Virginia has characteristics which are deeply rooted in stability, hard work, as well as determination. I believe that a colony is strengthened by its history, especially when this history involves conflict and hardship. At the time of its almost accidental discovery, Virginia faced many problems. One hundred and forty four men who occupied three ships went on a journey to the "New World" after a failed attempt to colonize Maine. In the end, only 104 men survived. The London Company, which sponsored the voyage, lost funds as colonists faced sickness and starvation. Rather than give up, the people became stronger and more determined. Under the leadership of Captain John Smith, who later became council president, the colony remained alive. He instilled work and order into the minds of the people, and by 1609 the atmosphere had changed to one that was more positive. That same year the colony received a charter from King James whi...