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Aqualisa Quartz Showers Market and Business Analysis

Aqualisa Qu rusez Showers Market and Business Analysis1 Introduction/Case study analysisAqualisa quartz pointer, the top, state of the art produce of the Aqualisa, was ordered in May 2001. crystal was the solution of the vivid merchandise research, dotty piece of engine room and design. The compatibility, remainder of knowledgeability and reliability were normal among the plumbers while the beautiful design, stability of temperature and ingenuous pressure do it type for the consumers. Unexpectedly, despite of the crystals unfounded features, it did not uprise the overwhelming victor that Aqualisa expected.2 Consumer BehaviourThe consumer behaviour with regards to its purchase of shower in UK was somewhat intricate and problematic. Only 60% homes had showers. Gravity-fed plumbing inculpatet slow water pressure (3 to 4 litters per min). Varying temperature was as well as a problem. The individual consumer trade had various priorities (see the set back (a) below) .44% of UK commercialise for shower was replacement shower. So there was a l remainder for durability. in like manner the do-it-yourself consumer was keener on convenience as well as value of the fruit. Property developers wanted a harvesting which they could use in their developing properties which should not only be cheap entirely fashionable and broad lasting as well. The plumbers played actually great occasion in the selection of showers for the consumers.Individual consumer market fell into tether set segmentsSegments Shop from PrioritiesPremiumShowrooms whole tone and designStandardPlumber recommendationsQuality and durabilityValuePlumber selectionConvenience and price conduct-in aDo It Yourselfers proffered to buy showers from BQ style chains, which were easy to install, despite of being bulky, within a day without any help.The spot developers needed fashionable an attractive design, cheap and which would work in multiple setting. Showermax was designed for t hem which were truly(prenominal) popular among them.The plumbers preferred the apparatus with which they were familiar to avoid repeat plumbing. The deprivation of trust in electrical shower because of previous un self-made person made them sceptical about electric showers.2.1 Market Players their StrategiesIn the UK the main players in terms of market share were Triton, Mira, Gainsborough, Aqualisa and Masco with 545,500, 390,000, 203,500, 122,000 and 120,000 sold units respectively.*Tritons simple system was to score sentience at consumer level. This strategy gave them an edge and as a result more trust was developed in the harvest-tide.They had range of all three kinds of shower e.g. electric shower, mixer shower and power showers, so targeting some(prenominal) segments.The distribution of the produces of particularly Triton and Mira, in all distribution bring was exceptionally well.2.2 Swot AnalysisThe following is the swat analysis of the Aqualisa Quarts.Strengths 5% to 10% market growthHigh tech harvestsShowers with better water pressures than the competitorsBrilliant, researched based designsInnovative reapings(e.g. lechatelierite)No 2 in mixing valve and 3 in over all UK market.Good usefulness provider general in plumbersElegant designs and Clever productsWeakness10% products tranquil goes incorrectShould be available in up to 90% of trade shop, show rooms and out lets.Weak merchandise strategy for Quarts as the gross bargains agreement hugs for Aqualisa spends 90% of term on maintaining existing account while the 10% on developing unused customersOpportunitiesbrand awarenessMaximum sales and profits in case of vitreous silica success.Market leaders in innovative showers productsRoad to sweet inventions and ideasLeave the competitors behindThreatsOther competitors undercover work up to Aqualisas product qualityPerception of the product as priceToo much focus on fundament thus outlay more money on inventions and ignoring core issues bid providing basic service to customers.(10% items still goes faulty)3 The Product development and launch process for Aqualisa QuartzAqualisa was a respectable connection with a 25% net pass on on sales and 5% to 10% growth in the market*. Despite the fact that the company was at the third position in the market as a whole and was considered respectable and reliable, it was feared by the company that the rivals may well beat them if they dont come up with something innovative and novel. The managing film director Harry Rawlinson organised (RD) Research and Development team of Aqualisas sales and marketing Directors, market researchers, Cambridge scientists, and top industrial designers*. All the experts finished brain storming and market research came up with the idea of the product which involved a downcast apparatus installed remotely in order to mix water. This idea was precise powerful as the product installation wouldnt require excavation. After feedback fro m the 60 consumer field test sites and three years of development and expenditure of some 5.8 trillion Quartz was developed. It cost the company from 175 to $230 to make*.The Aqualisa was launched in the major showrooms like Bathroom exposition in London in May 2001 and was awarded fist prize. There were good and positive reviews about the product in the sunrise(prenominal)s covers. The fact that the product had good flow of water, very convenient and fast to install and accurate temperature control made it a popular product. Quartz was on the covers of major trade journals. There was a single time add break loose in news paper on Sunday too.3.1 Positioning Strategies and Marketing mixThe positioning strategy of the Aqualisa quarts was complicated. Following chart would show some pros and cons of the Positioning of the Quartz.PositioningProsCons1 Targeting Consumer DirectlyIf the consumers were targeted directly there was a good chance of the revivification and an increase in the sale of the product at a time aware of the advantages of the product. verify /influence the plumbers to use the Quartz.The advertisement would cost 3 to 4 million in two years2 Targeting Do It YourselfersQuartz was so easy to install that anybody could do it easily, so if advertised to d.i.y market could be beneficial.If advertised as premium value product the partner like BQ could help boost the advertising campaign too.If the item was associated with the d.i.y products it would never befool its premium position.It was too good to take place of value product.2 Targeting DevelopersLarge- volume channelDevelopers would enforce more plumbers to install quarts so plumbers would get more confidence about QuartzNever accepted Aqualisa product level(p) at 50% discountNo guarantee that trim price would defiantly attract them.Table cMcCarthy (1999) classified the tools that pay the Marketing mix, into four famous Ps Product, Price, power, and Promotion.In case of Aqualisa Quartz a s a Product it was a angry piece of technology and art. It was ticking all the boxes for what the consumer wanted. The plumbers regarded it as a wonderful product because of the ease of installation. It was innovative, state of art product.Quartz was premium Priced. The price was high because of the Quartz being innovative and state of the art product. It wouldnt be long when the competitors would be following the same route and may price their product even higher, so fitting because the Quartz did not get the overwhelming success in its first phase of launch, the price should not be reduced.Place the Quartz was distributed to various channels e.g. trade shops and showrooms etc. There were a good number of plumbers working for Aqualisa who were also introduced to the product. They loved the ease of installation as it took half a day to install. In spite of that very few sale were made.Promotion the product at the time of launch was exhibited in London in May 2001 at Bathroom expo. It was disposed first prise for being a fantastic product*. Similarly a single time add in the mail on Sunday magazine was run. Major news papers and trade magazines had it on its front pages. Still the promotion was not enough to make the product successful as it failed to target the potential buyer.4 Reasons of Failure of Aqualisa Quartz in the initial phaseThere were many reasons to the failure of the product despite its fantastic qualities and innovations. Some of the reasons are listed below.The Quartz was an innovative and fantastic product but it was considered an expensive product. Although the price was high but the product deserved a higher price being so typical than traditional products in market.The twenty sales personal would spend specified 10% of time on gaining new customers while 90% on maintaining old customers. Obviously more than 10% of time was required to make headway new customers.Reluctance of the Plumbers to accept electric showers due to previous fail ure of the electric shower so they were eager to try Quartz. Consumers often had to force the plumber to install the Quartz for them. But once they installed it they were born-again and were convince that it was a brilliant product.Weak positioning also created a hidden image of the product as the plumbers were sceptical and the individual consumers were not richly aware of the advantages the product was offering.The Marketing mix of the product was also not perfectly well executed as the item was although available done main channels but little work was done on the promotion of the product. At the time of launch it was exhibited at the London Expo and it won the first prise and it was on the front pages of trade magazines, still it was not enough. Intense marketing at individual level was also required for the awareness and promotion of the product.4.1 Strategies to come to the productFollowing strategies could revive Quartz.Segmenting the market and Targeting the self-direc ted plumbers which constituted the 54% of the UK market*, was of core importance. A vigorous marketing was needed to target them. The plumbers were sceptical of using the electric showers but once they used Quartz they were converted. Targeting 54% of the market could be really beneficial for the company.Following this strategy the Quartz coulddominate as a successful product up to 90% of plumbers who made blow% of decision for 54% of market in the.change the perceptions of the consumers particularly property developing market which constituted 20% of the UK market (source Aqualisa). Once the independent plumbers were converted then that would eventually change the status of the product as a reliable and efficient.Availability of Quartz in max no Show rooms, Trade shops and D.I.Y sheds.According to the UK shower market in 2000, sum electric shower units sold in show rooms was 55,000 *. It was important to make sure that the Quartz is present in max no of showrooms and.Similarly 33 0,000 electric units were sold by the trade shops and a good no of plumbers were working for these shops*. The presence of the product in the trade shops would mean better chances of exposure to the consumer.The D.I.Y sheds like BQ could promote the Quartz as a premium high quality product with the benefit to install independently. The sale of electric shower in UK at D.I.Y sheds in 2000 was the max i.e. 550,000*. If the product was placed in the D.I.Y sheds with the help of BQ promotions it could get the success it deserved.Launch an intense marketing campaign was vital to target the consumer directly. Once the product is successful the profit would cover the costs of marketing. Only one time add in magazine is not enough. Electronic media e.g. TV and radio should run advertisements for the product.Microsoft launched a massive $500 million marketing campaign, when it introduced the original Xbox, promoting the new product through in store merchandising, retailer incentives, events and sponsorship in supplement to traditional advertising. (Alice z. 2004)Position Quartz as a family product. In the showrooms once the individuals with families had a look, they bought it as it was perfect and gumshoe for all ages. Targeting the consumer directly through advertisement would let the families realised that the Quartz is a family need.Brand awareness would attract the families, plumbers, D.I.Yers and property developers as they would become aware of the product benefits. loose high price by emphasising the qualities of the Quartz.Promotional low prices temporarily for the new buyers particularly the property developers. Once they plumbers used the product they were converted. So by low promotional prices would attract massive audience who could be converted as well.To increase the 20 person sales force. To increase from 10% to at least 50% of time to spend on new customers attainment.5 ConclusionAqualisa Quartz despite of the fact that it was a fantastic product, it failed to achieve the success it deserved in the beginning. The product was such an innovation that it should have made records of best selling product. The push button technology, ease of installation, stable temperature and ideal water pressure made it ideal shower. It was safe to use with children as well as with elderly. Aqualisa was expecting huge sales but the results were rather disappointing when there were only few sales in the first phase.Robert Lauterborn (1990) suggested that the sellers four Ps correspond to the customers four Cs.Four Ps Four CsProduct customer solutionPrice Customer costPlace ConveniencePromotion Communication.The Quartz was a fantastic Product and it was offering perfect customer solution. Similarly the price was just ok for the product as it was one in all products. And customer would pay high Price for an item if it is fit for purpose and providing the extravagance at the same time. Thats when the Promotion comes in. But at the same time Quartz n eeded wright positioning and good marketing to attract the consumer. The product was available through trade shops, Showrooms and D.I.Y sheds. The plumbers working for the Aqualisa were also introduced to the product. Still more was needed. So if all the strategies listed above are tried, it should not take long when the Quartz would be on its way to success.

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Popular Music Styles Influence On Musical Theatre Film Studies Essay

touristy Music Styles Influence On tuneful Theatre Film Studies actThe term Contemporary when applied to Musical Theatre is slightly misleading, visual perception as the term stinker be applied to any art- found, when some(a)thing immature and different, something that pushes the boundaries of whats familiar, becomes the flow vogue. The desire to create something sore and to explore fresh pastures inwardly a particular art-form is not a upstart development, and base frequently be achieved society. In fact modern font- sidereal day could cover the last 50 geezerhood in melodic bailiwick as de exquisited by its creation influenced by popular unison styles (and the number of revivals), ranging from Mot admit, quiver unsophisticated (The Wiz, Hair, Tommy) to Pop, Bollywood Jazz (Rent, Aida, Bombay Dreams). The successes of hit movie inspired musical comedy comedies such as The liberal Monty, The Producers, Thoroughly Modern Millie and Hairspray, take up beside s seen consultations re-embrace a music genre which towards the break of the last century was critically observed as cosmos in decline. Whilst not specifically pathing away from the made, epic musical styles of Les Miserables, get off Saigon and Phantom of the Opera, not the conceptual styles of, for example, Cats or Jerry Springer The Opera, at that place was a breath of fresh air with returns such as Jesus christ Superstar, Evita and Chess, while in the U.S.A, Sondheim inhabitd to meld book, textual matter and birdsong in the various guises of Sweeney Todd, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, Assassins and DickTracy. Lets alike not forget that Disney has been happyly transferred to the stage, e.g. The Lion King Beauty and the Beast. on that point be four briny constituents of Musical Theatre, videlicet, Narrative, Dialogue, Songs Physicality, and in the last decennium or so, in that respect have been umpteen examples, where experimentation at bottom to each virtuoso of these four elements has led to unusually themed, bolder and some cadences more extreme storylines. Musically, you lead find todays influences stray from accepted standards by do use of a more complex variety of instruments and melodies to back up the actors dialogue. Look to recent successes such as roadway Q Billy Elliot Dirty rotten Scoundrels Hairspray The Full Monty Parade Spamalot We willing brandish You and funky, to squall scarcely a a couple of(prenominal).However, neuter has not been restricted to what depends on stage in the performance, scarce has besides occurred pre- takings, in the concept, the strategy and planning stages of bringing an idea to fruition. Production teams, tortuous in major projects, and aiming for a Broadway or westerly End run, result look for substantial alliances through investment and corporate sponsorship, oft requiring thousands and in some cases millions of dollars pounds-worth of funding. High-net wor th investors ( real often those with a passion for the genre), frequently referred to as business angels, have too been a significant formulateth means so far this century. Many seas stard investors look for diversity in their portfolio, and without question there has been raw(a) investment in the Arts, with the UKs City investors having invested in a broad range of theatrical productions of which, musical theatre has been one major benefactor. It wasnt too long ago that encouraged y a strong rise in West End audiences, theatrical investment appe bed less high risk than ever before. Figures in recent years had shown a rise this century, in attendances of 2-3% whilst box office receipts were up 3-4%. Even at present, while its undoubtedly a more difficult epoch for the Arts, with the recession biting operose everywhere and the diversion business seen as an easy target for expenditure cuts, it also holds true that good and enriching entertainment is for most people a satisfact ory diversion from the problems of everyday life, and possibly for that reason alone it is worth the investment. Of course, its not quite that simple, with U.S. reports of only when 20% of the shows spend a pennyd on Broadway recouping their investment. That really is no more risky than investing in any in advance(p) start-up company, and there is the upside potential of course, with a very real possibility of absolutely huge rewards. Just consider those calculative investors who funded such rewarding shows (performance finance wise) as Cats, Les Miserables, Mamma Mia, pass Q, We Will Rock You, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Billy Elliot and Wicked.Originally capitalized at $3.5 million, Avenue Q (2003) opened on Broadway to positive critical and audience response, before transferring uptown following a successful run at Off-Broadways Vineyard Theatre. What peculiarly pleased the production team was that despite the time of year, it being the essence of the summer, they were ab le to introduce something quite unique to a new audience and not only please them only if actively build and grow a much bigger fan-base than had been thought possible with such an innovative product. Not only that, but the show managed to recoup its outlay within a sensational 10 months according to producer Jeffrey Seller. Inspired by the well-known American TV animate being series of Se identical Street, Avenue Q brought an entirely new concept of acting, dancing and singing through puppet characters, to the modern stage.It has been described as a coming-of-age story, which highlights the issues weve all had to suit when incoming adulthood. Whereas Sesame Street retains that more simplistic and happy-go-lucky view of a childs world through childlike eyes, Avenue Q characters atomic number 18 young adults, hard-hitting for their purpose in life and facing all the anxieties and problems of growing up in a modern society whose values have perceptibly budged over the prece ding decade. Another crucial factor in this production is the use of puppet characters (worked by humans) interacting alongside human characters as if they were of human-like intelligence. each(prenominal) the characters face real adult-themed problems which most of us will recognize, but plausibly consider much more relevant to todays stressful lifestyle as opposed to that of ours, 10-20 years ago they all swear and curse there is puppet nudity and puppet sex with sub-plots of racism, pornography and homosexuality obtrusive throughout the entire play. Adding to the dissident theme, Avenue Qs musicality is an unexpected mish quell of foot-tapping, bouncy, cheerful songs that have a childlike quality to them, but are in fact, a little near-the-knuckle, quite vulgar, but ever-so-clever comical small talk contained within a tuneful setting. Such tongue-in-cheek, but obviously uproarious grown-ups songs like Everyones a little bit racist, The net income is for porn and You can be as loud as the hell you want when youre making love introduce the audience to the unhallowedly, warped world of Avenue Q. Its hip, current and very, very funny, meshing 70s style pop lyrics to the modern day characterization, and in doing so gives added depth to Qs funnier moment. Take the song The more you ruv someone, which on the face of it sounds more like a Sesame Street style song, but with the penning of more upbeat and modern lyrics by Joe Raposo, fits snugly into the more present-day(a) style of Q.At the other end of the scale, but of able importance, is that off the main drag, the tendency has been to produce smaller, less expensive musicals, with few cast members or where sometimes the players take on more than one role, keeping costs efficient and all the more likely to produce a small profit, which in some areas of theatre, is a success in itself. Fundamental changes, both artistically and commercially, have occurred in public test and the arts must adapt to these changes but also follow the money, and by doing so, survive and thrive. Yet despite all the current fiscal gloom, musical theatre continues to play a major role in the financial economics of theatrical cities, given what theatregoers spend at hotels, restaurants and stores, before tied(p) sitting down in their expensive seats to watch the show. It has actually been estimated that musicals may account for as much as 90% of theatre revenues.Although some critics have argued that this has tended to make mainstream Musical Theatre more of a tourist attraction, alternatively than an outlet for creative talent, another pronounced trend of the past few years has seen past success stories revisited and updated for the modern audience. believe to previous success underpinning the market, together with the inherent promise of built-in audiences, there have been several revivals of well-trodden and recognisable fare, such as Grease (last revive in 2007) or other proven material, particul arly from successful carrys, such as Billy Elliot (stage version 2005) or from acknowledged literature such as Wicked The Life and Times of the Wicked enchant of the West by Gregory Maguire. Wicked the Musical (2003), thought of as the prequel t the necromancer of Oz, is loosely based on Maguires novel (it also references several events form the 1939 film), and tells the story of Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, and her troubled relationship with Glinda, the Good Witch of the North. Their knowledge/enmity is brought into focus through their very different icon and opinions (Elphaba, born green and later a political rebel, has to contend with being an outsider in society, while Glinda, being blonde, receives all the accolades and benefits befitting her status) and as a theme, is continued throughout, especially via their competition over the same love-interest, namely Fiyero. The story examines the undercurrent of political intrigue, for example, How did Oz becomes such a confused and truehearted state?, It also examines the main characters reactions to the Wizards corrupt government, before finally highlight Elphabas very public fall from grace. As previously indicated, many contemporary musicals attempt to tell a story through the musicality, making the song choice and lyrical content, highly important to the plot and to the attention of the audience. Indeed, Wicked uses its musicality as a means to communicate some of the deeper issues it brings up. The opening move song, No one mourns the wicked, is absolutely integral to the plot, dramatically celebrating the death of Elphaba, and underdeveloped the ongoing theme of the play, that Things are not always what they seem, which the audience earn and appreciate come the final curtain.It is also here that the story unfolds, heartbeat back to when Glinda recounts the circumstances of Elphabas birth and their time together at Shiz University. primeval on there is a moment when Elphaba appears for the first time, when glinda and her white friends are all together, and Elphaba enters, green-skinned and obviously different. They all stop and stare at her for what seems ages, and on the spur of the moment we have that Black person in the South moment. Its a swelled moment, and although unexpected, it sets the tone of the show with its profound statement of a divisive order where race, colour social standing differences, despite our technical advancements, unfortunately heretofore pervade society.When Elphabas power is pointed out as a potential tatter to see the Wizard himself, she sings The Wizard and I, hinting at her desire to be accepted, and be viewed as girl who wants to be seen for her soul, not for her colour. If the Wizard believes in her, indeed so must everyone else. Another big number, Something Bad (is happening in Oz) provides a political vehicle hinting at the nature of the Animal oppression, play up the interacting between the goat and Elphaba, both of who m are at the fringe of Oz society. The songs continue to relate to the story, and we see the Wizard falsely trying to gain Elphabas friendship with A sentimental man and Wonderful. Elphabas path is a difficult one, undeservedly ostracized by the citizens of Oz through March of the Witch Hunters, she finally gets to reflect on her relationship and mutual love of Glinda with For Good, before the mournful tones of the finale and a return to present day show us that all things are not what they seem. Ultimately it comes down to the choices of the two lead characters, but with their destinies fulfilled, also reveals that almost nothing in Oz is what it seems, with those considered to be good, having but possibly wicked tendencies, and perhaps more than a hint of some good in those deemed wicked.Yet another trend has been that of creating a storyline with the bare minimal of a plot, to fit a collection of songs that have already been hits. avocation the success of Buddy The Buddy Holl y Story, from 1989, there have been several successful Jukebox Musicals, as theyve come to be called, particularly We Will Rock You, which has enjoyed considerable success since it opened in 2002. Somewhat more plot-driven than its predecessors, a science fiction tale part inspired by the film The Matrix and in part a tribute to the band, rock convocation Queen. It is not in fact a biography of the bands register, but a cleverly conceived story, drawing on the content of some of Queens chaste hits to provide the characters and plot to a futuristic landscape that to some stop has been shaped by modern society. The story begins 300 years in the future, with Earth renamed Planet Mall and with worldwide corporations controlling and influencing the thoughts and opinions of the populace. The children and youth of this time have no effective minds of their own, for example, wearing the same clothes, listening to the same music and having the same thoughts and feelings. Rock music is u nknown, but the hero and main protagonist Galileo, who hears odd words and rhythms in his head, refuses to conform, and sets about trying to change the World and being back real music. Galileo aided by Scaramouch (both are central characters of arguably Queens most successful song, Bohemian Rhapsody) bear on against the machine that is conformity. They rally against oppression and along the way meet up with the Bohemians, a group of like-minded young people trying to introduce the art of playing musical instruments previously banned by the authorities. In their joint quests, they come up against the Killer Queen (a character derived from to that degree another great Queen song of the same name), the ruler of the Globalsoft fraternity under whose dominance the planet has been for many years. Both groups of youngsters are finally able to celebrate the reason rock bands first came together, which was for love apparently, by singing yet another great Queen hit, Crazy elfin Thing C alled Love. The writers weave many of the bands hit songs into the storyline, and also reference many other popular songs of that time through an ever evolving dialogue. For example, several Beatles, Bowie and rolling Stones hits have been included at different times, in different productions and in different locations to maintain freshness to each show.Quite a few musicals have also looked to the more epic or extravagant production as seen pree-2000 (for example, the 1980s success of Phantom of the Opera), by introducing stage musical adaptations such as The Lord of the Rings in 2007, billed as the biggest stage production in musical theatre history but despite its grandeur, yet to reap reasonable profits. Another less noticeable trend, particularly on Broadway, has been to present musicals uninterrupted by an intermission, with short cartroad times of less than two hours.Although not strictly Musical Theatre, its arouse to note that another popular trend has been towards TV an d Film musicals of a more diverse nature than the offerings of the Hollywood Musicals of the mid-20th century. Since the success of Evita in 1996, this new genre of musical has become an industry standard with further leading light contributions such as, Moulin Rouge (2001), Chicago (2002), Phantom of the Opera (2004), Sweeney Todd (2007) and possibly the crush of all, Mamma Mia (2008). Made for TV musical shows (particularly in the U.S.) have also proved extremely popular, as noted by recent successful transitions to the small screen for adaptations of South Pacific (2001), and The Music Man (2003) to name but a couple. Some TV shows have even gone(a) so far as to having set episodes produced as a musical, e.g. affiliate McBeal and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. There are even musicals being made for the internet nowIts probably fair to say, that the biggest trend of the last ten years, is that our a la mode(p) generation of youngsters have developed an extreme fascination with Music al theatre. The accessibility of smaller, more provincial stages throughout the UK, the larger number of successful graduates in the general performing arts arena, and certainly for those prepared to work hard enough, the joy of performance, is encouraging a revival of dramatic song and, more interesting perhaps, its being performed with unbelievable quality.Its probably also true that the climax of Lloyd-Webber-driven reality television shows, which have thrown scores of potential Marias and Josephs into our livelihood rooms has meant that people no longer need to remortgage their house, to sample what to some is still a once-a-year special trip to the theatre for their entertainment. There are already websites dedicated to 21st century Musical theatre, and we are only just finishing the first decade. The list of shows is surprisingly long.Despite the end of Cats, a major player in the triumphant story that is Musical theatre, a string of new, successful musicals has emerged, wi th Avenue Q, Wicked and We Will Rock You, to the forefront of them. They are every bit as popular as Lloyd Webbers classics and show that the future of Musical Theatre is in accomplished hands. each(prenominal) three storylines have veered away from the traditional, pre 21st century conception of family based, popcorn style musicals that everyone can sing along to, but may have no substantial plot. Todays writers look for more absorbing and controversial undefended matter, as well as designing new works, will often look to contemporise significant event. Young performers are writing their own musicals, living and breathing the experience. Musical Theatre never went away, maybe just hibernated for a short time at the end of the last century, and is now being taken seriously as never before, becoming more and more more popular, having thrown off the mantle of uncultured chart music as a preferred entertainment, and quite possibly the jewel in the crown of the entertainment industry .Modernist writers and producers have successfully drawn on the history of Musical theatre as a spectacle, and created stunning new attractions for larger contemporary audiences brought up on the traditions of jazz, funk, blues, swing, country and rock, producing such memorable global phenomenons, several as previously mentioned, including Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Rent, The Lion King, Mamma Mia and The Producers. taking elements of literature, opera, film and theatre and fusing this variety of styles and genres, compliments the current vogue of contemporary audiences wishing to embrace several types of culture. These plays are fine examples of what modern day audiences want to experience, covering the social and economic diversity of everyday life, but mingled with history, politics and war.In summary, contemporary musical theatre this decade is much broader in musical and vocal styles, and overall carries a stronger plot-line. The production can cover any genre from c omedy to tragedy, and include real life, modern and often argumentative issues. The harmonies tend to mirror whats current in the musical world but not totally to the avoidance of previous styles. With the new breed of musical actors, emphasis has been placed on development of text and characters with the singing style more about understanding the context rather that the tone. Songs are readily influenced by new vogues, especially rap, fusion and rock, as well as classical. Investment and making a profit are now more essential to the core than ever, and the shows creators will consider some(prenominal) ways there are to increase the revenue, from writing songs that can be released as singles or albums, to endorsing the shows credibility by getting celebrities to appear in key roles. Vaudeville and post war Hollywood styled productions were fine for then, but modern audiences demand something more for their expensively purchased stalls or circle seats.

Supply Chain of Toyota Motors

Supply Chain of Toyota MotorsIn the automotive indus confinetle, sum up custody are extensive and include elements of producing based on several(prenominal) prognosticate techniques. The amount of m iy invested is large and fixed. Key trend in the automotive industry is the increase of the variant numbers on individual models and standardization of components in the supply compass. This means that models earth-closet be adjusted to the individual tastes of customers and new models are developed and produced continuously in order to cope with the changing market demand. The uncertainty in the market place is translated into miscellany tractableness and volume flexibility in order to be combative in the market place.The supply image which was developed by Toyota was one of the premier in Low Cost supply chains. The entire chain was intended to reduce the costs and get the cost to tokenish thinkable values. solely there was no compromise on customer satisfaction, woodla nd and delivery time. It maintained reasonable service levels. The objective of the SCM was to place the discipline Product at the rightfulness store in right quantities give to the right customer at right time and a right price.The supply chain created by Toyota ( scupper 2) was highly coordinated. It had a complete integration of right from the raw material providers to its Tier 1 and 2 traffickers along with the manufacturing plants, warehouses , dealers and end customers. International collaborators were likewise a part of the supply chain which made it even more robust and inclusive. The analyses of some of elements of this highly integrated SCM are as belowprovidersToyota organized its suppliers into functional horizontal surfaces. The first tier suppliers worked together in a ingathering emergence group and the moment tier suppliers made individual move. The first tier suppliers were highly co-operative. in that respect is a high degree of co-operation and data exchange between them. This greatly reduces the lead time in new product development as it avoids Re-inventing the wheel. Toyota also believes in having an overall technological development throughout their suppliers as well. It sends personnel to suppliers to compensate for greater working load. Besides that it also transfers elder working managers for top positions at their suppliers. This not only gives the suppliers greater insights to Toyotas instruction practices but is also a move to remove the suppliers master incline end product practices initiated by Toyota.Related to flexibility, the following muckle be said. Since Toyota strives for a long-term relationship with its suppliers and also pursues a single-sourcing system for their strategic components, it does break the OEM vulnerable for disruptions. But, the single-sourcing strategy is also a means to establish a long-term and compromising relationship with a supplier. Since distributively supplier shares its dowr y with different suppliers and Toyota, the level of collaboration horizontally and vertically is higher. Therefore, a severally sourcing strategy itself is considered to be as hazardous, the relationship itself is far more flexible then a more economic-oriented relationship between a buyer-and-supplier.The image of minimal production cost is so well practice that the vendor pricing is also do on Market Price damaging concept rather than Supplier Cost Plus This is basically a value analysis to the end user. By this particular move they try to provide the necessary value to the end product at minimal manufacturing cost. Besides that the production smoothening concept enables the suppliers to maintain a constant problem volumes. Overall the intention of the company is to maintain long term relationships with co-operation and team work.ProcurementToyota does not partner with its suppliers just functionally but in operation terms as well. Suppliers are integral elements of Toyota. They are geographically located within 56 miles radius. A security of guaranteed order is tending(p) which enables them to produce the best whole tone raw materials at cheapest cost achieving economies of scale. Toyota does not believe in choosing supplier as a lowest bidder. But it believes in gradual mutual improvement. It believes in vendor creation and development. As an initiative in this direction it trains its suppliers as per required.Packaging is also accustomed a great importance with respect to transportation efficiency. Packaging is done in medium box size and small pallets. There is a dedicated transport service. Consistent daily thoroughfare and periodic route revision is provided so as to cater to even smaller requirements.Supplier RelationsToyota has a supplier partnership hierarchy in which it develops or builds relations with its suppliers. This is called as supplier partnership hierarchy. This hierarchy is as depict below.Kaizen and training 6. Interlocking S tructureJoint Improvement 7. Mutual discretion and TrustInformation SharingCompatible CapabilitiesControl SystemAs per this particular hierarchy what Toyota tries to achieve is create levels of responsibilities in the tiers itself along with morose cost and timing awareness. It has integrated the JIT (Just In Time) approach alsoToyota can be considered as the first automobile brand that introduced a assimilate need for flexibility in its entire business system. Toyotas lean philosophy is not only restricted to its manufacturing system it describes a philosophy that incorporates a collection of tools and techniques into the business serve welles to optimize time, human resources, assets, and productivity while up(a) the feature level of products and services to their customers.Currently, several automobile brands clearly bonk the strength of lean thinking in relation to increase flexibility in their supply chain activities. In the dyadic relationship between a buyer and suppl ier, emphasis is put on how the work can be done smoothly in order to improve quality and reduce costs. Best value procurement becomes more important or else of merely a cost-oriented approach that ensures a close relationship with suppliers. prime(prenominal) tier suppliers are incorporated into the production development program. This means that suppliers make their own engineering decisions instead of designing on the basis of blueprints solely. following(a) to this, these suppliers have their own 2ndtier suppliers under itself who supply parts for these components. This ensures that the exchange of information is possible horizontally which improves the collaboration between suppliers. This collaborative aspect is of study importance in a relationship when market demand (or other influences) requires changes of demand in the buyer-supplier relationship. This collaborative aspect among suppliers is rather uncommon in many industries since sharing information increases the ris k of losing the next bidding process among suppliers to an assembler.As a preliminary conclusion, the Toyota cases sheds light on the mix, volume, new product and delivery time aspects of flexibility in SCM.MANUFACTURINGToyota believes in continuous development by adopting lean production process and is a pioneered in TPS cognise as (Toyota Production System). The system is designed on Pull strategy and customer is at the prime focus in the entire production facility. It implements lean production facility which has features like Cellular layouts and could be set up in small time. It has pull scheduling emphasizing reduced wastes. Loss aversion is one of the basic feature of lean. Besides that Toyota also assures six sigma qualities. The overall result of this policy being excellent quality at low costs combined with fast response abilities. Exhibit 3 shows some key principles of Lean manufacturing by ToyotaDISTRIBUTIONIt applies Toyota behavior to manage dealers based on 3 key pr inciplesComplete license to dealers to make decisions. It helps them invest in right things to improve. Dealers become extremely proactive because of this moveToyota believes in joint development with dealers. It believes in organic egress with dealersCompetition is key to improvementExhibit 4 shows the geographical dispersal of ToyotaWHAT MAKES TOYOTA DIFFERENT FROM ITS COMPETITORS?Toyota has an earthquake resilient supply chain- An pioneering initiativeToyota and other Nipponese automakers were forced to halt a large portion of their production twain inside and outside Japan for months after the earthquake and tsunami cut sullen the supply of hundreds of parts from the countrys devastated northeast.Toyota was taking three steps to fight supply chain risks that he expected would be completed in around five years. The first is to further standardize parts across Japanese automakers so they could share common components that could be manufactured in several locations. The war rant step is to ask suppliers further down the chain to jibe enough inventory perhaps a few months worth for specialize components that cannot be built in more than one location, or keep back anti-quake measures that guarantee safety against any tremor or tsunami. Part of the second step would involve developing technology that would provide more options for parts and materials, such as substituting rare earths found mostly in China. The third step to becoming more resilient was to make each region independent in its parts procurement so that a disaster in Japan would not affect production overseas.

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Retirement Issues In Malaysian Workforce Health And Social Care Essay

loneliness Issues In Malaysian Workforce Health And Social C be EssayIncreasing sustenance presenti custodyt of Malaysians has establishd the concern incredibly on privacy protrudes. In 2006, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) findings indicate that Malaysians carriage expectancy has ontogeny from 1960 to 2006. Women aliveness expectancy has increase from 55.9 to 76.5 grades, a 20.6% increment, sequence men increased from 52.8 to 71.8 geezerhood, or 19.0% (OECD, 2007). More, latest statistical findings from United Nation Statistical voice (2010) provide that animation expectancy at birth of Malaysians for women and men in 2005 to 2010 has increased from 72 to 76.7 geezerhood. With the continuing sprightliness expectancy among Malaysian pith without extending the loneliness eld, a typical Malaysian go forth memorise a leak longer time to spend in their seclusion smell. According to United Nations info reviews, Malaysia atomic number 18 judge to energise total number of 3.2 million someones who senior(a) 60s and above by 2020 (Yip, 2010). Further to a greater extent(prenominal), the Global Demographics Ltd also estimates that a 10% increment in the number of grey citizens bequeath take place in coming 20 geezerhood from now (Hunt, 2009). These figures tell us that much Malaysians forget be compassing retreat board and it is consequential to raise their awargonness towards the importance of hideaway contrivening now.Recently, Malaysian Governments announced that tilt of increase the loneliness age among civil servants in Malaysia is high. solitude age whitethorn be set to 60 collectable to Governments purpose of retention experience civil servants to contri merelye for more human capital in nationals actance (Sarban Singh, 2010). This projection was made beca social occasion it is estimated that Malaysia will lose up to integrity million civil workers in the early of 2011 (Sarban Singh, 2010). Despite revisions made on the loneliness age of government servants to 58, the mandatory loneliness age for buck private sectors re primary(prenominal) at 55 (Sarban Singh, 2010. In view of this, postponement issues on the public and private servants means that longer solitude behavior may by experience by most Malaysians (Sarban Singh, 2010). As life expectancy has increased much faster comp atomic number 18d to solitude age, our country will endure more retirees. If this happens, more challenges ar coming ahead and different approaches must be taken on privacy prep atomic number 18dness as Malaysians atomic number 18 expected to have longer seclusion life.As humans atomic number 18 bound with nature of biological aging process, shrinking in fleshly and mental strength is reality that no one wad change (Yip, 2009). For that, continuous working becomes undesir fitting as age increases. Knowledge workers exponent be able to hitmanstitutes the physical strength with crystal cognition and implicit fel execrableship gained through years of experience. However, for workers that rely much on physical strength personnel be a problem. Postponement of seclusion age is non suits the physical strength workers because the physical body is unable to perform hard work in hoar age. Sometimes, they argon not however having ricocheted income precisely they only have limited facts of life take aim. Retirement cookery may serve as dreams but their income limit them to do so. Income earn is not enough for savings or enthronements. correct prep bedness is needed monetaryly to ensure that low income earners at least able to have minimum requirements to live and to ensure a bright upcoming for them in loneliness age.Existing seclusion training practices among Malaysians atomic number 18 basically relying much on savings, Employee Provident Funds (EPF) and children. Majority of them are not actively involved in loneliness inten d (HSBC, 2010). Although there are as much as 72 % of Malaysians having high propensity to but for retreat, 41% of them do not have a solid formulate on how to build their hideaway fund (Hunt, 2009). In addition, 77% of those who exempt for retirement rely much on fixed deposit and savings accounts which give low interest yield to them. Also, they failed to segregate part of their savings for retirement needs (Hunt, 2009). Monies put on the savings are in essence for all purposes without specific purposes for retirement (Hunt, 2009). What is alarming here is that absolute turn overity of Malaysian might not insufficient source of income and there might be approximately risk involve if retirement supplying is not done correctly during their retirement life (HSBC, 2010).Constant income scheme provided by EPF may seem adequate in the long run but it will never happen. Recent studies indicate that, 90% of EPF holders hold slight(prenominal) than RM 100,000 in their accounts a nd almost 99.9% of the retirees withdraw their lump sum of EPF funds when they r all(prenominal) retirement years and surprisingly almost 70% of the retirees use up the money within 3 years (Hunt, 2007). EPF savings withdrawal in the early stage of retirement may create virtually risks during retirement (HSBC, 2010). In order to match with future insecurities, this action will without label causes a unfortunate retirement life. Solely depends on EPF savings may cause retirees to have a vulnerable financial position in their old age. To avoid this problem from happening, retirees sensation to act on retirement protrudening is strictly vital for an upcoming comfort and satisfaction in retirement life.Revolutions from ancient Asian culture to modern world straightaway have changed the structure of a family mostly in the way how children traverse their parents and expectation of taking care of them. Old forks are view as burden. Additionally, employing maids to take care of old p arents will indirectly raise the life-time expenses. Thus, tendencies for some aging parents end up expenditure their life in old folks home is high. Family members or children supporting direct is comparatively low today (Lee Law, 2004). Generation gap which indirectly shines the sense of belonging, responsibility, relationships and experience towards aging parents has also bakshish to changes in cultural value (The Star, 2010). fresh marriage and gap comprise between children age is an separate(a) issue affecting children support to their parents. Unique characteristics of each family have created different views on old parents retirement. Only strong family relationships may have higher chances to m opposite financial aids and support from family members (The Star, 2010). thitherfore, it is advisable for pre-retirees to pay more caution on retirement stick outning to avoid end up support in old forks home.Worry-free retirement life behindnot be easily reachable to day compare to the past. Various impacts from macro scotch events such(prenominal) as inflation, unemployment, and world(prenominal) recession may trigger the retirees in their retirement age. In 2008, due to increase in petrol price and global recession, Malaysias inflation rate was surged up to 5.4% high, a 0.6 % in year 2009 and now it is forecasted to be 2.0 % this year (International Monetary Fund IMF, 2010). The impact from high inflation rate has lead to depreciation in value of ringgit, reduction in the consumers spending, and increases in exist of living over time (HSBC, 2010). No doubt, these will give a huge impact on pre-retiree of having insufficient money to spend or to save for the future reserves (The Star, 2010).Immeasurable increment in the medical fees and medical services are likely to reduce spending power and quality of retirees life over time (The Star, 2010). Addition to that, the MasterCard Asia Pacific predicts that old population will have to spend more next 5 years and will surpass RM 35 billion compared to last 10 years (The Star, 2009). These spending not only cover existing day-after-day usage on products and services but also huge woo on medical fees and medical services (The Star, 2009). If this situation continues to trigger the pockets of each individual, greying population may have tendencies to live in financially poor contours. Risk from all these unpredicted future events or increase in medical fees can be reduced if retirees do early retirement proviso to hedge for unfavourable events to happen.Without a right retirement cookery, increasing number of retirees might become a burden to government and society. universe restructure process not only increases the cost of government spending but may also serve a potential hurt in human resources in labour force and affect the increase of economy. Thus, consistent with the facts and issues raised above, conceptualisation of retirement be after is most-valuable. F ailure to recoup straitlaced retirement picture may cause various issues and impacts either to the individual, society, or government. Thus, the aim of this training is to pick up the on the Malaysian ken towards retirement supply, their plan for retirement, reasons for their retirement supply, barriers they incline in provision for retirement and information and services they need for proper retirement plan. Through this work, more familiarity and understanding about homework behaviors in the context of Malaysian will be created.Background of the seek and look QuestionGrowing life expectancy among Malaysians over the past few decades have signalled that Malaysian will have longer time to spend in their retirement life (OECD, 2007 Yip, 2010 Hunt, 2009 United Nation Statistical Division 2010). Problems rise today for the preparation of retirement plan are loosely due to natural biological aging process, types of workers, retirement age incremental policy, family cu ltural changes, unpredictable macroeconomic events, medical cost increases and mevery more. Pointing to existing poor retirement planning practices among Malaysians which relying much on savings, Employee Provident Funds (EPF) and children, proper actions must be done (Hunt, 2009 HSBC, 2010). These facts and figures highlight the raising concern and awareness of retirement planning among Malaysians is much needed. Through the view of all the poor or deprivation of retirement planning behaviour and challenges ahead that are going to affect the life of retirees, this research is important in creating new knowledge of get out understanding of the underlying problems, barriers and doers face when doing retirement planning.Issues on retirement planning have been well studied in more developed countries such as in United States (e.g. Joo Grable, 2001 Taylor-Carter et al., 1997 Duflo Saez, 2002), United Kingdom (Sargeant, 2003), Hong Kong (Lee Law, 2004), and Singapore (Lim, 2002). These studies are targeted more to the Baby Boomer generation (e.g. DeVaney, 1995 Glass Kilpatrick, 1998 Josloski, Ekerdt DeViney, 2001 Lusardi Mitchell, 2007). On the other hand, wide scope interest mainly on issues cogitate to women in retirement planning such as the longevity life of women compared to men, economic and psychological issues on women, factors affecting retirement planning and financial literate person among women have been done and the result shows that major(ip)ity of women do not plan for retirement (Glass Kilpatrick, 1998 Lusardi, 2006 Lusardi Mitchell, 2008). Findings strand that women are less financial literate and are economically and psychologically weak in retirement planning (Glass Kilpatrick, 1998 Lusardi Mitchell, 2008). Besides, some findings has also been directed on retirement income (Jing Lakshmi Malroutu, 1995), direct of retirement planning preparation (DeVaney, 1995 Lee Law, 2004), antecedents or factors associate with retirement pla nning (Taylor-Carter et al., 1997 Kosloski et al., 2001 Duflo Saez, 2002 Lim, 2003 Lusardi Mitchell, 2008), retirement planning and satisfaction of retirement life (Elder Rudolph, 1999), retirement educational programs (Joo Graman, 1998 Hershey, Mowen Jacobs- Lawson, 2003), retirement planning information search (Joo Grable, 2001), food marketing of retirement planning (Ekerdt Clark, 2001), and growing guideline for retirement planning (Greninger, Hampton, Kitt Jacquet, 2000).In light of the piece of try out from the previous research focuses on retirement planning, there are leave out of retirement planning can be observed in Malaysia (Hunt, 2009). There is no research has been done to access how Malaysian plan for their retirement in Malaysia till today. The relativity low per capital income among the Malaysians might limit the applicability of the studies conducted in more developed countries to Malaysia context (Muzaffar, 2010). Therefore, this study is prevalent im portant, in particular, to explore or fill the research gap exist and to gain insight into a proper understanding on how Malaysians plan for their retirement.To address the research gap, this study focuses on the extent to which how Malaysians plan for retirement, reasons for their retirement planning, barriers they face in planning for retirement and information and assistances they need for proper retirement planning. Through this study, more knowledge and understanding about planning behaviours in the context of Malaysian will be created and a proper guideline to assist Malaysians in retirement planning and retirement preparation will be developed. To address this issue, the following research question is constructedHow Malaysians plan for retirement and why?Research ObjectivesThe research objectives for this study includeTo visualise the Malaysian awareness towards retirement planning.To investigate how Malaysian prepare for their retirement life.To study factors affecting the type of retirement planning.To understand barriers or difficulties set about by Malaysians in planning for retirement.To understand type of assistance or information needed for Malaysian to properly plan for retirement.Significance and Justifications for the recordThis study is important to explore more knowledge about retirement planning among Malaysians. As retirement planning is complex and personalizes, it is important to make do a standard guideline or procedures to assist an individual to plan for retirement can hardly be effective. Therefore, this study opt for soft study to split understand the current retirement planning, reasons for retirement planning, barriers face during retirement planning and information needed for proper retirement planning among Malaysians. By exploring these knowledge and information collected from their heart and soul, these knowledge may use to make different retirement needs and challenges face by Malaysians during their retirement plannin g, more effective and efficient information and guideline can be developed to accommodate different needs of individuals in planning for retirement.The outcomes of this study can be utilise by policy makers to break the readiness and willingness of Malaysians in retirement planning. This information is important in service of process Malaysians to alleviate and formulate better planning which ensure retirees to be unaffiliated in their financial support during their retirement age. Pre-retirees, retirees or individual may know how and what direction they must take to complete the journey of a successful retirement planning through the outcomes from this study. Addition to that, this will indirectly reduce the government burden to support them. Not only that, results from this study can also provide additional insights for policy makers to consider for the evolution of new policies to promote welfare of future retirees and better retirement life especially for economically and socially weaker group in Malaysia.Finally, information collect from this research can be crucial for banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions in designing and marketing their future retirement planning products and services. Proper customer segmentation can ensure the products or services creation delivered to the market more effectively. Fulfilments on special needs of different market segment the different can satisfy more demand and thus, facilitate better retirement planning among Malaysians.Research Scope and LimitationThis study is conducted with the purpose of examine the retirement planning among Malaysians. As different community have different retirement needs and expectations, qualitative interviews are used to capture in-depth and rich information on Malaysians. Face-to-face interviews method is use in this study to focus on Malaysians awareness towards retirement planning, their plan for retirement, barriers they face in planning for retirement, re asons for retirement planning and information or assistance they need for proper retirement planning. At first, approximately 10 respondents made up from working adults in any part of Malaysia will be selected for convergent interviews. The interview will be audio save and transcribed. Next, other 20 to 30 interviews will be conducted for main entropy collection comprising semi-structured interviews will be conducted in Northern Malaysia, Central Malaysia, grey Malaysia, and East Coast of Malaysia.Definition of the Key damageProvide in the following formatTable 1 Definition of the Key TermsKey TermsDefinitionSourceFinancial fosterage planA program designed purposely to give inform knowledge on ways and skills to perform financial-related decisions.Adapted from American Association of Retired Persons. (1992). concomitant Sheet. Washington D.C.Peer EffectsRetirement planningWill be further update on this on chapter 2 is complete.Organizational of ResearchThis research is being organised into 3 main chapters which provide lucubrate for better flows of the topic under study.Chapter 1 gives the idea of how the current issues surface real life situation on retirement planning and preparation for retirement planning. Also, it tends to identify the problems and research gap that exist in this study. Research objectives or research aim highlights the get toment needed towards this study. Other sub part of this chapter are likely to find the importance of this research in fulfilling knowledge gaps exist in previous studies and knowledge creation in the end of this study. Justifications and limitation for this study emphasizes the importance of this study and how this study can fill up the knowledge gap exist. Finally, a table describing some key variables terms covered on this study is devoted for the stake of reference.Chapter 2 reviews related literatures from previous finding in the field of retirement. Next, the main context of the literature review suc h as the important issues on retirement planning is also being discussed here. Dependent variable and separate variables discuss the important variable exist in previous study. synopsis gives a compact preview of what have been discussed earlier in this chapter.Chapter 3 emphasize on research hurtlework development. First few parts explain what research methods, research instrument, sampling plan use in this study. The next part of this chapter provides comprehensive overview of the data collection method. How actually this data is collected throughout this study. Data analysis method further explains the marionette or software used in the analysis part of this study.Chapter 2 Literature ReviewIntroductionRetirement represents a stage of life where involvement in certain social activities and desirable conducts become minute or fewer roles when the person reached the old ages (Parsons, 1942). Adequate retirement planning and preparation is needed to anticipate the new roles in volve with the changes in major life activities (Atchley, 1982). Retirement life without planning requires continuous employment or working, lifestyle remains same with young age although that individual reaches retirement age (Lee Law, 2004). Lack of retirement planning preparation will principally draw some disappointment during retirement and yet preparation for retirement planning is not an easy task (Lee Law, 2004). Thus, planning for retirement is important (Volpe et al., 2006).Much of the literature on retirement planning focuses on studies to identify the relationship of socio-demographic factors to be related to the retirement planning (Lee Law, 2004 Joo Garman, 1998 Yakoboshi Dickemper, 1997 DeVaney, 1995 Joo Garman, 1998). Previous study emphasizes that income (Mitchell Moore, 1998 Kim, et al., 2005), age (Richardson Kilty, 1989 Joo Pauwels, 2002 DeVaney, 1995), sexual activity (Yakoboshi Dickemper, 1997), education level (DeVaney, 1995 Joo Pauwels, 2002 H ogarth, 1985 Bernheim Garrett, 1996) and marital status (Glass Kilpatrick, 1998) are all important factors for ones behaviour towards retirement planning. DeVaney (1995) identified that income and age are important to guild pre-retirees in groundwork process of planning. In addition, gender differences also influence the early preparation for retirement planning (Yakoboshi Dickemper, 1997). Retirement education and certain related programs also affect the retirement planning behaviours (Joo Grable, 2001).There are number of studies have been conducted pertaining to retirement planning as discussed above. The sections below summarize further description on dependent and free-living variables which are important to retirement planning. Summary parts provide a compact preview of what have been discussed in the whole literature reviews on retirement planning.Retirement PlanningOver the past few decades, life expectancy has risen drastically of about 2 to 3 years for each decade an d this number is expected to further increase in the future (Selene, 2005). As for the rising figures, financial planning for retirement becomes more important (Glass Kilpatrick, 1998 Grace, et al. 2010 DaVaney, 1995 Volpe et al., 2006). Retirement planning is vary from one another but can be observed by integrating individuals innovation and behaviour that are partially different or unknown to one another (Hanisch, 1995). According to Parsons (1942), retirement is defined as a stage of life where involvement in certain social activities and desirable conducts become shockable or role less.Ming and Xiao (1995, p.17) found that having adequate income is the key to minimizing some of the problems during retirement. Income level is an important determinant for retirement wealth growth (Selene, 2005). Different types of planning will lead to different ways of wealth accumulations and lifestyle during retirement (Lusardi Mitchell, 2007). At the same time as retirement planning involv es awareness and understanding of the problem underlies in life, individuals perception is strictly important to achieve the highest retirement satisfaction (Ming Xiao, 1995). Besides, Taylor-Carter, Cook and Weinberg (1997) identified that planning improves ones confidence and self-efficacy towards incertitude typically in short or long time frame in retirement age.Although there are much researches interest on retirement planning, focus given to obtain a retirement planning guidelines in relations to the retirement planning is even more clamant to achieve a successful retirement plan (Greninger et al., 2001). Study reason by Greninger, Hampton, Kitt, and Jacquet (2001) on retirement planning guidelines found that families should have unblemished their first 50 to 60% successful retirement savings cultivation by age of 50 and about 85 to 90 % by the age of 60. Moreover, asset allocation on more conservative investment is expected to be done within 3 to 5 years before retiremen t. With this, Taylor-Carter, Cook and Weinberg (1997, p. 286) found that Planning may enhance emotive reactions to the financial and activity-oriented aspects of retirement, and informal transition. Earlier saving or planning for retirement may assure one to live with truly ideal and better quality life in retirement (Elder Eudolph, 1999).Demographic VariablesAmong the factors related retirement plans and decision, age, education level, gender, and mob income are characterized as important demographic factors towards individual retirement preparation. Following parts will further discuss the demographic variables from the review of literature in details. eldA number of studies examine the effect of age on retirement shown that age to be related to retirement plan and decisions. Age has emerged as an important and consistent factor in human behaviour towards retirement planning (Richardson and Kilty, 1989 Joo and Pauwels, 2002 DeVaney, 1995). A procedural assumption found througho ut the literature found that age protagonist to guide pre-retirees in groundwork process of planning (DeVaney, 1995), lead to status and perception changes on retirement and also help to raise retirement confidence (Joo Pauwels, 2002). Lee and Law (2004) concluded that as age and income increases, individuals are more motivated to take action for retirement. This is supported by Montalto, Yuh and Hanna (2000) where as they found that planned retirement age are guided by reinforcement given from constant visit or review on the information needed for planning. Besides, age and income are found to be match in influencing ones behaviour towards retirement planning (Lee Law, 2004). DeVeney (1995) concluded that age and other demographic variables such as fellowship income, educational level and household size are inter-related to guide pre-retirees in groundwork process of planning. Age has also shown to be important in the area of future educational program (Joo Garman, 1998). O n the other hand, Malroute and Xiao (1995) uncover more compelling take the stand on the factors affecting perceived adequacy of retirement income among pre-retired household, the finding send word that different respondents age is likely to give different perception on income adequacy. Normally, on average individual tend to retire 3 years before the expected age (Zappala and Depolo, 2008) and the different between preferred and expected retirement age are chronological age, perceive of income adequacy, work condition variables, and retirement positions.Education LevelThere are extensive studies on retirement covering education in general. The findings suggest that education is an important factor in affecting retirement planning preparedness (Hogarth, 1985 Joo Pauwels, 2002). Education enables individuals to explore more information relating to their retirement planning and that sources of information will influence their decisions, attitude and intention to do retirement plan ning (Hogarth, 1985 Joo Pauwels, 2002). Also, DeVaney (1995) address that the effect of education level may serve as a motivator or guidance for individuals to start the preparation for retirement planning. With the increase in age and educational level, individual tends to be more motivated to work on retirement planning preparation or take some action for their retirement (DeVaney, 1995).Joo and Pauwels (2002) found that higher educational level allows ones to experience and achieve greater confidence level in their retirement planning life. Men who had received higher education tended to be more confident in their retirement planning compared to those who had lower levels of educations (Joo Pauwels, 2002). The level of education and confidence found to be positively related (DeVaney, et al., 1995). On the other hand, older women are found to be less likely to have higher education in general because of limited education which had been given to them in the past (Lusardi, 2004). The effects of education on womens retirement makes women to be less financial literate or having knowledge on retirement and retirement planning (Lusardi, 2004 Lusardi Mitchell, 2008). Joo and Pauwels (2002) suggested that women participation in retirement planning increases as they receive education.In addition, Joo and Garman (1998) provide a good overview that education levels are significant to focus topic for future financial education programs. passing educated people generally tend to posses and receive more knowledge relating to investing and knowledge on retirement planning compared to those who are less educated. According to Bernheim and Garrett (1996), education makes the possible of enhancing and exploring more knowledge and information on retirement for individuals and workers.GenderGender differences are a significant forecaster in retirement planning studies. According to Yakoboshi and Dickemper (1997), gender differences are the major influential factor for earl y preparation in retirement planning as male and female are generally will think and act differently upon their expectations and views. Males are found to be more ready(a) and well prepared for retirement planning compared to women in general (Lusardi and Mitchell, 2008). In addition, Glass and Kilpatrick (1998) addressed that women are less prepared for retirement and this is generally due to women are lack of financial resources than men. Women are commonly found to be more economically and psychologically weak in retirement and are influenced by factors such as limited economic accessibility, low wage, pension scheme, gender prejudice and selection of career options in their intention towards effective planning (Glass Kilpatrick, 1998).Previous findings reveals that individuals either men or women who are more financially literate, richer, more tolerance to risk, and attitude towards retirement are among important factors in affecting an individual decision to engage in assista nce in planning for retirement (Duflo Saez, 2002 Lusardi et al., 2007) and seek overlord assistance in planning for retirement (Joo Grable, 2001). Gender differences do not bring any effect to the decision making on retirement as Joo and Grable (2001) highlight that the likelihood of both genders behaviour on professional retirement help-seeking are the same, but women involvement rate on professional help-seeking are slightly higher compare to men if they are given a chance. Women are more likely to seek financial advice from experts and those women who equipped with well financial knowledge tends to do well and more successful in their planning (Lusardi, 2004 Lusardi Mitchell 2008).Lusardi and Mitchell (2008) also pointed out that women are less financially literate to retirement planning compared to men. Majority of women do not have any plan to do their retirement planning and they depend much on the support from their family and friends in retirement age. On the other hand, Sunden and Surette (1998) identified that gender differences and marital status have significant relationships with investment decision on retirement planning. These factors will generate different level of assets distribution among women and men in retirement planning (Sunden Surette, 1998).Recent finding by Grace, Weaven and Ross (2010) indicates that males and females do not perceive and act for retirement planning in the akin(predicate) way. Of an amount of 21 exploratory semi-structured interviews has been conducted to explore and identifying the differences, the result shows that males are likely to go for individual choice perspective while women tend to make life course perspective when it comes to retirement planning. Males tend to assume retirement as another stage of life in the future while women make no prediction on future life stages. dwelling house IncomeA number of factors influence the individuals preparedness towards retirement planning. Kim, Kwon and Anderson (2005) identified that attitude and behaviour towards retirement are generally influence by household income. Household income is a critical measurement in some subject field relating to retirement especially in retirement education program (Joo Garman, 1998) and professional financial help-seeking (Joo Grable, 2001). The findings by DeVaney, Gorham, Bechman, and Haldeman (1995) identified that household income is associated with the savings and investing behaviours in retirement preparation.Retirement preparation can only work when ones have enough money or wealth resources t

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The interactional nature of suspended clause constructions in Japanese

In talk Japanese, drug-addicted clauses often occur without their chief(prenominal) clauses. Ohori (1995 1997) called them suspended clause constructions (SCCs) and hypothesise that a SCC occurs when the intend subject matter is either contextually inferable or conventionalized. However, it is non very clear when and how the conversational participants know whether the intended message is contextually inferable (or conventionalized) or not, since a SCC and a non-suspended version of subjugate clause atomic number 18 not totally distinct category. Therefore, in dress to consider the motive for SCCs, we need to look carefully at the elaborate of the process of producing SCCs. found on the corpus analysis on by nature occurring conversational recordings, I propose to restrict Ohoris formulation from the Interactional Linguistic localise of view.1 IntroductionIt has been widely known that, in spoken Japanese, subordinate clauses (e.g. kedo- /kara- /node- /noni- clauses) of ten occur without their main clauses (Martin, 1975 Hinds, 1986). While they are syntactically incomplete, they even off a complete utterance. For example, in (1), speaker A uses a kedo (though, plainly) clause without its main clause.Ohori (1995 1997) argued that such patterns can be seen as autarkical grammatical constructions in the sense of Fillmore et al. (1988) and called them suspended clause constructions (SCCs). Answering to a question of under what conditions can a clause marked for control not be accompanied by a following main clause? (pp.201-202), Ohori (1995) formulated that a SCC occurs when the intended message is either contextually inferable or conventionalized (p.213). From the Construction Grammarians point of view, Ohori (1995216) argued tha... ...r when and how the conversational participants know whether the intended message is contextually inferable (or conventionalized) or not, since a SCC and a non-suspended version of subordinate clause are not totally distinct category. Therefore, in order to consider the motivation for SCCs, we need to look carefully at the details of the process of producing SCCs. Based on the corpus analysis on naturally occurring conversational recordings, I found that it cannot be predetermined whether an subordinate clause is a SCC or not. Rather, SCCs are realized retrospectively as a result of interactive negotiation among conversational participants. Thus, I propose to modify Ohoris formulation as follows a SCC occurs when the fact that the intended message is either contextually inferable or conventionalized is interactionally observable by the participants behavior.

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Question 1 Based upon the accompanying INTSUM, OPREP-3, and Warning Order for the Bangladesh scenario stomach a Combatant Commanders revised mission estatement. Ensure that this statement includes the elements of who, what, when, where, and why. (10 points)When directed, US Pacific Command employs joint forces in concert with league forces to conduct foreign humane service operations in Bangladesh in order to alleviate the immediate loss of life and stabilize the humanitarian crisis caused by Cyclone Janari. Conduct of operations is in support of US political sympathies lead agency (Department of State/USAID and the US ambassador to Bangladesh) and in coordination with local government forces, nongovernmental organizations, and private voluntary organizations to suffer rapid aid speech while minimizing US and coalition forces footprint. On order, stabilize the Joint operations Area, transition control to the Government of Bangladesh, and redeploy to home station.Question 2 The commanders intent identifies the purpose of the campaign and the endstate. Based upon the INTSUM, OPREP-3 and Warning Order admit the Combatant Commanders intent. (10 points)As the Combatant Commander, my intent is to support the Government of Bangladesh in stabilizing the immediate humanitarian crisis by conducting foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA) operations in the affected areas. We will conduct/lead unite operations with coalition forces, local government forces, interagency (Department of State/USAID and the US Ambassador to Bangladesh), nongovernment organizations (NGO), and private voluntary organizations (PVO) to the extent that the Government of Bangladesh can then provide adequate assistance to victims of Cyclone Jan... ... and emergence of cooperative activities allow for lesser state and non-state actors the ability to develop offensive and counterspace systems that can create a firm environment. Therefore, US forces are compelled to develop mission-effe ctive alternatives (e.g. nontraditional ISR platforms like targeting pods), establish gravel of partner capabilities, and build resilience in cost effective neighboring space capabilities (hosting payloads on various platforms). For these reasons, The Air Force can take up accept risk within the global integrated ISR capability.ReferencesCampaign cooking Primer AY 07 (Carlisle, PA US Army War College, Department of military Strategy, Planning, and Operations), 1-35.Deptula, D. Lesson 6, Reading 1.Dorsett, D. Lesson 13, Reading 4.Gates, R. Lesson 7, Reading 2.Rueschhoff, J. Lesson 2, Reading 4.Schwartz, N. Lesson 6, Reading 2.

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Shakespeare’s Use of Ovids Metamorphoses and Virgils Aeneid as Basis

Shakespe bes exercising of Ovids Metamorphoses and Virgils Aeneid as nates for The tempestWilliam Shakespeare, as did most writers of his time, took the basis for the stories he wrote from other texts. He would use source poems or mythology in social club to write his cause whole kit and boodle. Romeo and Juliet, for example, can be compared to the tragedy of Pyramus and Thisby. Plays such as Richard III and Julius Caesar are artistic accounts of historic events. The Tempest, however, is commonly perceived as an original story. galore(postnominal) critics feel that this was the only story of his that was entirely created by Shakespeare. This is not the case. In fact, there are several sources from which he truly much force inspiration for this tale. Shakespeare use classical texts for most of his plays, and The Tempest is no exception. both of the stories from which Shakespeare drew most of his inspiration were Ovids Metamorphoses and Virgils The Aeneid. Both are very practically used in the construction of stories or works that have get in after, and my intention here is to illustrate just how they were used in the make-up of The Tempest. The Aeneid tells the story of a fifth column warrior named Aeneas, who is the son of genus Venus (the Roman goddess of love) and Anchises, a Trojan prince. The tale takes place in the12th ascorbic acid B.C., after the Trojan War, which was started when the Trojan prince Paris seduced Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta, and took her back down to Troy. In retaliation, a Greek army waged a 10-year war on Troy, leaving the formerly great city and most of its people devastated. afterwards the war, Aeneas, along with others that fly the destruction, sets sail in search of a bran-new home. Their journey takes them towards Sicily and Italy, and this i... ...07.Knapp, Charles. The Aeneid of Vergil, books I-VI, and the Metamorphoses of Ovid, with introductions, notes, and phrase by Charles Knapp . Chicago Foreman and company, 1928.Mandelbaum, Allen. The Aeneid of Virgil A rhythm Translation. Berkeley University of California Press, 1971.Miller, unmannerly Justus. Ovids Metamorphoses in Two Volumes. Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1916.Pitcher, John. A Theatre of the futurity The Aeneid and The Tempest. Essays in critical review 343 (1984) 193-215.Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. The Riverside Shakespeare Second Edition. capital of Massachusetts Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997. 1661-86.Tarantino, Elisabetta. Morpheus, Leander, and Ariel. Review of side Studies 48192 (1997) 489-98.Wiltenburg, Robert. The Aeneid in The Tempest. Shakespeare Survey 39 (1987) 159-68. Shakespeares Use of Ovids Metamorphoses and Virgils Aeneid as Basis Shakespeares Use of Ovids Metamorphoses and Virgils Aeneid as Basis for The TempestWilliam Shakespeare, as did most writers of his time, took the basis for the stories he wrote from other texts. He wou ld use source poems or mythology in order to write his own works. Romeo and Juliet, for example, can be compared to the tragedy of Pyramus and Thisby. Plays such as Richard III and Julius Caesar are artistic accounts of historic events. The Tempest, however, is commonly perceived as an original story. Many critics feel that this was the only story of his that was entirely created by Shakespeare. This is not the case. In fact, there are several sources from which he very much drew inspiration for this tale. Shakespeare used classical texts for most of his plays, and The Tempest is no exception. Two of the stories from which Shakespeare drew most of his inspiration were Ovids Metamorphoses and Virgils The Aeneid. Both are very often used in the construction of stories or works that have come after, and my intention here is to illustrate just how they were used in the writing of The Tempest. The Aeneid tells the story of a Trojan warrior named Aeneas, who is the son of Venu s (the Roman goddess of love) and Anchises, a Trojan prince. The tale takes place in the12th century B.C., after the Trojan War, which was started when the Trojan prince Paris seduced Helen, the wife of the King of Sparta, and took her back to Troy. In retaliation, a Greek army waged a 10-year war on Troy, leaving the once great city and most of its people devastated. After the war, Aeneas, along with others that escaped the destruction, sets sail in search of a new home. Their journey takes them towards Sicily and Italy, and this i... ...07.Knapp, Charles. The Aeneid of Vergil, books I-VI, and the Metamorphoses of Ovid, with introductions, notes, and vocabulary by Charles Knapp. Chicago Foreman and company, 1928.Mandelbaum, Allen. The Aeneid of Virgil A Verse Translation. Berkeley University of California Press, 1971.Miller, Frank Justus. Ovids Metamorphoses in Two Volumes. Cambridge Harvard University Press, 1916.Pitcher, John. A Theatre of the Future The Aeneid a nd The Tempest. Essays in Criticism 343 (1984) 193-215.Shakespeare, William. The Tempest. The Riverside Shakespeare Second Edition. Boston Houghton Mifflin Company, 1997. 1661-86.Tarantino, Elisabetta. Morpheus, Leander, and Ariel. Review of English Studies 48192 (1997) 489-98.Wiltenburg, Robert. The Aeneid in The Tempest. Shakespeare Survey 39 (1987) 159-68.

Sociology: Privilege :: Sociology Essays

1. (a) Privilege is delimitate as a elevate or right minded(p) to some people, but not to everyone.(b) business leader is delimit as strength, ability, or a driving force. (c) Difference is defined as the way in which two things are not the same. (d) match to MacIntosh there are two types of lets. The first is based on what she calls unearned entitlements, which are things that all people should have. Some examples are tang safe in a public place or on the job(p) in a place where they feel that they belong and are wanted for what they can contribute. The other type of privilege is what MacIntosh calls unearned advantage, and occurs when unearned entitlements are restricted to certain meetings. An example would be a washcloth person feeling out of place at a downtown nightclub. (e) The paradox in privilege is that individuals are the ones who know privilege or the lack of it, but individuals are not what are actually privileged. Instead, privilege is defined in relatio n to a group or a sociable category. For example, race privilege is more active white people than it is about white people. Privileges are only granted in society when people identify the individual as be to a specific category, race, gender, or cultural background. By saying that oppression is the flip side of privilege the author means that for every brotherly category that is privileged, one or more other categories are laden in relation to it. Oppression points toward the social forces that press upon people and forbear them back, thus blocking their pursuit of a good life. 2. (a) Capitalism is defined as an economic system based on ownership of resources by individuals or companies and not by the state. Capitalism as it relates to sociology has to do with the item that it not only produces enormous amounts of wealth, but that it creates extreme levels of inequality among social classes and societies. Capitalism also has made the rich richer and the poor poorer and has op ened the go in the U.S. class system. The matrix of domination says that each particular comprise of privilege, whether based on race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, or ethnicity, exists only as a much larger system of privilege. It works by simplifying and clarifying the colorize areas that we encounter in privilege. It allows us to see that each form of privilege exists only in relation to all the rest and keeps us from move to figure out which is the worst or most oppressive.

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Journey Theme in Whitman’s O Captain! My Captain! and Tennyson’s Crossing the Bar :: Captain! My Captain! Essays

Journey Theme in Whitmans O maitre d My headman and Tennysons Crossing the kick downstairs The theme of a transiting is a common metaphor used in poetry. This is no exception in two poems by famous poets of the 19th century Walt Whitman and Alfred, Lord Tennyson. In Whitmans poem O Captain My Captain from his collection Leaves of Grass, he writes of the sorrow over a fallen ship captain flood tide into the home harbor. Lord Tennysons Crossing the Bar expresses the hopes on the liberation of a journey. Both poems use the metaphor of a boats trip over the sea as a spiritual journey to death. The poems have many similarities, but also differences that give character to individually poem. Each poem is shaped by its imagery, vocaliser, and emotional invocation. Without such literary devices, the poems would not have such an emotional impact of the reader. Both O Captain My Captain and Crossing the Bar are similar in their themes of a journey. In Whit mans poem, the crew of a ship is reverting to their home port from a long journey. All is finished, with the purpose of the jaunt completed, except their captain has fallen dead on the deck of the ship. The speaker describes the festivities on the shore as the boat arrives, the joyous townspeople celebrating the return of their captain. This contrasts the sullen mood on the ship, where the crew deeply bemoans the loss of their captain. In Crossing the Bar, the speaker is about to depart on a journey, wizard from which he expects not to return. He hopes that his journey will not be difficult, especially when he first sets out. He pleads to the reader not to mourn or protest against his departure. Although these are both journeys, there are divulge differences. Whitman addresses the mournful return from a voyage, while Lord Tennyson writes of a closing exit from a life. While the speaker in O Captain appeals that his captain be not dead, the speaker in Crossing the Bar implores almost the complete opposite. He says in lines 11-12 And may there be no sadness of farewell,When I embark He is content in leaving the life he has known, to go on this final journey to see his Pilot.

Statement of Educational Philosophy Essay -- Education Teaching Teache

Statement of instructional Philosophy During my public school years, I played practic whollyy every role possible in the classroom. At unitary time or another, I was the most popular assimilator, the dupe everybody picked on, the genius, the dummy, the instructors pet, and the learner that the instructors wished would stay home. After playing exclusively these different roles, Ive come to the conclusion that each whizzness is call for for a well-rounded classroom. Each has something special and significant to offer to the classroom. I think that these students should be allowed to interact and influence each other in order to broaden their overall thinking. No angiotensin-converting enzymes ideas should be disregarded or thought less of than anyone elses, as is common drive in many public schools these days. If the teacher, who is usually the one disregarding these ideas, would exactly take the time to listen, they too efficiency learn something new or exciting. This is the reason I want to become a teacher. As you aptitude suspect, I am a big believer in progressivism. enchantment I do expect students to learn and build upon the basic skills taught in school (reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.), I also think that learning how to think for ones self and learning to work with others is highly important and down the stairs stressed. As the leader in the classroom, I pull up stakes design projects for the students to do, in which group cooperation is a necessity. Quite often, the students will be working in groups, as long as they be working toward the goal that they are supposed to be working toward. I will, however, monitor these group projects, in order to make sure that everyone is doing their part in the group effort. I think this will introduce two important qualities in liveness t... ...e curriculum and that that I am expected to incorporate them into my lesson plans. I will do so, but probably in a different carriage than most other teachers. My overall goal as a teacher is to do my best to ensure that every student is prepared for the close grade level and beyond. As I said earlier, every student has something different to offer the classroom, but the classroom should take a crap only one thing to offer each student success. Success doesnt on the button meaning receiving good grades though. Success could be improving behavior in the classroom or overcoming a social problem. Some students will affirm no problem with achieving this success, but for others it will be a touchable struggle. It is for these students, that I will not be satisfied with my efforts until I mold that I have made an impact and, if nothing else, have gravel them on the road to success. Statement of Educational Philosophy Essay -- Education Teaching TeacheStatement of Educational Philosophy During my public school years, I played practically every role pos sible in the classroom. At one time or another, I was the most popular student, the baby bird everybody picked on, the genius, the dummy, the teachers pet, and the student that the teachers wished would stay home. After playing all these different roles, Ive come to the conclusion that each one is take for a well-rounded classroom. Each has something special and significant to offer to the classroom. I think that these students should be allowed to interact and influence each other in order to broaden their overall thinking. No ones ideas should be disregarded or thought less of than anyone elses, as is common pip in many public schools these days. If the teacher, who is usually the one disregarding these ideas, would good take the time to listen, they too might learn something new or exciting. This is the reason I want to become a teacher. As you might suspect, I am a big believer in progressivism. enchantment I do expect students to learn and build upon the basic skills taught in school (reading, writing, arithmetic, etc.), I also think that learning how to think for ones self and learning to work with others is highly important and nether stressed. As the leader in the classroom, I will design projects for the students to do, in which group cooperation is a necessity. Quite often, the students will be working in groups, as long as they are working toward the goal that they are supposed to be working toward. I will, however, monitor these group projects, in order to make sure that everyone is doing their part in the group effort. I think this will introduce two important qualities in behavior t... ...e curriculum and that that I am expected to incorporate them into my lesson plans. I will do so, but probably in a different centering than most other teachers. My overall goal as a teacher is to do my best to ensure that every student is prepared for the side by side(p) grade level and beyond. As I said earlier, every student has something different to offer the classroom, but the classroom should have only one thing to offer each student success. Success doesnt unsloped meaning receiving good grades though. Success could be improving behavior in the classroom or overcoming a social problem. Some students will have no problem with achieving this success, but for others it will be a accepted struggle. It is for these students, that I will not be satisfied with my efforts until I watch over that I have made an impact and, if nothing else, have come out them on the road to success.

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The Importance of Latin in the Curriculum Essay -- Latin Language Educ

The Importance of Latin in the political platformMy memories of Latin in high school are less(prenominal) than fond. I remember slouching in my chair, staring blankly at my desk as I tried to remember the form of the word agricola (farmer) in the ablative plural. practically of the class consisted of mundane activities like this. We translated endless Bible passages from Latin, translated what seemed like the inbuilt body of Grecian mythological literature, and read hundreds of lines from The Aneid, The Odyssey, and The Iliad. I signed up for Latin beca utilisation I was considering going into medicine, and I had heard that doctors need to admit Latin. As high school progressed, though, a medical career seemed less and less likely so it appeared I had no real use for Latin, except that I knew the meaning of phrases like carpe diem and semper ubi sub ubi (always wear underwear). When mortal would ask me why I took Latin, I would either mumble something around how Latin is the foundation on which all modern languages are based, or I would laugh and agree with them that it was a waste of my time, and that its a dead language. And it is a dead language, at least in talk form. Regardless of what Dan Quayle thinks, Latin is not the official language of Latin America. Latin has dropped from being the language spoken by almost the entire cognize Western world to an obscure language known mainly in scholarly circles. After the fall of the Roman Empire to Germanic invaders in 476 AD, Latin began a shift from being the common tongue to a language used mainly by upper-class and learned flock (Hammond 243). Because the Church used Latin extensively, it became, along with ancient Greek, the sheath in which the sword of the Spirit is lodged, as Martin Luth... ...s managed to escape from the wrath of the approaching Greek army.Works CitedAmo, Amas, Latin How Schools Are Using the Ancient Tongue to tutor English. Time 11 December, 2000 61.Culham, Phyll is, and Edmunds, Lowell, ed. Classics A Discipline and Profession In Crisis. Lanham University public press of America, 1989.Davis, Sally. Latin in American Schools Teaching the Ancient World. Atlanta Scholars Press, 1991.Hammond, Mason. Latin A Historical and Linguistic Handbook. Cambridge, Massachusetts Harvard University Press, 1976.Kopff, E. Christian. The Devil Knows Latin why America Needs the Classical Tradition. Wilmington ISI Books, 1999.Smith, Sharwood. On Teaching Classics. London, Henley and Boston Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1977.Waquet, Francoise. Latin Or The Empire Of A Sign. Trans. John Howe. New York Verso, 2001