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Social Welfare Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

well-disposed Welfare Program - Essay ExampleThis essay stresses that the social hostage welfare program has several(prenominal) goals that it intends to meet. For instance, they aim at providing for the needy in the community. They are also determined in providing the frugal warrantor that the American people desperately need. Doing so would require them to maintain maximum freedom in the economic lives of the American people. This paper declares that the provision of social indemnity has been instrumental in the success of the program. Social insurance addresses the concept of economic security. The basic behide social insurance is that people make contributions to a centralized parentage. The fund provides income to individuals who happen to find their income un-sustaining and give back after a period of time. Social insurance emphasizes on the social suitability of attains. In its system, individuals who previously earned less income receive a higher benefit than those wit h higher earnings. It is this mechanism that has helped the system to grow in terms of benefits which is not applied by tete-a-tete insurance organizations. Social welfare has a number of aspects that contribute to its effectiveness. Provision of social insurance is angiotensin-converting enzyme of those strengthening aspect to the program. Social insurance has been instrumental in empowering citizens. This is because it is a contribution made by people so that it can helps them get income later on. The concept provides a form of economic security to people. It enables them to provide for themselves even at old age when they cannot work.

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Negative Impacts of Large Salaries of Professional Athletes Essay

proscribe Impacts of Large Salaries of Professional Athletes - Essay ExampleThe large salary paid to athletes has been a controversial supply since time immemorial. Olympic gold winners such as Usain Bolt and Mike Tyson pay back topped the tabulate of some of the highest paid athletes in the histories of their respective sports. Athletes make as much as thirty million dollars in a single sports event while a professional doctor in the united states may earn an average salary of slightly over $500,000 a year. The disparity is large a feature that makes athletes live a particular type of life that has consequently defamed both themselves and their respective sports. Among the animated examples of short management of the large salaries, including the life of the professional boxer Mike Tyson and several other athletes in Africa who have lived recklessly thereby losing either their lives or limbs thereby missing the sports (Mottram, 2005).Among the reasons that lead to a poor rep utation, the large salaries have earned to both the sports and the athletes include the motivation arising from the large salaries. The athletes have therefore resorted to doing anything likely to win the medals in order to earn the large salaries. As explained earlier, the large salaries are often both a motivation and a reward for the strenuous exercises the athletes undergo during their sports. However, the fame and the millions of dollars have affected the lives of the athletes negatively thereby tarnishing the reputation of the sports. Doping, for example, is a contentious issue in athletes with the sports organizers calling back and banning many athletes who have won their trophies unscrupulously (Santo & Mildner, 2010).

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Low-Cost Leadership Training Program Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Low-Cost Leadership Training Program - Essay ExampleDeveloping an efficacious leadership development curriculum is crucial to the performance of an organization. The paper will analyze the best plan of attack to developing a leadership development program outlining the pros and cons associated with it.The development of a leadership training program should be based on three stages. The first stage is where the company plans for the development of a leadership development program (Fairley, 2015). The organization has to examine what it currently has in place so that they net weed the efforts needed to train their employees. At this point, the organization needs to analyze the benefits of training their employees and the costs to be incurred. The organisational leadership training program should produce benefits that exceed the costs. The benefits should not be determined at the origination stage as the training achieves both short-term and long-term benefits.The next step in d eveloping a low-cost leadership training program is the identification of employee characteristics. Since not all employees can come great leaders, the organization should provide the employees an opportunity to form teams and through these groups employees with the potential to become leaders take down identified (Johnson, 2013). Once the groups are formed, the organization should provide them with adequate infrastructural support to ensure the objectives they seek learn accomplished. The employee morale is increased through achieving goals and objectives, and leadership qualities improved (Johnson, 2013).Once the outline has been achieved, the next stage in developing a low-cost leadership training is practicing leadership development (Fairley, 2015). The training should include elements much(prenominal) as providing the leader with opportunities to achieve effective communication, conflict resolution, and time management (Fairley, 2015). Development of leadership abilities ca n be through

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Social media has negatively changed our culture Essay

Social media has negatively changed our culture - Essay ExampleThe shoot for of this paper is to examine some of the popular accusations of well-disposed media and explain that the positive consequences of social media for the culture outstrip the suggested threats.At present, the world of social media is broad and presented by the variety of widely available networking sites that provide opportunities for socialization. The most(prenominal) popular among them can be considered Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other actively used by people across generations and social groups. All together they created the new digital arena for maintaining relationships, communicating, making business, or sharing news. (Sawyer, 2011) Obviously, such broad popularity and influence which social media managed to gain in relatively short period of time could not reserve one ignorant of the possible consequences of the tendency to spend time online instead of the real-life alternatives. As a result, the guess of both positive and negative outcomes of social media is recognized. Both sides have elaborated particular set of arguments that plainly contain the grain of truth and common sense, therefore, they need to be closely and thoroughly examined in tack to formulate a personal position in this regard.The base of arguments of people who are trying to depict that social media represents a destructive force for a culture is the long one, but, to my mind, includes issues that can be prevented by careful use and conscious approach to social media. Among such negative claims can be mentioned dilute of privacy and sharing too much personal information that can be used for unbefitting goals. Also, much is being said about cyberbullying, online harassment that make people feel insecure and spread over peace in the society. (Technology can have,) Apart from that, social media is often blamed for promoting the culture of vanity excessive interest in oneself and ones appearance. (Technology can have,) All

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Strategic Control Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Strategic Control - Essay ExampleTherefore, the assertion that strategies are aimed at accomplishing the approaching aspiration of a business organization is true (Jeyarathnam, 2008).It is burning(prenominal) to explain that strategies are always enacted unendingly for a given period of time, or until the time when it is able to butt on its objectives. Because strategies are developed for a long period of time, there is a need of creating controls for purposes of ensuring that the dodge under consideration is able to meet its objectives. Of the four types of controls, premise and strategic surveillance controls are the most efficient in the identification of the polar needs of the club, and that of its customers (Jeyarathnam, 2008). For instance, under premise control, an organization would analyze the basic assumptions of a strategic plan, for purposes of finding step forward whether they will be effective when there are changes in business operations, customers needs, and co mpetition.This is important because a strategic plan will only be enacted and implemented if it would manage to steer the company when changes occur in its operations. On the other hand, the surveillance strategic plan helps an organization to collect the demand information that affects the internal and external operations of the business (Pearce and Robinson, 2013). A business organization that develops its strategies based on accurate information will most definitely come up with a relevant strategy that will meet its objectives and needs. Implementation and special alert controls are also important (Pearce and Robinson, 2013. Implementation controls helps in the identification of failures, in the manner which a strategy is implemented. On the other hand, special alert controls impact an in-depth analysis for purposes of identifying unforeseen and immediate threats that an organization

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Finance and accounting internship paper Term Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 words

Finance and accounting internship - Term Paper ExampleIbrahim, single of the finance managers, who directly reported to the Vice-president Finance department. However, the received my daily tasks and assistance from the pecuniary executives who were in Mr. Ibrahims team. Mr. Ibrahim evaluated my performance, which my senior provided me. I assisted financial executives in different accounting and financial management functions associated with the kink of few projects for eminent clients of Abu Dhabi. I assisted my managers in tasks ranging from posting expenses, and other transactions, calculating payroll, planning honorarium schedules, internal auditing, tax compilation, etc. It was a great learning experience because I could explore and actually understand various financial functions practically. Acknowledgement I would like to express my gratitude to Wahat Al Wafa General mental synthesis and Maintenance Company, and Mr. ... They have been my mentor through step up my interns hip. Last but not the least I convey my family and friends, as without their motivation I would not have been able to achieve success through my internship. Chapter 1 Introduction This section of the study aims at introducing the readers to the industry of general contracting and support of Abu Dhabi, so that they fecal matter understand the nature of report the company does, and its position in the market. 1.1 Brief Insight of the General catching and Maintenance Industry in Abu Dhabi The maintenance and kink sector includes establishments primarily construction of highways, buildings, or public-service corporation system. The establishments are mainly engaged in preparation of new sites for construction and sub-dividing various plots of lands for sales. The construction work that is generally done includes maintenance, repairs, alterations, etc. In the next few years Abu Dhabi is going to lay out a fully developed plan for becoming a global leader in maintenance and constru ction sector. Even after the global recession and real estate crisis in Dubai, Abu Dhabi was not knocked off, and it succeeds in registering a growth of 33.5 percent in the year 2008. According to the records stated by Emirates, the maintenance and construction sector also showed an escalating growth in 2007, when the rest of the world stated facing the heat of financial crisis (Campbell, 2007 Weygandt, Kimmel, & Kieso, 2010). The major reason which this industry is flourishing in Abu Dhabi and other Gulf countries is due to increasing vex of tourist in the country. Construction and maintenance of hotels, villas, parks, sports facilities, luxury pent houses, etc have increased in the

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Internet and Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

meshing and Democracy - Essay ExampleInternet communication is probably the fastest way of communication. The introduction of internet and other computer-based communication technologies has opened up many possibilities in different aspects of human beings life. Distance is no longer a constraint for training interchange because of the advanced internet and wireless technologies. flat the outer universe communication and data abridgment are made possible with the introduction of wireless technology and internet. Most of the common people cogitate that internet is just for information interchange only. But the internet can influence other regions of the human life as well. It can assist job seekers in getting jobs, it can assist students in improving their learning potentials, it can act as an excellent medium for advertisement, it can act as a market where people can sell and purchase goods or services etc. Even the politics seem to be one beneficiary of the internet. In earl y 90s it is believed that internet can enhance the political process of body politic immensely. Though internet requires a lot of pecuniary and intellectual investments, the lack of centralized control over the internet raised doubts about the implementation of internet technologies for the strengthening of democracy. Democracy involves a separation of powers and popular participation in governmental affairs. During the era of the information and 18th-century democratic revolutions, public spheres emerged where individuals could discuss and debate issues of common concern (Douglas Kellner). Democracy can be delimitate as a system in all citizens can directly participate in the decision-making process. Proponents of democracy believe legislative, judicial, and executive powers should be handled by the people. Or in other words, the representatives in these three sectors essential be appointed by the people.

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Robinson fruit shoot market share Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Robinson fruit shoot market share - probe ExampleTo understand better preference and market share, it was worthwhile taking the time to study preceding reports on the Robinson produce Shoot brand that had been compiled earlier by different studies. This helped the researchers go to the field with association of the perception of the brand and an expectation of opinion. This, however, could, however, influence the objectivity due to response anticipation. From the studies done by Mintel, Fruit Juice, Juice Drinks, and Smoothies - UK - November 2012 and Fruit Juice and Juice Drinks - UK - November 2011 placed Robinson Fruit Shoot at number trio and number two respectively as a market share player. They proved that the Shoot was touristy among the other brands but was not in pole position as to control the market. That, therefore, seemed to suggest that more marketing and sales were required so as to make the brand the market leader. From another postdate by Mintel for Cordials and Squashes in October 2012, there was increased demand for piano and low alcohol drinks in the coupled Kingdom hence showing that there was an increasing market for the Shoot as more, consumers preferred soft drinks. The third survey used in the secondary research was Fruit Juices, Energy & Juice Drinks mart Report 2013 that showed the preferences of the children aged between 1 to 15 years, the target consumer group. The surveys findings are essential for the marketers of the shoot to execute a marketing plan that carters for the childrens taste and preferences.

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Oswestry Mutual Insurance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words - 1

Oswestry Mutual Insurance - Essay Exampleare thought to be in a higher place industry average cost per policy. The result has been Omi financial solvency, but only barely. In 1991, the company decision-making parade was highly centralized. The growth experienced by OMI in the mid to late 1980s and the need to move around more responsive to the dynamics of the industry, top management decided to change the operating structure. In 1991, they reorganise into 6 sectional-regional profit centers. The branch offices remained at 68, each branch office reports to a specific sectional profit centre and sectional office. The sectional office is responsible for approving all policies written and deals filed done both branch offices and the independent agents located in that region. The head offices is suppose to puddle overall corporate policy and provide support to 6 sectional offices. The head office in Oswestry and the sectional offices were organized on a functional basis. The funct ional units in all locations are indemnity Audit, Underwriting, Sales, Claims/Losses, Finance, Human Resources, Loss Monitoring and Support. However, even though the operational structure was decentralized, most of the information function still remain centralized in the head office, which includes related planning, control, budget authority and decision- making corset at the head office. Computers were used, at first, for financial and statistical report production standard MIS reports included, profit/loss, operations, claim data, loss ratios, and

Conflict in the Central African republic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Conflict in the of import African republic - Essay ExampleThe number of people that need humanitarian assistance on immediate basis exceeds 2.5 million (United Nations). Innocent civilians are losing their lives in this conflict. Rather than being validating damage as a result of rebel groups fighting, these civilians are being purposefully killed because of their religious or community associations and for their identities. While the ex-Seleka victimize Christians, people that are the most vulnerable are the Muslims. More than a million people in the country have been displaced and the homes of many of them have been burned to deter them from locomote (United Nations). What is setting in is a de facto partition of the CAR between the Muslim and the Christian population. This withdrawal is setting the stage for conflict that might continue for generations. Capital of the Central African Republic, Bangui, has a ache history of lack of reliability of its public utilities. But sinc e December, the Red Cross has been rendering its services to heap up human bodies intact or chopped up. There exists a divide of two neighborhoods in the highway de France. Most of the dead bodies belong to people who have strayed too far in the wrong direction. derriere traffic is not allowed on the road so people do not have to mask the dead bodies and instead leave them to rot in the sun. The neighborhood toward the north of the line is occupied to the highest degree exclusively by the Christians as a result of massive killing or exile of the Muslims from the region.

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Rhetorical visual analysis Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Rhetorical visual analysis - Assignment ExampleThe distinction seems to be a product applied in the eject eye. According to the beliefs we uphold, bleeding is associated with pain and then in the on start the message that appears in the mind is that this person must be suffering. To ingest matters worse, the bleeding part is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, the eye. We all are very alert what we expose our eyes to. Therefore, it appears that the lady in the advertisement was reckless in applying the product to the eye culminating in the bleeding. To demonstrate that the eye is bleeding there appears the contrast of the colors. The product applied is brownish while the bleeding is reddish. This blood is evidence that there is pain involved.The advert reveals the major consumers of the products in question. A female has been apply by the advertisement to show that they are the major consumers of the product. The question that arises from is what if it were the consume r having the product tested on them. In addition, the use of a human subject arouses sympathy and pity. Hence, the message is relayed efficiently. The consumers of the product is also revealed by the predictable age group of the lady in question, she seems a vibrant and young professional who has the capacity to secure the product she applies.The advertisement sends the message that the Americans are not only concerned about human rights unless also animal rights. It also depicts that, America being a power to reckon with in question is concerned about the welfare of animals by regulating how animal subjects are used. Being a pacer in research such a move has influence worldwide. The advertisement has round sense of reality. This is because some scientists have been reckless in the use of animal models. It is important that as the humans try on modifying and developing products should weigh the impact of the products on the animals they use.The advert raises a lot of curiosity t hat leads to

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Journal Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 7

Journal - Assignment ExampleIn the stage, the two master(prenominal) characters, a man and a charr, atomic number 18 involved in a decision-making process intimately an emerge that keister affect their aliveness. Being both free spirits, they are both hesitant to admit that their life will inevitably change like the hills that look like white elephant that look out of send in the horizon. Because the said issue is of great effect to both their lives, they are continuously talking about it. The man wants the woman to do something but she clearly does not like it. But both of they do not verbalize such feelings instead they are expressing the opposite.The argument between the two main characters can be compared to the factors in life that can affect the decisions that people make. There are people who are like travellers and just depend on fate to lead them to their destinations. There are people who retreat active actions and make important decisions in life to be able to ac hieve their goals. The in the story still valued to have an easy travellers life but he is tattle the woman that he can accept her decision which ever choice she makes. On the other hand, the woman wanted to arrive at a serious decision but she is telling the man that she is raffish regarding the decision they had to make.The story captures the complexity of life. It also reveals a perspective that no matter how people wanted to have free spirit and leave everything to fate, at one point decisions are needed to be

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Design a Flowchart Wk.1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Design a Flowchart Wk.1 - Essay ExampleMost conflict in any situation involves communication breakdown to some extent (pp. 34). Its important to have clarity in ones life. In this case, the causation is obviously upset with the job situation. The informant wants to be a freelance writer, because the legitimate hinder of the author is the authors job. The authors current job is boring and thankless. There is not enough pay the author feels underutilized and underappreciated. Moreover, the author feels that the current work the author is doing is not purposeful. Having clarity is a positive thing, because one bath have more insight into ones activities and their meaningfulness. Since the authors work is not fulfilling, it is hoped the author can find more meaningful work, therefore. To the author, meaningful work means that the author would have the ability to choose what the author wants to do (in report, for example). The author would not have to do anything the author did not want to do. Work would consist of being fitting to work at a stay-at-home office, in the authors ideal life. agree to Bruner (2002), The capacity of an integrated or multistep process is determined by the portion of the process with the least capacity, or the bottleneck of the system. Thus, identification and fill-in of bottlenecks are important issues in process management (pp. 127). First, one must find out (or identify) the bottleneck. Obviously, the bottleneck has been identified as the authors work situation. The author wishes to do a job that is not problematic. In direct to solve the problem of the bottleneck, something obviously should be done. The author, therefore, has decided that the answer to this bottleneck of the work situation is to just now change jobs. Warren (2008) comments, The theory of constraints (TOC) is astrategy that focuses on reducing the influence of bottlenecks on a process (pp. 455). According to this theory, this management philosophy-the five foc using steps-can help to reduce the problems inherent in getting rid of a bottleneck.The bottleneck in process described here was that of this authors job. This author wanted to obtain new physical exercise that would be satisfying. Mainly, the problem identified was the authors dissatisfaction with current employment. Current employment would be replaced with a freelance writing job that would allow the author to spend less metre working and at the same time earn more money. REFERENCESBruner, R.F. (2002). The portable MBA. USA Wiley.Dettmer, H.W. (1997). Goldratts theory of constraints a systems approach to continuous improvement.USA ASQ tincture Press.How delays affect processes and change. (2009). Availablehttp//www.bizmanualz.com/information/2005/03/24/how-delays-affect-processes-and-change.html.Warren, C.S. (2008). Survey of accounting. USA South-Western College

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An Investigation into the Role of European Central Bank (ECB) in Assignment - 1

An Investigation into the Role of European Central Bank (ECB) in Conducting Monetary Policy for the Euro Zone - Assignment ExampleA number of preventions are present and could be implemented by European Central Bank. However, care has to be taken so as to deflect market disappointment as well as panic among investors.Monaghan proposes six monetary policy measures that screwing be implemented to save the Euro. First is Banking attest, which would involve ECB granting a banking license for the European region perpetual bailout fund. If this is implemented it would make it possible for ESM to borrow from the central bank and in so doing commence a lender of last resort and help those countries in difficulties but which are essentially solvent. Morrison argues that Banking license could be a way out in cases of credit difficulty but the impacts on the recipients could be disastrous in the long run and thus be making it less favorable as a method of saving the Euro. The second measu re is bond purchases which could happen by ECB buying bonds and this must be done on a large scale in order to make the desire impact and bring the costs of borrowing down. ECB has done in the past with minimal results being achieved. Scholars argue that the only way to ensure that the problem does not recur is to ensure that the bond buying is do permanent and unlimited so as to have an impact on the Euro. The third measure is three-figure easing which would be done such that ECB would buy bonds across the region with funds that are newly created thus causing a monetary stimulus. Lenza argues that there are a number of monetary measures for extraordinary times and quantitative easing is a good measure to save the Euro at this time. The fourth measure is a liquidity boost in order to allow more money to circulate in the economy. This as a measure is only good in the short term as change magnitude liquidity could lead to inflation and thus care has to be taken while using this approach.

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Arabic language in Qatar university Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Arabic style in Qatar university - term Exampleabic in Qatar University go out help in ensuring that educatees of business and other professionals will learn Arabic language and in turn it will motivate organizations to once again view Arabic as their official language. Another benefit of adoption of Arabic language in Qatar University is that the foreign students who study in Qatar University will veritable(a) learn how to communicate in Arabic language and this will help them in pursuing a c beer in Qatar and other Arab based organizations in which Arabic is the official language. For example, Qatar is so-called to be the host of the World Cup during the year of 2022 and this is attracting various foreigners to apply and set out for employment in Qatar (Bryant 1). In order to gain employment in Qatar and work as a team with the natives of Qatar, these individuals will be requiring learning Arabic. In order to learn Arabic they can gain admission in Qatar University which ha s adopted Arabic as the language for instructions. A third reason due to which it is beneficial to adopt Arabic as language for instructions in Qatar University is that this will encourage more Qatar based students to obtain admission in Qatar University. Due to this, they will find it easier to gain admission by passing tests that are in Arabic language. Many students in Qatar smash to obtain admission in Qatar University because the admission tests utilize to be administered in English Language. This is one of the reasons why there is only 1 native Qatar student in Qatar University for every 8 foreign students (Quartz 1). According to a study conducted by Ellili-Cherif et al. Qatari students fail to gain admission in Qatar University because the fail to exhibit the English proficiency required gaining admission in Qatar University (Ellili-Cherif 207).On one end there are several advantages of adopting Arabic language as the language for instructions in Qatar University, but at t he same times several disadvantage of this measure even exist. One of the

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Debate & MySpace Essay Example for Free

Debate MySpace testThe motion here today is that Social networking sites muckle actually cause more wound than good. We do non however deny the fact that in todays society, these affectionate networking sites do represent benefits to our daily life and also in the ever growing business industry. For example, it helps us connect with our love ones who be halfway round the globe, or even a marketing platform for business developers with its long consumer reach.On the other hand, what we argon affirming today is that despite it upsides, it can bring about MORE harm than good. It is an increasingly untenable fact, especially with the ease of access to the internet to virtually anyone, that these social media can engender more negative effects than good.This is Veronica, she go out be speaking about the negative effects that it ordain bring to our health and financial fraud.Secondly, Hema will elaborate further the effects on business attempt and personal risk.Thirdly, Nazrul will touch on the topic of productivity and cyber-criminal activities.Last but not least, Joshua will briefly wrap up about this debate.This is a 5-round debate, and we look forward to challenging our opponent in this controversial topic.Social networking sites are websites that facilitate communication between 2 or more individuals. When we are communicating with 2 or more individuals, many fail to realise that we are essentially place out information on ourselves out there on the World Wide Web.There are obviously a lot of privacy issues at hand when this happens. Im certain that the opposition will postulate that we have control of what we share over the internet, and we can prevent these issues from happening. Even if we are very cautious on what information we share, we still cannot prevent all forms of privacy violationfrom happening.An article on The withstander UK states that Facebook users are unwittingly revealing intimate secrets including their sexual orienta tion, drug use or political beliefs. A research shows that just by looking at a users Like activities, they can predict information about the user. Researchers are able to predict a users characteristics, race, religion, beliefs and political views with up to an verity rate of a shocking 88%.Even if we do do in controls, data on these sites are still accessible to anyone, especially those with expertise in the IT arena. A student from the University of Georgia is suing her university of $2 million dollar over the misuse of her Facebook picture. The University have pulled out a picture of her in a bikini from her social media account for a district-wide presentation campaign raising awareness on what not to do on social media. Incidentally, this student has set her privacy settings to only allow her friends to view her pictures.These examples here gives a fair indication of how our personal information can be accessed by almost anyone no matter of the measures that we took to prot ect our information. And if the opposition party would same(p) to argue that it is the users decision NOT to put anything on the social sites, then I think that it would be considered as NOT USING these social media sites in any slip of paper, and as such, would be irrelevant to the topic of today.Another issue that I would like to address today is Cyber Bullying. Cyber bullying is a very serious problem because its very offensive to younger generation psychologically and also physically. Most bullies dont think about what they put forward or do have an enormous effect on others. A very famous deterrent example sparked the attention of many people to realize that cyber bullying does have a very negative effect. The case of Amanda Todd shocked the world as she posted a video before committing suicide. In the black etiolate video, Amanda tells the world her story of years of bullying.I now would like to pass on to my fellow familiar who will go on to the second point.Cyber Bull yingAmanda Toddhttp//www.abc4.com/content/news/top_stories/story/Girl-Commits-Suicide-After-Being-Cyber-Bullied/qIO2h9LBhUaCEB_3oQlbzg.cspxJessica Laneyhttp//www.nydailynews.com/news/ study/social-media-blamed-teen-suicide-article-1.1218550Eden Wormerhttp//abcnews.go.com/US/bullied-teen-commits-suicide-posting-loves-haterz/story?id=15887174http//www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/mar/11/facebook-users-reveal-intimate-secretshttp//www.digitaltrends.com/social-media/student-sues-school-district-for-using-her-facebook-bikini-picture-in-school-wide-presentation/http//www.nydailynews.com/life-style/selfies-damage-relationships-study-article-1.1424830http//www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/internet-is-bad-for-kids-mental-health-237178.htmlIn Wake Of stripling Suicides, Ask.fm Faces A Myspace Problem

Financial Aid Appeal Essay Example for Free

Financial Aid Appeal EssayFirst year of college was very challenging to me until nowadays I was still wasnt ready for the courses that I chose. My goal was to obtain an a degree maybe, i havent stubborn yet, and then i wanted to transfer to a 4 year institute to obtain a B.A Degree. My educational goal was to be majoring in an unknown field to many.In Fall 2009 I chose courses I have since realized were too difficult for a first- m student and I became overwhelmed. Having had no prior take in with college-level life, courses, and exams. I was not sure what to expect and learned that my study techniques lacking, pass oning in poor grades. I as strong failed to attend the review sessions, did not seek assistance from my professor or tutoring help, and as a result I failed my courses.Due to these circumstances I have been rendered ineligible to receive financial back up. Without financial aid I provide be unable to continue my education because I cannot afford the cost of supplies, fees, transportation, and person-to-person expenses. Receiving financial aid will allow me more time to study properly. Without it, I will be forced to take time away from my studies in order to work. My academics are my first priority now and I realize I need to devote all of my time to them in order to be successful in the futureI recently evaluated my plans to improve my academic. I have determined the pursual points to be the keys to my educational success.1. I will balance the course choices better.2. I will manage my time wisely on academics.3. I will seek assistance with my coursework when I have difficulties. 4. I will maintain communication with my professors on a regular basis to ensure success in my courses 5. get laid classes C or better.I understand the expectation better now and I am doing well in my coursework this semester with currently all passing grades. I have made a huge service and I am determined to pass every class this semester. Although I have made expectant avails, without financial aid I fear I will find myself struggling to succeed erst again. I hope those of the financial aid committee who read this will give me a second base chance to help me accomplish my goals and reach success for the rest of my time at college.Thank you for allowing me the hazard to explain my financial circumstances. I look forward to hearing about your decision.Sincerely,Any correction/improvement needed? thanks

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Context - historical, cultural or social Essay Example for Free

Context historical, cultural or affectionate EssayThe level of efficiency of a literary regulate does not depend solely on the story, but also on the context of that specific stories. Some stories be unless powerful when they are set in a specific context, otherwise they would reach the effect that was wanted. This is exactly the case with adult female at Point Zero by Nawal El Sadaawi, and The Crucible by Arthur Miller.The Crucible is set in a historical time different then that of the author and the reader. In the 17th century battalion thought in different manners, and believed in different things, in this case witchcraft. If the work wasnt set in this context it could not have been so effective since because witch trials are no longer present, and the comp allowely story would be meaningless.Culturally it is important what people think, what and who people believe in. In the culture of capital of Oregon all the citizens were highly religious, and questioned everythin g not related to religion and beliefs. This is why they believed the girls when they were saying that the good spirits in their souls can detect the evil ones in other people, and never thought, even for a second, to question them.In a social sense this society was ideal, and perfect for the story. Their beliefs and their actions helped the development of the witch trials. In a small society the news of witch hunt would not have had been so important for other larger cities, then it was in the case of Salem.Albeit Woman at Point Zero is set in the similar time period as the reader is, historically it recalls earlier version of European society, when women were ruled by men, as it is in the Arabian society in the present. This means that although it is hard to understand for someone animate in a European society, if it was set in this society and the reappearance of an old historical period.The Egyptian culture is different then almost every outside of the Arab area, but it is ne cessary to make this work meaningful and powerful. It is clearly started from the beginning of the text that the men are always in charge, and never let the women make their own decisions. This only makes sense in a culture where it is the norm. In other areas it would be meaningless, which is why culture is extremely important.In conclusion it can be seen that story is not the only thing that make a work enjoyable and understandable, but also its context. Without them the whole book would move meaningless and no one would be able to make sense of it.

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Silver Blaze Essay Example for Free

Silver netherworld EssayWhat are the roles of Holmes and Watson within Silver Blaze and what is at that place relationship with each other? In this assignment I am going to look at the relationship between to characters that are two(prenominal) very hard to judge this is due to their roles and use in the storys created by Conan Doyle. Holmes and Watson are two characters, created by Conan Doyle. They live a very interesting and adventurous life. They have a great interest in crimes, which have been committed and enjoy solving them and understanding the criminals intentions. Watson is a retired medical who worked for the army and has a constituent of knowledge.After assumeing Silver Blaze I have crinkled that Holmes always natterms to be the reduce mind in solving the crimes, and that Watson is telling the story as though he is dictating it in his diary. It seems to stool the reader the motion picture that Holmes gives the orders to Watson, but non in a harsh way, he gives the reader the impression as though he is the leader. in any case when they arrive at the town of Tavistock they are greeted with great care, there is a carriage waiting to escort them to their hotel. The relationship between Holmes and Watson in Silver Blaze is clear.The freshman thing we can learn straight away is that both Holmes and Watson are both livening together and both also are always travelling together, this shows us that there relationship is strong, and we also can note that they never argue therefore there friendship is very strong. Also we know that not exactly do both Holmes and Watson live together but also work together. This makes it hard but soon enough also very easy to evaluate their relationship. This is because I could evaluate the relationship between Holmes and Watson if I was to read all the Conan Doyle books, which he wrote.I could judge the relationship easier, but the problem which I do brass is that Holmes and Watson spend so much time toge ther, there relationship is very strong and is visual sense more(prenominal) than I can talk about it through Silver Blaze. This is because from what I have read I see there relationship as two working scatterners, when I say partners I bastardly business partners. Also to show that the relationship of Watson and Holmes is very strong, in line 505 it shows Watson defending Holmes whos intentions are to eject this case I was about to make some reply in defence of my friend, when he entered the way again. Watson gives the picture as though he is Holmes sidekick. This is the image given by the writer to the reader, but if you deal reading the story and understand the characters you can learn that both men would not be as successful as they are, if they werent together. This is because the two men both have great knowledge and expertise in different sectors and fields and always needs the others opinion. A good example of this is when they discover the knife that was employ in th e incident in Silver Blaze Holmes turns to Watson for his medical expertise.This shows us that both men charter each others knowledge. For example, Line 122, Watson ask, One moment asked Watson. Did the stable boy, when he ran out with the dog, leave the door unsecured behind him? This allows us to see that Holmes requires Watsons help. We can tell this because of Holmes response is Excellent, Watson murmured my companion. The importance of the point struck me so forcibly that I sent a special wire to Dartmoor yesterday to clear the matter. This response tells us that Holmes requires Watsons knowledge.It also in a way steals Watsons clever work, ideas and his theory about the crime. This also tells us that Watson is not just a friend who helps Holmes by being with him, but Watson is an important part to Holmes cases, because of his knowledge. The writer Doyle gives us the impression that Watson is telling the story that makes the reader think that Watson does not play a major part in the case. A good example of this is Excellent, Watson murmured my companion. Murmured my companion, those three words tell us that Watson is telling the story.Also it also states Holmes and Watsons relationship, which is that the two are very close companions. Also I have noticed at the end of the short story Watson evaluates the story and the case after Holmes has explained the mystery and the puzzle of the case. Also a lot of the crime solving and puzzles are explained by Homes, the reason why I think this is because Watson is seen to be Holmes pupil. The reason why I think this is because all the explanation is done by Holmes and all the launch to the cases are done by Homes.As example of this is shown on the first page to the story, Holmes explains to Watson about him leaving, and thus Watson offers to come along, and once this is said by Watson, Holmes is very glad and happy that Watson has offered to come along. So overall I feel that his relationship between Holme s and Watson is very strong and powerful, this is because they have friendship, partnership and a lot of trust in each other. There partnership is also very successful because they both see each other as very useful, and are always happy to listen to each others views without disputation or disagreeing.

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Belonging Essay on Strictly Ballroom & the Sisters Anthology Essay Example for Free

Belonging Essay on Strictly ballroom the Sisters Anthology EssayAn individuals interaction with others and the world around them can buoy enrich or limit their experience of be. The intrinsic constitution of mankind strives for a sense datum of be this sense of belonging is fulfilled when one has reached a strong-arm or emotional affinity with an entity. Ones sense of belonging emerges from positive and negative experiences and nonions of identity, relationships, reason and acceptance. Moreover, positive connections allow one to feel security, acceptance and input meaning into their lives. In contrast, negative connections ar the reverse one may feel alienated, depressed and feel a need to create or deteriorate a personal or cultural identification. Positive and negative interactions, imparting an essential subroutine in influencing ones sense of personal, familial and social belonging is effectively explored in Baz Luhrmanns romantic comedy film Strictly ballroom (1 992) and the anthology Sisters. An authority figure, head of an organisation, expectations of conformity by followers negatively affects the followers or ones sense of personal belonging.Luhrmanns Strictly Ballroom effectively undertakes the exploration of this idea through the portrayal of the young non-conformist Scott Hastings struggle to win the goat god Pacifics competition by the pur admit of his own personal dance a rebellious action ensured to disassemble the natural order of the Australian Dance federation or ballroom dancing world, operated by the irritating Barry Fife. As Scott throws his polka dot t-shirt in a corner of the studio revealing a simple shirt underneath, this is a simultaneous suggestion of his breaking away from his old ballroom league with Liz and reliance on flashy clothes to self-express himself in ballroom dance further suggesting that his sense of belonging towards traditional ballroom dance has been shifted into feeling a sense of belonging towar ds his own personal dance. An pact on a partnership ensues when both Scott and Fran, a girl with a Spanish cover chargeground, share sympathetic desires to dance non-federation steps at the Pan Pacifics. However, Barry attempts to deceive Scott into dancing the traditional federation steps at the Pan Pacifics.He asserts We are hoping you will win the trophy that he could not. He wouldnt want me to do this, but Im begging you, dance with Liz. The natural lighting on Scott and his long-sleeved, loose cotton white shirt effectively capturing his youth and grace and illustrating a sense of immunity contrasts to Barry, as a dim light surrounds him and he is wearing aformal black suit that hints towards self restriction. Lurhmann has intentioned this to foreshadow what call of dance will prevail in the Pan Pacifics and to demonstrate the granting immunity that follows with choosing not to conform, and, to highlight the im equilibrate of power, encouraging audience empathy for Scott. After Scott does not see through the prevarication and familial belonging drives him into agreeing to dance federation steps instead of pursuing his own personal style in the Pan Pacifics he is inevitably affected in a way, as his sense of personal belonging received through his personal non-federation dancing is limited.An individual who has undertaken a carnal break into a more kindly image by another individual can positively influence their sense of social and physical belonging. This notion is effectively explored in Lurhmanns Strictly Ballroom (1992) through the portrayal of Frans progression from a meek unattractive woman into the ideal federal agency of a female ballroom dancer. Luhrmanns constant use of high power coolness when cinematography her on her parts by herself and the symbolic meaning of her glasses of meekness in comparison to the norm, fall on her little power. Frans unattractiveness as a result of her neglected like state makes her a representation of r eality in the unrealistic and fake world of traditional ballroom dancing reliant on flashy costume and heavy make-up, and is what successfully separates her from it.Therefore, as a result of her appearance, her sense of belonging is limited. However, pressures and expectations located on her to conform to the ideologies of ballroom dancing women instigate her transition from an unattractive woman into a more appealing woman, where she becomes no longer a representation of reality. Liz compliments Frans more appealing appearance You look lovely Fran. You have been using that Buff puff I gave you havent you? Second person device and rhetorical question is used to reveal to the responder that her physical transformation was a result of living up to the ballroom dancing pressures and expectations of conformity, and not an act from personal decision. deep down this scene, medium shot is simultaneously used to emphasise Frans now surpassing beauty than her elders and the shot positioning Fran of equal height to Liz, Les and Doug suggests that since now she is at a higher attractive level the balance of power is equal despite age, rank and gender. As they converse, the positive expressions on Frans, Les, Liz andDougs face and Frans open and confident stance illustrates that this physical transformation into a more appealing image has enriched Frans social and physical belonging. (These two paragraphs and conclusion done all in Biology)The restrictions placed on an individual due to the unavoidable interactions with others and parts of the world limits their sense of personal belonging and can be dealt with escape and interaction with the wider world. The nonfiction extract from Sisters, an Anthology, undergoes the exploration of this idea through the reflection of a narrators relationship with her two sisters, Mary and Phoebe and her best friend, Beth. The narrator articulates that the inevitable differing perspectives of her blood-related sisters lead to an incomp rehension which further leads to a state in their relationship where too much cannot be intercommunicate as too much hangs on whose version prevails. Hence, this imperfect relationship is contrasted with her relationship with Beth where there is not a sliver of difference between us and where I cannot imagine the life I lived before, a world without the most perfect of sisters to draw out the imperfection and forced nature in impairment of the bonds of sisterhood.She has an exile to enrich her sense of personal belonging that is limited at home and finds it with interaction with the embellish and experiences with the world. I had a life brimming over with glitter stories which I sent to them on the back of postcards of shinny harbours and bright reefs. They had drizzle and guinea pigs to bury, and dogs to drag out of the river. The positive connotation of shinny, sparkling and bright highlights a key and unforgettable moment of the narrators life to the responder whilst these wo rds contrary to death, maneuver her feelings of youth and vitality, and hence belonging, which is further contrary to the negative connotation of drag that relates to a restriction of pickaxe and images of death.Also, the great vastness, lighter colour and greater height of water of the reefs and harbours juxtaposed with the constraining nature, dullness of the river highlights her feelings of freedom and reiterates her vitality and hence again, greater sense of belonging. Overall, this reflects the narrators greater sense of belonging in interaction with the wider world, allowed from her exile, rather than the restricted space of sisterhood or unavoidable interactions with others.The initiation of family, appearance and expectations of conformity by the authorities and the world around them negatively and positively affects an individuals sense of personal belonging.

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Five-Year Career Development Paper Essay Example for Free

Five-Year C atomic number 18er Development Paper EssayEvery course of instruction millions of college students worldwide graduate from college in hopes of stupefying a position in their life story field of choice however a lot of these students do not have a blueprint of activeness to actually help them find their locomote and bring home the bacon their goals. So much emphasis is put on college graduates going out and finding a job, scarce little focus is put on helping them find a c areer. A five course of instruction career plan is a road map that allows for progress tracking, and information of solutions or alternate courses of action (Crump, 2009). From ain experience I have realized that the chances of achieving my personal and career goals are increased of I actually write them out as a plan. In this paper I provide address my career goals and objectives, my current knowledge and skills that I currently possess in my future career, the steps that I ordain take in order to meet my career goals, and any possible barriers that may rescue themselves in the path to me completing these goals.Currently I am a front desk clerk and personal flight simulator at seaworthiness Systems, a privately accepted fitness center in south-central Sacramento. Since it is a pocketable business and only consists of five employees, chances of promoting within the business are small. However I have used my experience from working the front counter and interacting with members of the gym, to help promote my presence of world a trainer. Also, working at Fitness Systems has allowed me to observe the procedures and responsibilities that it takes to run a successful business. Statistics show that most(prenominal) small businesses will fail in between 1-3 years from the initial startup time indeed I am trying to absorb as much information as possible so that I dont fall into the same category.In order to manage a successful career it is heavy to develop an exc eptional method of thinking strategically and exceptional execution skills. Building upon my skills in these areas will help me to achieve my long term goals. In all organizations, it is important that watchfulness sets goals for employees in accord with the goals of the organization. When I open my fitness center, unmatched of the main things that I want to stress among my employees (trainers), is unanimous communication skills. If management and staff arent on the same page, there will be an abundance of errors withinthe organization. If original skills are lacking within employees, it is the responsibility of management to identify these weaknesses and find a resolution much(prenominal) as training, to solve the issues.As a way to help kick start my five year career emergence plan, I have put together a list of some of my nearsighted term and long term career goals. My short term goals include improving upon my current skills as a personal trainer and gain experience in specific areas such as nutrition, so that I will be prepared to take on the role of being the owner of my own Personal Training Company. My personal short term goals include the following increasing my knowledge in anatomy, improve upon my ability to map out an effective workout plan for clients, improve upon my communication skills, obtain my business degree in management, network with other local personal trainers, and gain more give on personal training experience by be cured _or_ healeding more clients.My personal long term career goal is open a private fitness center that enables clients and their trainers to schedule one on one sessions in the center without having to worry about the crowds that usually plague commercial fitness centers. This goal will be achieved by the summer of 2012. My plan is to continue being a part time trainer for now, graduate with my BS in Business Management, enter and complete the MBA marketing broadcast at the University of Phoenix, and thus wo rk on opening up my fitness center.Owning a successful business requires that you build strong relationships with your clients/customers, their families, and the surrounding communities. Maintaining a positive stance and reputation in the community that you serve, determines if youre company will be successful. In order to promote myself within the community, I have created business cards that describe the renovation that I provide and my contact information. I have also spoken to the founder and CEO (Plashette Robinson), of a local ledger called the Sacramento Cultural Hub. Sacramento Cultural Hub is a Sacramento based journal that spotlights small businesses owned by minorities in Northern California.Ms. Robinson has agreed to post a small rollick aboutme in her journal. This feature will include a photo of me, current attributions to the community, my educational background, my career field of choice, and my opinion on different health/fitness related issues that are plaguing our society and communities. I feel that Sacramento Cultural Hub, along with my personal efforts, will help give me the exposure that I need to earn a good reputation within the community.As I mentioned earlier in this writing, actually mapping out a plan will help increase the chances of all objectives and goals being met. Below is a chart that displays my Five-Year Career Development plan on a year-to-year basis.Intermediate stairs Over the Next Five Years to Reach My GoalFor MeFor my supervisor/others who will support meYear OneFocus on domesticate and earn my degree in Business Management by March 2010.Feedback from my peers and professors.Year TwoComplete the MBA Marketing program at UOP. Attend courses for first time business owners and begin looking for high traffic locations for my Fitness Center. Network with various promotional outlets.Feedback from my peers and professors.Seek advice from the owner of Fitness Systems in regards to opening a small business.Year ThreeActiv ely recruit certified Personal Trainers in the Sacramento area. Open the Fitness Center in the summer of 2012. Network with other small business owners. Setup commercials spots with Sacramento area radio receiver stations.Network with friends and family in order to assist me with finding local certified Personal Trainers.Year FourContinue to actively recruit Personal Trainers. Continue promotion via radio and other outlets.N/AYear FiveConsider possible methods of expanding services beyond Sacramento.N/A*Five-Year Career Plan Chart template retrieved from mpiweb.orgRegardless of how well thought out a plan may be, there is always some kind of temporary barrier that may be encountered. In relation to my career plan, two potential barriers that I predict may take place are time management issues between my professional and personal life and a further downturn in our nations economy. Both of these issues can definitely cause a change in the objectives and goals for my business. However, the matter of time management can easily be tweaked if any issues shall arise and any issues in relation to the economy will have to be solved on a day to day basis. Both of the barriers mentioned above are vital, but they are issues that all small business ownerss struggle and deal with.In conclusion, I have shared my five-year career development plan. This plan will help assist me in achieving my career goals and at the same time help me in meeting some of my personal goals as well. Creating a development plan will assist in maximizing the potentials of an individual in the workplace. A career development plan not only helps to keep me motivated and focused it also helps in providing the confident tonicity that will in turn help me take charge of my career.ReferencesCrump, Jocelyn. (2009). Five-Year Career Plan. Retrieved July 30, 2009 from http//www.stc.org/confproceed/1994/PDFs/PG163164.PDFFive-Year Career Plan Template. (2009) Retrieved haughty 1, 2009 fromhttp//www.mpiweb.o rg/CMS/uploadedFiles/Career_Development/Five-Year%20Plan.doc

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Relational Calculus Essay Example for Free

Relational Calculus EssayIntroduction Procedural Query talking to doubtfulness specification involves giving a step by step process of obtaining the query resolvent e.g., sexual coitional algebra usage c in alls for detailed knowledge of the operators involved difficult for the use of non-experts Declarative Query vocabulary query specification involves giving the logical marks the results are required to satisfy easy for the use of non-experts professor P Sreenivasa Kumar, surgical incision of CSE, IITM. 1TRC a declarative query languageTuple shifting associated with a relation back ( called the redact relation ) takes tuples from the range relation as its respects t tuple variable over relation r with scheme R(A,B,C ) t. A stands for value of column A etc.TRC Query basic form t1.Ai1, t2.Ai2,tm.Aim allege calculus materialization involving tuple variables t1, t2,, tm, tm+1,,ts specifies the condition to be satisfied professor P Sreenivasa Kumar, Departm ent of CSE, IITM. 2An example TRC query student (rollNo, name, degree, year, sex, deptNo, advisor ) department (deptId, name, hod, phone ) Obtain the rollNo, name of all miss students in the maths Dept (deptId = 2) s.rollNo,s.name student(s) s.sex=F s.deptNo=2 attributes required in the resultThis predicate is true up whenever value of s is a tuple from the student relation, false otherwise In general, if t is a tuple variable with range relation r, r( t ) is taken as a predicate which is true if and only if the value of t is a tuple in r professor P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 3General form of the condition in TRC queriesAtomic expressions are the following 1. r ( t ) -true if t is a tuple in the relation instance r 2. t1. Ai t2 .Aj compOp is one of , , =, 3. t.Ai c c is a constant of appropriate grapheme Composite expressions 1. Any atomic expression 2. F1 F2 ,, F1 F2 , F1 where F1 and F2 are expressions 3. (t) (F), (t) (F) where F is an expression and t i s a tuple variable Free Variables Bound Variables quantified variables professor P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 4Interpretation of the query in TRC completely possible tuple assignments to the free variables in the query are considered. For any specific assignment, if the expression to the right of the straight mensuration evaluates to true, that combination of tuple values would be used to produce a tuple in the result relation. composition producing the result tuple, the values of the attributes for the corresponding tuple variables as specified on the left side of the vertical bar would be used. Note The only free variables are the ones that appear to the left of the vertical bar prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 5Example TRC queriesObtain the rollNo, name of all girl students in the Maths Dept s.rollNo,s.name student(s) s.sex=F ( d)(department(d) d.name=Maths d.deptId = s.deptNo)s free tuple variabled existentially bound tuple variableExis tentially or universally quantified tuple variables can be used on the RHS of the vertical bar to specify query conditions Attributes of free (or unbound ) tuple variables can be used on LHS of vertical bar to specify attributes required in the results Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 6Example Relational Schemestudent (rollNo, name, degree, year, sex, deptNo, advisor) department (deptId, name, hod, phone) professor (empId, name, sex, startYear, deptNo, phone) track down (courseId, cname, credits, deptNo) enrollment (rollNo, courseId, sem, year, grade) teaching (empId, courseId, sem, year, classRoom) preRequisite (preReqCourse, courseID) Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 7Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5Example queries in TRC (1/5)1)Determine the departments that do not have any girl studentsstudent (rollNo, name, degree, year, sex, deptNo, advisor) department (deptId, name, hod, phone) d.namedepartment(d) ( s)(student(s) s.sex =F s.deptNo = d.deptId)Prof P Sreeniva sa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM.8Examples queries in TRC (2/5)Schema2)Obtain the names of courses enrolled by student named Mahesh c.name course(c) (s) (e) ( student(s) enrollment(e) s.name = Mahesh s.rollNo = e.rollNo c.courseId = e.courseId Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM.9Examples queries in TRC (3/5)Schema3) occupy the names of students who have scored S in all subjects they have enrolled. Assume that all(prenominal) student is enrolled in at least one course. s.name student(s) (e)(( enrollment(e) e.rollNo = s.rollNo) e.grade =S)person P with all S grades for enrollment tuples not having her roll number, LHS is false for enrollment tuples having her roll number, LHS is true, RHS also true so the price reduction is true for all e tuples person Q with some non-S grades for enrollment tuples not having her roll number, LHS is false for enrollment tuples having her roll number, LHS is true, but RHS is false for at least one tuple. So the implication is not true for at least one tuple. Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 10Examples queries in TRC (4/5)Schema4) Get the names of students who have taken at least one course taught by their advisor s.name student(s) (e)(t)(enrollment(e) teaching(t) e.courseId = t.courseId e.rollNo = s.rollNo t.empId = s.advisor 5) ostentation the departments whose HODs are teaching at least one course in the current semester d.name department(d) (t)(teaching(t) t.empid = d.hod t.sem = odd t.year = 2008) Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 11Examples queries in TRC (5/5)Schema6)Determine the students who are enrolled for every course taught by Prof Ramanujam. Assume that Prof Ramanujam teaches at least one course. 1. s.rollNo student (s) 2. (c)(course (c) 3. ((t),(p)( teaching(t) professor(p) 4. t.courseId = c.courseId 5. p.name = Ramanujam 6. p.empId = t.empId )) 7. (e) (enrollment(e) 8. e.courseId = c.courseId 9. e.rollNo = s.rollNo) 10. ) 11. Prof P Sr eenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM. 12Problem with unrestricted use of NegationWhat is the result of the querys.rollNo student(s) ?Infinite answers Unsafe TRC expression Any expression whose result uses constants / values that do not appear in the instances of any of the database relations. Unsafe expressions are to be avoided while specifying TRC queries.Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM.13Expressive power of TRC and Relational AlgebraIt can be shown that both Tuple Relational Calculus and Relational Algebra have the same expressive power A query can be formulated in (safe) TRC if and only if it can be formulated in RA Both can not be used to formulate queries involving transitive closure find all direct or indirect pre-requisites of a course find all subordinates of a specific employee etc.Prof P Sreenivasa Kumar, Department of CSE, IITM.

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Stephen King and Langston Hughes - Perspectives on Good Writing Essay Example for Free

Stephen King and Langston Hughes Perspectives on Good Writing EssayIn How to Be a Bad author (in Ten Easy Lessons), by Langston Hughes, and Everything You Need to Know About Writing undefeatedly in Ten Minutes, by Stephen King, the reader is advised on a variety of writing topics. Hughes, a product of segregation and racism, uses biting humor and sarcasm to rail against bad writing, whereas King, a former instructor and a product of the counterculture movement, uses folksy charm to instruct us.King cleverly prefaces his advice with a self-effacing drool about learning to write in his sophomore year of High School. In essence, he says that if he could do it, then so can we, if we listen. King values brevity (remove every extraneous word) and warns us non to get on a soapbox and preach. King also has enormous respect for the process, from compose to submission etiquette, and belittles those of us who do not know the markets. In conclusion, he states, And if you listened, you can write everything and anything you want. It sounds temptingly simple, and that is Kings greatest success. He makes you believe.Hughes takes the gloves off in How to Be a Bad Writer (in Ten Easy Lessons). He scolds us with ten critical statements and leaves us to do the reverse engineering. Hughes places a premium on honesty, devoting half of his essay to that message. One example is, Never write about anything you know, your theater town, or your home folks, or yourself.Hughes attacks dishonesty, verbosity, and affectation with, Have nothing to say, but use a great many words, particularly high-sounding words, to say it. When you add Hughes instruction to use stereotypes of older stereotypes, his anger is evident. Sadly, Hughes race-related advice, if not some of his terminology, remains relevant.There is no universally correct way to be a successful writer and I find it comforting that neither author refers to his advice as rules or laws. King and Hughes concord given us v aluable reference tools to assist in developing our own techniques. It is up to us to choose how we will apply their advice.

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The Historical Progression of African American Essay Example for Free

The Historical Progression of African American EssayIn Unit One, purport for African Americans was transformed by Lincolns proclamation of emancipation. The amicable/cultural electric receptacle they approach was without frugal dependence, effective freedom would never be had. In reaction to that issue they chose to gain literacy, bod dispirited churches, and remain working for white-hot land owners. The outcome of that was the establishment of black churches controlled by freed staves, blacks were expert to be teachers, and sh arcropping agreements were made between white land owners and African Americans. In Unit Two, life for African Americans was plagued by violence and bullying. The political issue they approach was reform for the support of white supremacy. In response to that issue they chose to protest against segregation, discrimination, and disfranchisement. The outcome was the establishment of the organization National Association for the Advancement of Colo red citizenry (NAACP) which rallied for the equal rights and privileges of African Americans. In Unit Three, life for African Americans was leaning toward financial independence.The economic issue they faced was securing conk out paying jobs. In response to this issue they sought employment in the coerce and automobile industries. The outcome was the black owned businesses, Pullman porters, and fruit in the entertainment industry by air of the Harlem Renaissance. In Unit Four, African Americans became influential in the television and film industry. The literary issue that they faced was unbiased portrayal of their culture. In response to that issue African Americans became freelance writers and photographers.The outcome was the showcase of the able African American writers and photographers who achieved rose above the achievements of their peers. In Unit Five, the life of African Americans was ridiculed by the development in juvenile pregnancies. The religious issue they fa ced is abstinence is more spiritually moral than endure control. In response to that issue they choose use the methods that they saw fit to counter act jejune pregnancies. The outcome of that was a decrease in the incidents of puerile pregnancies.The historical progression of African Americans was accompanied by new found freedom, racism, and struggle for equal rights and opportunities. The Civil War was supposed to be justification of social and political freedom for all American born race. The end of the Civil War bought freedom to en slaved African Americans but the change in social status did not provide much relief for them be social movement they lacked economic dependence. The stopover from 1865-1876 was the most transforming period in history for African Americans.Emancipation freed slaves from whippings, the breakup of families, sexual exploitation, and invariable confinement. For African Americans freedom meant the right to travel without the permission of their whit e captors. The south witnessed a massive migration of freedmen as they traveled to reunite families and establish permanent homes. Politically, it became evident that emancipation and equality were not synonymous and that onerousness arose in a variety of forms. Political actions influenced an economic situation that was already bleak (Meacham, 2003).Prominent African American leaders fought the National Republican Party to secure rights promised by the Equal Rights Amendments and to glide by those rights into square independence for the freed tribe. However this would be difficult because of the numbers of newly freed slaves who were largely uneducated, highly migratory plot of ground searching for family or employment, and largely disorganized by centuries of oppression (Meacham, 2003). After the Civil War, the newly freed southerly blacks true many methods to obtain the freedom and equality that they had expected from emancipation. One much(prenominal)(prenominal) effort w as the Exoduster thrust.The Exoduster exercise was an attempt by Benjamin Pap Singleton, a former slave and new(prenominal)s to encourage migration of African Americans from the doddering south to Kansas. Singleton worked towards this goal within the black community in a variety of ways and developed support in the dominant societys institutions. Singleton saw the need to improve the material status of freedmen. In 1880, he told the Senate, My people want land we need land for our children and our disadvantages that caused my heart to grieve and sorrow pity for my race, sir, that was orgasm down, instead of going up that caused me to go to work for them. Because of the freedmen history of agricultural labor, land seemed the most advantageous need for their economic development (Meacham, 2003). Blacks remaining in the South after the war had few choices, so they had to continue to work for white landowners. Although they paid close to wages, whites wished to continue the o ld system of labor consisting of adjacent supervision, gang labor, and physical punishment. African Americans refusal to work under these conditions or live in the old slave quarters near the masters house, afforded them the task of erecting cabins on plantation land locate far away from the main house.Wages were at $5 or $6 a calendar month but in the year 1867 wages increased to $10 a month. Because African Americans fireed were able to farm separate sections of land, a rise in sharecropping developed. African Americans would tend the crops and split them with the white landowner at the end of the planting season (Davidson, Gienapp, et al, 2008). After the Civil War, educational activity became the main source of release from the psychical chains of slavery. During this cartridge clip there were many who had never experienced basic education due to the constraints of slavery.However, those who had been clear to formal as well as informal education established what was call ed Sabbath schools which were operated in churches on Sundays and by dint of the week. Religious denominations such as African Methodist apostolical, Colored Methodist Episcopal, and Black Baptist helped to educate freedmen because they knew that education was a form of eradicating illiteracy, poverty, and the degradation of slavery. Education was not just a strike against discrimination, but a means of gaining remark and dignity ( Butner, 2005).The anti-freedom gallery progressed and grew stronger. During the period from 1877 to 1920, the situation hardly changed for better. The discrimination of African Americans was ongoing. The 1890s was one of the lowest points for African Americans. Lynching increased, black voting suffered drastic restrictions, and special facilities were used to separate whites from blacks. This segregation was represented by signs painted with the words For Whites Only. African Americans from all walks of life began to fight tail against such discrim inations.Booker T. Washington tried to influence blacks to accept segregation but W. E. B. Du Bois believed that intellectual growth would be damaged if they settled for vocational training. Du Bois, not accepting of the discriminatory caste system incorporate by whites, also believe that blacks could achieve a better future if they fought politics to gain ballot and equal rights. As a result of protest against segregation, disfranchisement, and discrimination the Niagra Movement was formed in 1905.This movement sought political and economic equality for colored people. However, in 1909 a coalition of black and white reformers came together and changed the movement into the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) which challenged the legality of the Jim-Crow system of superstition and segregation (Davidson, Gienapp, et al, 2008). Black professionals identified the Achilles heel of white supremacy. Segregation provided blacks the chance, indeed, the imp erative, to develop a range of trenchant institutions that they controlled.Maneuvering through their organizations and institutions, they exploited that fundamental weakness in the separate but equal system permitted by the U. S. Supreme Courts 1896 decision in Plessy v. Ferguson. For all their violence, lynching, prejudice, and hatred, white supremacists could not exterminate black people. The white supremacists major(ip) goal, after all, was to maintain an exploitable labor force that would remain in a inferior place (Hine, 2003). However, in 1921-1945, the situation started to improve and the well-behaved right movement of African Americans had started to grow stronger.The 1920s were the period cognise as the Harlem Renaissance. As a result of the Great Migration of African Americans from South to North, their number of blacks in Federal states increased steadily. They had more opportunity to exercise their rights because oppression in the North was not as wicked as in the S outh. The cultural movement, known as the Harlem Renaissance, spread nationwide and became a powerful movement which proved that African American communities had the power and strength to achieve success in the US (Tolnay, 2003).Since the time of Emancipation in the 1860s, economic circumstance handicapped Baltimores Afro-Americans. They understood that advances in economic opportunities were crucial to other gains in social coming and civil rights. During the 1930s workplaces across Baltimore begin to yield such access and opportunity. Increased access and opportunities came in a wide array of industries. The strength behind the change be on the expanding black population. Ariving by bus, train, and by car, African Americans came to Baltimore in search of higher wages and to operate from the hedged-in experience of the deeper South.They came in search of greater job variety and greater political freedom. By the mid-1940s, Baltimore-bound blacks averaged lambert people each da y and as many as 300 per week. Drawn to Baltimore for the chance at something better, they more than doubled the citys African-American population in the forty years following 1910. Union goals and civil rights aims largely paralleled each other. Amid the talk of labor reform, a rights consciousness developed among blacks, supplying working-class militance with a powerful, moral foundation.War-time protests, such of the 1942 March On Annapolis, also emphasized the need for opportunities. For example, when white workers walked take away their jobs at Western Electric in 1943, in protest of the absence of worksite segregation, in pique of racial tensions many blacks progressed economically and occupationally. Beyond industrial work, blacks struggled through the 1940s. All of the 800 employees in the citys post worked as custodians or mail handlers. The municipal governing as well as many other city departments prohibit African-Americans from employment.By the early 1950s, most mu nicipal entities dropped their color bar, including the Baltimore City Fire Department, which appointed ten black firelighters in 1953. In the private sector, several important companies offered semi-skilled positions to blacks for the first time, including the Yellow Cab Company, which opened driver opportunities in 1951(Terry, 2004). In the post-World War II period, from 1946 to 1974, African Americans became major contributors in the television and film industry. African American actors and actresses were forced to accept demeaning roles or have no roles.However in spite of these demeaning portrayals, African Americans starved to see folks who looked like themselves in films and on television. During the 1970s, several African American families were introduced on American television with series such as The Jeffersons (George and Louise) and Good Times (James and Florida Evans). twain shows were spin-offs of Norman Lear programs The Jeffersons hailed from All in the Family and G ood Times from Maude. Two important components regarding these programs addressed are their overall societal harm and/or good and the different way, in which blacks and whites processed the programs contents.The widely popular Cosby try arrived in the 1980s, providing a stark contrast to the ghetto based comedies of the 1970s (Mastin, 2006). In 1964, Sidney Poiters acting endowment fund and skill earned him an Oscar, making him the first African American male to win this prestigious honor. Finally, teenage pregnancy has plagued the African American community for many years. The high rate of teen pregnancy among African-American adolescents and damaging consequences of premature parenting make it imperative that strategies be developed to address these problems.This oversight is tragic minded(p) that an early adolescent pregnancy often predicts the beginning of a rapid succession of unwanted conducts and that such repeat pregnancies have adverse consequences for the infants hea lth as well as for the mothers developmental, educational, and occupational well-being (Okwumabau, Okwumabau, Elliott, 1998) The period from 1976-present, several attempts have been made throughout the African-American community to provide programs and services to prevent this problem.However, some scholars and practitioners argue that such ginmill programs and services are doomed to failure when African-American communities lack the ability to name or build on the cultural integrity of that community. The continued high rate of adolescent pregnancy among African-Americans, despite extensive intervention and prevention efforts, brings to the forefront the issue of cultural consistency as a key ingredient in providing prevention programs (Okwumabau, Okwumabau, Elliott, 1998).The Let the Circle Be Unbroken Rites of transit program is a translation of the theoretical underpinnings of an Afrocentric conceptual model into a prevention program. It influences adaptation of socialisat ion processes observed in African cultures, which acknowledge that it is necessary to assist adolescents in the transition or enactment from childhood into adulthood. Rites of passage is a cultural experience which requires that ideology, education, training, and culture be taught prior to an activity or celebration marking the successful transition from one stage of development (adolescence) to another (adulthood).For example, young people in many African societies are involved in initiation and training experiences that can extend from a few days or weeks to several years. More often than not, the training is conducted by elders in the society and includes a period of total separation from ones family and community during which the young person lives alone or together (communally) with others who are also in training. The young persons return from the separation-back to her family or community-signifies the successful completion of a developmental process and the earning of the r espect of the community for having done so.This is the time that new responsibilities and privileges are given to the callowness The Rites of Passage program began in 1991 as a pilot project of the Memphis City Schools Adolescent Parenting Program. It initially targeted pregnant and parenting adolescents and was offered as an after-school program at the Comprehensive Pupil Services Educational total (CPSEC), home to the systems special program for pregnant and parenting students.The subjects that are covered in the Rites of Passage program are Knowing Africa increases awareness of global Africa, her geography, people, culture, beliefs, community, and family. Knowing Self and Others introduces participants, adult facilitators, leaders, and elders to the Rites of Passage program as a means of socializing youth for adult roles and responsibilities. Family register encourages appreciation of the African-American family, including its role and function from a cultural and historical p erspective.The History of African People increases basic understanding of the history and accomplishments of people of African descent. Family Life Education increases knowledge and awareness about family life matters, including human sexuality and how ones sexuality relates to responsibility, values, and respect for self and others. Spirituality The Journey Within increases understanding and awareness of the splendor of spirituality to well being. fetching Care of Self and Etiquette promotes understanding of the importance of total wellness, including physical, emotional, and spiritual well being and enhances understanding of socially acceptable (appropriate and inappropriate) behaviors. Housekeeping and Finances increases understanding of the overall management of a household, including financial planning, money management, and housewife skills (cleaning, grocery shopping, cooking, sewing, and mending).Values Clarification and Goal Setting develops awareness of the traditional va lue system that direct African people, and explores and begins to clarify individual values and encourages behavior, including life goals, that is consistent with values Conflict Resolution and fierceness Prevention increases awareness and understanding of violence, including the kinds of violence that are destroying AfricanAmerican communities and people as well as the cause and consequences of violence.It also illustrates that violence is preventable and that there are alternatives to violence. Creativity increases basic understanding of the contribution of people of African descent to the inventive arts as well as knowledge and appreciation of the creative arts, particularly those related to the history and culture of African people. X Life Management Time, School, Work, and Leisure develops skills to fitly manage ones life in regard to time spent at school, work, and at leisure.HIV/ support and Other Life-Threatening Conditions increases knowledge and awareness about sexually transmitted diseases and other health conditions (high tear pressure, homicide) that threaten the longevity of people of African descent. Communication increases awareness of the importance of communication skills. Assertiveness and leading increases awareness of the qualities of leadership, including those qualities shown by famous and/or high profile African-Americans, as well as the importance of assertiveness and leadership to ones growth and development.Career Development exposes participants to a variety of line of achievement options and the requirements for each career (Okwumabau, Okwumabau, Elliott, 1998). The Let the Circle Be Unbroken Rites of Passage program helped to decrease the incidents of teenage pregnancy among African American teenagers by providing them with knowledge of ancestrial heritage, self, family values, spirituality, and personal skills that influence them to make effective decision about birth control and sexuality which will not hinder them from s ucceeding in life due to teenage parenthood.Conclusion Lincolns signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in Unit One subjected African Americans to a life where economic dependence was vital in securing true freedom. The assistance of black churches enabled them recognize the importance of education in developing their own communities, securing employment, and gaining respect of white land owners. Although violence and intimidation was a part of the political reform of the Democrats in support of white supremacy, African Americans remained steadfast.Protests of social injustices such as segregation, discrimination, and disfranchisement, influenced the formation of the organization National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) defenders of the equal rights and privileges of African Americans. African Americans achievement of financial independence in Unit Three was dependent on securing better paying jobs. The migration from South to North and the Harlem Renaissa nce afforded them the opportunity of employment as factory workers, postal workers and government employees.The unbiased portrayal of African Americans in television and film in Unit Four support the creation of sitcoms and movies that presented the progression of blacks from demeaning roles to award winning roles that showcased their talents as award winning writers, photographers, actors, and actresses. The development of prevention programs in Unit Five, helped to decreased the incidents of teenage pregnancy by increasing community awareness. References Butner, B. (2005). The Methodist Episcopal Church and the Education of African Americans After the Civil War.Christian Higher Education, 4(4), 265-276. Retrieved July 20, 2009 from http//search. ebscohost. com. Davidson, J. W. , Gienapp, W. E. , et al. (2008). Nation of nations a narrative history of the American Republic (6th ed. , Vol. 2). Boston McGraw Hill. Hayes, J. (2009). Political-Cultural Exodus Movement of the People B lack History Bulletin, 72(1), 7-13. Retrieved July 14, 2009, from interrogation Library. (Document ID 1708145821). Hine, D. C. (2003). Black professionals and race consciousness Origins of the Civil Rights Movement, 1890-1950. The Journal of American History, 89(4), 1279-1294.Retrieved July 20, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID 322744531). Mastin, T. (2006). Color Television liter Years of African American and Latino Images on Prime Time Television/Representing Race Racisms, Ethnicities and Media. survey of Journalism Mass Communication Educator, 61(2), 218-222. Retrieved July 22, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID 1124893681). Meacham, M. (2003). The Exoduster Movement. Western Journal of Black Studies, 27(2), 108-117. Retrieved July 20, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID 828030721).Okwumabua, T. M. , Okwumabua, J. O., Elliott, V. (1998). Let the move be unbroken helps African-Americans prevent teen pregnancy. SIECUS Report, 26(3), 12-17. Retrieved July 2 1, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID 26859760). Terry, D. (2004). Dismantling Jim Crow Challenges to Racial Segregation, 1935 1955. Black History Bulletin, 67(1-4), 14-17B. Retrieved July 22, 2009, from Research Library. (Document ID 1379490521). Tolnay, S. (2003, August). THE AFRICAN AMERICAN GREAT MIGRATION and BEYOND. Annual Review of Sociology, 29(1), 209-232. Retrieved July 21, 2009, from Academic Search Premier database.

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Graffiti Art Essay Example for Free

graffito Art Essaygraffito is the art of regular people these people are not considered artists but the sadised joint of the populace. For most artists, gaining reference and selling their operates for high-prices is a life-long aspiration and for the most recognition doesnt happen before death. graffiti artists dont have these ambitions and from city to coast we can admit to admiring the aesthetic value and yett expressions that are portrayed by graffito artists.They portray quirky, humorous artworks and provide a political voice for the lower class people of the instauration. Largely emerging in the late 1970s and the early 1980s, Graffiti was the peoples room of expressing their feelings about anti-consumerism, anti-war, feminist and political issues. It is the art that has attitude and makes every climb up of a city an installation that brings people together and provokes thought about the world as it is.A largely popular quasi-anonymous graffiti artist that is sup posedly from Bristol, England is Banksy. As his artworks were considered criminal he ensured that his real shout was not discovered by the media and to this day remains anonymous. Inspired by local artists and the Bristol underground scene, Banksy initially employed freehand and stencilling techniques to create his pieces but later converted to stencilling entirely after realising how much less(prenominal) time it took to complete a piece (Wikipedia, 2008).He used graffiti to promote alternative aspects of politics from those promoted by mainstream media (Sewell, 2010) and provided a voice for people affected by political issues that could not express their emotions. It is highly debated as to whether graffiti is in fact art or vandalism with many people regarding the work of Banksy and similar artists such as Blek le Rat and Jef Aerosol as straight up criminal destruction. In regards to Banksys work being vandalism he states that Some people become cops because they ask to make the world a better place.Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place (Vidar, 2011). Though, to this day graffiti that is not approved legally is considered a criminal act that is punishable, instead of being seen as art brightening the bland streets of this world. Above Artwork by Banksy of a police officer snorting cocaine. Not only does Banksy regard his pieces to be artworks, Terrance Lindall an artist and decision maker director of the Williamsburg Art and Historic Centre also made a tatement about graffiti, he says, Graffiti is revolutionary, in my opinion and any revolution might be considered a crime. People who are loaded or suppressed need an outlet, so they write on wallsits free (Ciuraru, 2006) Despite the social and sparing status of the people holding these high opinions of graffiti art, be the lower class or even highly educated, Banksy remains an artistic fugitive in hiding and graffiti still remains illegal.Banksy is fund amentally a modern day, anonymous Andy Warhol that has the clear capacity to insult, irritate and mock, in the most educated way possible. He is the representation of everyone, he remains anonymous as there is no need to comely such an artist we would simply have to look in the mirror and we would find Banksy. He has the exponent to delve deep into the thoughts of common society and voice the feelings that people are afraid to exploit publicly, which makes him an unbelievably powerful figure.His artworks promote the underdogs, the suppressed mentality of an entire societal collective, the mentality of the corrupt and the moral adulteration that continues to spread like an uncontrollable wild fire. Even though Banksy is rebelling against not only the law, but politics and those in society who disagree with his creations he was also rebelling against the movements of other artists at the time.

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A Family Medical Pedigree Health And Social Care Essay

A Family Medical declination wellness And Social C ar EssayIndividuals inherit legion(predicate) traits and characteristics from their parents. The color of your eyes, hair, and body type erect e rattling(prenominal) be traced back to the genes passed on to you by your family. peradventure more important to your future well being than your outward appearance is the family checkup tendencies you inherit. The United States section of the Attorney cosmopolitan states that obtaining an accurate wellness history and recording it can give you and your medical supplier information you need for get around health (http//www.hhs.gov/familyhistory/).The Family Medical Pedigree is in addition called a Family Tree or Genogram (Olsen, S., Dudley-Br bear, S., McMullen, P. 2004). The Pedigree is a diagram showing connections to relatives going back at least three generations. At a minimum it includes date of birth or term, sex, and health problems (http//www.nsgc.org/).Once this informa tion is gathered and recorded it can be shared with medical providers and other family members to provide information needed to make sound health decisions (http//www.hhs.gov/famlyhistory/).Significant Health HistoryUsing the information contained in Jarvis (2008), the National Society of Genetic Counselors (http//www.nsgc.org), and Health and Human Services (https//familyhistory.hhs.gov/fhh-web/home.action), web sites I was able to construct by own Family Medical Pedigree. eyesight the information in print allowed me to easily determine the predominant disease traits in my family. Jarvis (2008), names item diseases or conditions to pay particular attention to including heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, blood disorders, cancer, sickle-cell anemia, arthritis, allergies, obesity, alcoholism, mental illness, rapture disorder, kidney disease and tuberculosis. In my Pedigree there is an obvious determination towards cardiovascular disease. Specifically five of my relatives run through had myocardial infarctions (MI), one MI resulted in death, seven had/have hypertension including myself, my paternal grandmother died from complications associate to cerebral vascular accident that was caused by untreated hypertension, and my father died of kidney disease which was directly related to defame caused by hypertension. My mother has hypertension and although fairly well controlled she has had an MI and suffers from a retinal vein resolution and macular degeneration which has resulted in severe vision impairment. Furthermore osteo and rhematoid arthritis is very prevalent in our family. In sum there is a strong maternal tendency towards hypothyroidism of which four females on the maternal side of the Pedigree have including me.Lifestyle Contributing FactorsIt is important to note that five of my relatives had lifestyles that contributed to hypertension and three of the five also suffered from an MI. My mother and father were heavy smokers for m ost of their adult lives, each quitting when the health implications became obvious. My paternal aunt was a heavy smoker until an MI which resulted in her death. Although obesity is a contributor to hypertension and heart disease, all of my relatives had/have relatively normal weights. My mother has sarcoidosis and was dynamically treated for a long time with prednisone which contributed to her vision problems. Important to note is that not only did my mother smoke but she also clear herself to countless hazardous chemical substances while working most of her life in kitchens. One would not moot a commercial kitchen as a hazardous place to work until you realize the cleaning agents that are used on a regular basis. My mother was and continues to be a cleaning fanatic and considers the harsher the chemical the better.Torpy, J. (2006) claims that there are many theories about how sarcoidosis is acquired including environmental exposure, and genetic tendencies. In addition to sarcoi dosis my mother has age related macular degeneration (ARMD), the American Medical Association (http// ama-assn.org) states (as cited by Haines, J., Spencer K., Pericak-Vance, M., 2007) that ARMD has genetic and environmental links specially smoking.Risks and Risk ReductionFrom reviewing my Family Medical Pedigree it is easy to see that I have inherited the tendency towards and the conditions of hypertension, hypothyroidism, and arthritis. In addition I am at risk for ARMD and sarcoidosis which also has genetic tendencies. My physician is very proactive and has taken my family health history into consideration in providing my commission. I have had an EKG and nidus test, laboratory analysis for rheumatoid arthritis and annually I undergo tests to check for kidney function and cholesterol and routinely monitor my blood pressure. I see an ophthalmologist every year and hope that by simplification my risk factors for ARMD such as not smoking I do not succumb to it. in the long run I am on medication for hypertension and hypothyroidism and I am happy to report twain are well controlled. Considering lifestyle I have never smoked, and try to stay as active as possible with horseback riding and working and playing with my dogs. Another lifestyle change I should consider is diet although I watch what I eat, I could do a much better job by eliminating saturated fats and losing 20 pounds.ConclusionThere are user friendly, easily handy tools available on the internet that can assist everyone to create and record their family health history use a Family Medical Pedigree. The information gained can assist individuals to make informed decisions about their lifestyle and medical care. Olsen, S., Dudley-Brown, S., McMullen, P. (2004) confirm Appropriately used, a family history generated pedigree can be one of the health care providers most powerful clinical tools for health risk identification and prevention(295).Even the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina M. Benjamin fe els that accurate family medical history is important enough that she has created the Family Health History Initiative. This initiative has do recording health information accessible to everyone by providing a free online site to create your own Family Health Pedigree (www.surgeongeneral.gov). In summary by providing a Family Medical Pedigree and working collaboratively with your medical provider for proper screening, treatment, and lifestyle change you can decrease your risk for inherited diseases and preserve health.