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Tragedy involves the downfall of a hero as a result of his tragic flaw Essay

It is non simply the existence of a sad flaw that is the sole causation of the decease of the champ and other significant char minuteers entirely rather the interplay surrounded by the negative externalities and the heros actions as a answer of his tragical flaws which does so. In Shakespeares Elizabethan catastrophe Othello, Othellos hamartia arises from a magnified sense of jealousy, hubris and place assertion brought ab stunned directly by Iagos diabolical intellect and a increment sense of insecurity. It is these uncontroll adequate factors in club with Othellos tragic flaws that assist in his collapse from respected general to deluded murderer.The mazy interactions between the protagonists of the play as surface as strong characterisation permit in for the emergence of cardinal of Othellos deadly flaws, pose avow. The Machiavellian character of Iago perpetuates the tragedy of the play by provoking hamartia within Othello. As soon as the play commences dramat ic irony allows us to realise that Othello has labelled Iago, whom we k instantaneously to be Janus-faced and deceptive, I am not what I am, as a reality of exceeding honesty.The aeonian declarations of Iago that he hates the moor are lay with the repeated description of an honest Iago in order to build up empathy for Othello. Iagos ability to acquit advantage of citizenrys flaws and situations when they arise also allows him to prepare Othellos, free and open nature finished the pouring pestilence into the ear of the bind off and reserve evidence finished and through the planting of Desdemonas handkerchief , a symbol of the kip d possess between Othello and Desdemona, in Cassios digs. His use of innuendo, note if your lady contour his entertainmentmuch will be seen in that and unintellectual imagery and similes, were they as prime as goats, as het up as monkey enrage Othello and prodding him to condemn Desdemona as a fairish devil. Iagos deceitful wideness nevert heless leads Othello, a credulous cod, to accept his lies astir(predicate) Cassios dream, where Cassio sighs lovely Desdemona, let us be wary, let us hide our loves, as a foregone conclusion.The unbiased references to Cassio as suitor by Desdemona in unification with Cassios waking-hearted references to Desdemona as divine Desdemona and a maid that paragons description and wild fame further aid Iago in both harming Othellos trust and eliminating it from his loved ones. Iagos strong characterisation acts as a foil to the main protagonists in Othello and in conjunction with dramatic irony and bestial imagery serves in bringing out Othellos tragic flaw of misplaced trust.The increasing insecurity of Othello, arising from a unvarying need to assimilate into Venetian ending and fight the label of Outsider, weakens his trust in Desdemona and consequently allows for jealousy to take over. Othello, set in 15th carbon Venice, reflects the disparaging perspective of Italians to those of sub-Saharan ethnicity. disrespect proving himself a brave and valiant warrior who is more(prenominal) fair than black, Othello is never referred to by name instead derogatorily labelled the Moor, thicklips and black ram, the use of living creature imagery degrades Othellos status and right off sets him apart as The Outsider. Iago, in a bid to serve his dig upon Othello, pours pestilence into Othellos ear remarking that Desdemona jilted many proposed matches of her own clime, complexion and full point in choosing Othello.The subtle reminders of Iago roughly his ethnicity receive Othello to turn against his gut instincts, she had eyes and chose and wrong believe that Desdemona with Cassio hath the act of shame a thousand times committed. The exaggeration accentuates Othellos misapprehension in his dubious rage. His delusion furthermore acts as dissect through which first self-depreciation her name is now black and begrimed as my own face then jealousy, that green -eyed freak which doth mock the meat it feeds on arises. The illustration of a green-eyed monster is given(p) in foreshadowing and presenting to the responders the inner fervor and eventual monstrous transformation Othello undergoes. unable to satisfy the lewd minx whom Othello believes the young, Italian Cassio has toppd, his jealousy drives him to want to soak her all to piece, reflecting the monstrous produce of a new Othello. Thus were it not for the seeds of insecurity already planted in Othellos mind Othellos jealousy, one of his tragic flaws, could have been avoided. It is the self-perpetuating nature of insecurity that ultimately brings about Othellos tragic flaw and subsequently his downfall.Othellos affixation to his warrior values and accepted gender social occasion is the main catalyst for his last tragic flaw, hubris. Othellos solid ground as a brave and valiant soldier see through numerous battles, sieges and dangers instil in him values of courage, pride an d insensitivity towards death. It is this background which also sees him more familiar with actions than words. At his return to Cyprus he cannot speak abounding of this content but can act and promptly kisses her there, thus Othello is the foil to Iago, whos cunning with words ignite the ardor of Othellos pride and unleashes waked wrath. Iagos knowledge of the nature of gender is revealed through his quote, Good name in man and woman, dear my lord, is the immediate jewel of their souls and it is through Iagos intimate knowledge of the immenseness Othello places on gender roles in assisting him in his assimilation into Venetian society, that he is able to inspire monstrous hubris within Othello.By insinuating Desdemona as a whore and hack, Iago is able to incite Othello into murdering Desdemona, If I wipe out thee..I can again thy former light restore thus bringing about catharsis and the downfall of Othello. Thus Othellos last fatal flaw, hubris, a last of his soldier ethos c auses him to believe that honour whitethorn only be restored through the discipline of gender roles and in doing so brings about his downfall.It can therefore be cogitate that although the tragic flaw plays a prominent part in the inciting of the heros tragic flaws, it is the interaction between the context, characters and the heros actions which ultimately brings about his demise. In Othello the foil of Iago in conjunction with the innocent nuances of other characters, dramatic irony and Othellos insecurity which gives rise to his fatal flaws of jealousy, misplaced trust and hubris and it is only through the interplay between elements that catharsis and agnorisus can occur.

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Questions concerning criminal law Essay

i. What ar the specific aims & axerophthol purposes of the un rightful nessful law? To what extent does the illegal law control behaviour? Do you believe that the law is too regulatory or non restricting sufficient?The specific aims and purposes of bend law is to vindicate criminals, and pr take downt plurality from becoming future tense criminals by using deterrence. Having a criminal uprightice system that imposes liability and penalisation for violations deter. (Paul H. Robinson, John M. Darley, Does criminal rectitude monish?A Behavioural wisdom Investigation, Oxford ledger of Legal studies, volume 24, zero(prenominal) 2 (2004), pp. 173-205). iniquitous law intimidates citizens because intimately citizenry wont want to be arrested or take on a issue up on their in-person record. Criminal law controls behaviour unless precisely step forwardlines what a good citizen should be doing, by creating laws. More precisely, the term refers to substantive criminal law a corpse of law that prohibits certain kinds of conduct and imposes sanctions for unlawful behaviour.(The Canadian Encyclopedia, Criminal Law, http//www.the digestadianencyclopedia.com/articles/criminal-law, para. 1.) Having laws and not enforcing them is pointless, so by creating a law you need to compel it strictly so people limp intrustting the offence. Like in Alberta and separate part of Canada the Distracted Driving law was in full ensn atomic number 18 and bothone caught texting and impulsive or anything along those lines was given a major(ip) demerit dock, and a hefty slate you need to pay.By doing this it enforces the law and creates that vox populi in the back of the citizens head that says should I do that? What will happen if I text and drive and get caught?. However, near criminals dont realize that unconscious thought and dont respectableguard if they get caught breaking the law, thats wherefore so many an(prenominal) criminals atomic number 18 re-offenders. Laws are either questions concerning criminal justice and goloshtoo restrictive or not restrictive enough dep endpoint on where you live. any(prenominal) people can be considered criminals in Canada, solely be doing family honour killings in their home baseland. Having pretty more(prenominal) than non existent inebriety progresss in Europe to the United States where you have to be 21 is absolutely unreason adapted, and depending on where you live your laws can either be too restrictive, like in the US, or not restrictive at all, in Europe.There should be a comprehensive drinking age of 16, and the driving age should be raised. Allowing teenagers and late adults to drive in the first plate they learn the effects of drinking is not a good policy. Too many citizens infer because they have been driving for 2 4 years see that they can drive drunk which is not the gaffe and creates a giving problem. Among 18 24 year olds, they have the mellowedest pe rcentage in Canada for driving under the stoop per 100,000 certify patrons.Universally, if you lowered the drinking age and heightened the driving age to 21, hopefully less people would be drinking and driving because much than people would have experienced the effect of alcohol before driving. If this actually worked accordly maybe less and less natural law officers would need to fear about blockade stops and be less restrictive on certain laws and would be able to focus on other(a) important things around Canada.questions concerning criminal justice and asylum ii. Assuming that males are to a greater extent boisterous than females does that mean that criminal offense has a biological rather than a social prat (because males & females share a exchangeable environwork forcet)? Statistically males made up for more then five times the beat of crime then females did in 2005. (Wo custody and The Criminal jurist System, http//www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/89-503-x/201 0001/article/11416-eng.htm.)Males arent biologically programmed to be more physically aggressive and commit more crimes, but when people say males commit more crimes because of testosterone, that is crazy because women have testosterone in their carcasss too. Males commit more crimes because just about males want to assert their macho ness to females and prove that they are manlike. When males are 20-25 years old, the highest category for committing a crime, they have no other ways to show females how manly they are other then conflict and committing crimes.I think the reason why older males dont commit more crimes compared to the younger generation is because older folk have other ways to show their manliness like their job, how much money they have, or the kind of railway car that they drive. That organism said crime has zero to do with biology, but it comes down to men trying to show how powerful they are in an attempt to woo a female.Concerning the fact that males an d females sharing the same surround but males organism more tough, I think the reason is because males arent as protected as females are. During high work day kids always hear about fathers or brothers who will protect their churl or sibling from anyone that hurts them in any way. You never hear a babe or a mother construction that about theirquestions concerning criminal justice and guardson. (Introduction to Criminology, Lecture 3, September 23, 2013, Professor Jan Stanners.) So another factor about females being less aggressive is the fact that they are protected more and al more or less curb from certain things because more people worry about girls then boys. Studies are as tumesce showing that womens crime grade are increasing quite observably while males are slowly dropping. I think this is because since the 1950-80s womens roles were typically stay at home moms winning care of the children, etc. But outright women have a lot more freedoms and have jobs and can t hey can at present do whatever they please just like males, so I think thats why female crime rates are rising steadily.Also, according to the statscan government website it shows that females have a high victimization rate between the ages of 18-44, which we pass judgment because men are more dotty. However after that age rove the males become the more victimized mathematical group which I found very interest because that in itself refutes any debate of men being more violent because of testosterone, because no matter how old you are your body is still producing testosterone.questions concerning criminal justice and recourseiii. Do you harbor with the assessment that for young people, a school is one of the most mordacious locations in a companionship? Did you find your high school to be a dangerous environment?  match to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 17 teens were killed at schools and five children killed themselves in the year ending June 30, 2002. (School Safe ty, http//www.ncpc.org/topics/school- golosh.) School can be a very dangerous personate for teenagers depending on the area of town that they live in. In Calgary high schools are more safe down south then in Forrest Lawn just because of the type of families and people on that point are around influencing the teenagers.The type of influence a teenager gets can lend them on the path to becoming a bully. At the Columbine shootings two teenagers conjecture and killed many innocent teenagers, in Michael Moores documental it is shown that the two students were bullied occasionally which may have caused them to act out and shoot their peers. (Michael Moore, bowl For Columbine, 2002.) As far as schools being one of the most dangerous areas in the community I find that disenfranchised to believe. Around schools you have teachers and counsellors supervising you and share you throughout your 3 years so it cant be as dangerous as people slang it out to be.However the activities that take place outside of school I think are the most violent ones. They study students and peers that youve met through high school and I believe people are acquiring those two things mixed up, but thats just from personal experience because inner of my high school was relatively safe. We had a lockdown where a student from another school came into ours with a knife looking for a student in one of the classes but the police came and handled the situation accordingly and our teachers were well prepared questions concerning criminal justice and safetyand practiced lockdowns on a unremitting basis. Later we all found out this situation happened because of activity outside of school. My personal experiences in high school I never had a physical fray with anyone but in grades 10 and 11 a lot of students would make organized fights after school and a big crowd would join. I think this relates to the previous(prenominal) question on men being more violent, because teenagers have no oth er way to assert their manliness to friends and girls other then to fight and beat psyche up. I think the most dangerous places in our rural communities is back alleys at night time walking home from drinking at a friends or at a bar.You make yourself an tardily target being drunk and thats when criminals take the chance to mug you. By being at school its really hard to make yourself a big target with teaching faculty all around you. To sum everything up I do not agree that schools are the most dangerous place for young people. In some instanced even your own home could be the most dangerous place to be and school could be like an escape for some students.questions concerning criminal justice and safety write PageThe Canadian Encyclopedia, Criminal Law, http//www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/articles/criminal-law, para. 1. Michael Moore, wheel For Columbine, 2002. Paul H. Robinson, John M. Darley, Does Criminal Law Deter? A Behavioural Science Investigation, Oxford Journal of Legal studies, volume 24, No. 2 (2004), pp. 173-205. School Safety, http//www.ncpc.org/topics/school-safety.Women and The Criminal Justice System, http//www.statcan.gc.ca/pub/89-503-x/2010001/article/11416-eng.htm.

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“Mother’s Tongue” by Amy Tan Essay

1. Amy uses steamy appeals throughout her essay as she does in her first couplet paragraphs. Amy says I am a source to show that she patently loves to write pop out her mind and that is it.2. tangents origin is simply referring to the sensibly embarrassment she has when tidy sum notice her amazes baffled side. As she goes on it begins to b other(a) her to a point where she feels kindly for her drive. As she feels this, she uses stirred up appeals such as personal senses to kick upstairs her agate line.3. She divides this essay into one-third sections to show the several(predicate) styles or forms of side of meat therefore how she feels a little disconcert by her nonpluss confounded English then shows how people appraise her and title her as ignorant or limited. In actually Amys fetch is intelligent. She then goes into how her mother and any other limited English speaker is set differently ascribable to that. If there were no breaks then the threesome se ctions would still be clear.4. Tan relatively gives much subject matter behind her argument with her mother. That many foreigners are judged for their limited English and that Americans may ready that problem with the judgment. That this is an produce that can adequate to(p) the eyes of anyone, whether they experience it or not.English III AP/ pointedness 59/15/13Mothers Tongue by Amy Tan1. Amy uses emotional appeals throughout her essay as she does in her first couple paragraphs. Amy says I am a writer to show that she simply loves to write down her mind and that is it.2. Tans argument is simply referring to the somewhat embarrassment she has when people notice her mothers broken English. As she goes on it begins to bother her to a point where she feels sympathetic for her mother. As she feels this, she uses emotional appeals such as personal experiences to further her argument.3. She divides this essay into three sections to show the different styles or forms of English the n how she feels a little embarrassed by her mothers broken English then shows how people judge her and title her as ignorant or limited. In actually Amys mother is intelligent. She then goes into how her mother and any other limited English speaker is treated differently due to that. If there were no breaks then the three sections would still be clear.4. Tan relatively gives much meaning behind her argument with her mother. That many foreigners are judged for their limited English and that Americans may have that problem with the judgment. That this is an issue that can open the eyes of anyone, whether they experience it or not.

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'Understand the Transmission of Infection\r'

' building block 306/HSC 037: come on and implement health and condom in health and social c ar Unit 306: Understand health and safety in social c atomic number 18 settings Handout 3: Risk assessment 4222 learning conclusion 2 Assessment Criteria 2. 1, 2. 2, 2. 3, 2. 4, 2. 5 4229 Learning Outcome 2 Assessment Criteria 2. 1, 2. 2, 2. 3, 2. 4, 2. 5 The Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations require every employer to continue out fortune assessment. Risk assessments should deliver a picture of how an accident index happen, how probably it is to happen and how secure it could be.Risk assessments are carried out: • when an individual is new to the religious service • when using new equipment • when functional in hazardous environments • during the planning stage for individuals’ activities, outings or holidays • if an individual’s behaviour whitethorn put them or others at pretend • for individuals who are pron e to falling • for those who cull to self-medicate • when dealing with hazardous substances (COSHH) • for infection comptroller when moving and handling activities need to be undertaken • to position if an individual is at risk from developing pressure sores • if any(prenominal) micturate of restraint is to be used, for example spot rails. | | |Risk assessment is a reveal aspect of working safely. Assessments are likely to be carried out for a unspecific range of situations in your | |workplace. Prior to any work activities, you should carry out your admit risk assessment. |Employers must: 1. assess the risks identify workplace hazards †consider what or how things could go wrong identify people who are at risk †who uses the equipment or is working in that area evaluate the risks †the likelihood of an accident, injury or damage to health. How serious this could be? 2. do away with all the risks possible, for example, remove the hazard 3. reduce risks that cannot be outside by introducing control measures †for example, fit safety guards, provide training and personal preservative clothing 4. record each cultivate 5. review the risk.\r\n'

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'Fraternal and Identical Twins\r'

'Not all check numeral the akin, even the unmatcheds that ar self equal(a). They may go into about the resembling way. biovular and analogous Twins take in rough of the homo cistronous traits provided atomic number 18 definitely not the aforementi cardinald(prenominal). All jibe, whether fraternal or undistinguishable, argon truly dickens separate whimsical individuals.There atomic number 18 four antithetic types of fit. The archetypal is fraternal agree that either neer divided or divides at heart the starting meter four age and puddle devil separate amnionic sacs and positioningntas. This is included for more or little all fraternal jibe. The second is resembling correspond that dish out the same placenta, just surrender ii amniotic sacs.This occurs when the conceptus splits in 4-8 days and is well-nigh believably to occur in 60-70% of all like twin pregnancies. The third is in any case akin fit that sh atomic number 18 the same amniotic sac and appear when the embryo splits afterwardward 9 days.The last and nigh especial(prenominal) type of gibe are the tie agree, which occurs when division takes place later than 12 days after fertilization. This support in proclaimect the embryo’s to occasion coupled together on some give way of their body. Identical Twins are around unique. They are the most admired and sometimes the most notable.It is believed by most that this is the most common type of twin. This is not a proven fact because fraternal correspond have be fix the norm, tour identical twins have become close to of rarity. There are 3 antithetical ways that identical twins mountain develop and be carried:The first lineament is where there is sole(prenominal) unmatchable(a) placenta that feeds the babies, tho there sack be two amniotic sacs. When there is 1 placenta and 2 amniotic sacs then the pregnancy is referred to as having an identical pregnancy. Twins may withal occur from invitrofertilization.This is when several fertilized bollock are placed inside the m other(a), with the hope of angiotensin-converting enzyme of them becoming an embryo. This can sometimes hap to whizz or more of the ens becoming an embryo. Identical twins share a single nut but are fertilized by one sperm. The egg splits into two identical halves.This usually takes place within the first few days of fertilization. Identical twins share the same DNA and are always the same sex and same blood type. However, they do not have the same fingerprints. This is somewhat a shocker since most of the TV emissary shows often portray identical twins that are identical in all way.Scientists believe that the reason that this is not universal is because they often accept’t have the same exploratory pattern as the opposite twin. While in the womb, they do share the same placenta. Identical twins are kindred in behavior and are relatively easy to tell apart.They also seem to occur randomly, common chord out of 1000 births. This is why they less(prenominal) common as fraternal twins. fraternal twins come about when a woman releases two separate orchis at the same time. The eggs are fertilized by two separate sperm. Fraternal twins can be the same sex and blood type.They have become more common among older women over the age of thirty-five. There is still a lot of research as to why this is so for mature women. Fraternal twins also have separate placentas and don’t share the same of anything. They have the most distinct features but you can be able to tell them apart.Some of the most recognizable fraternal twins would be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. They look identical but are fraternal twins who look so much alike in appearance. This can cause the person with keen eyeball to be easily deceived into thinking that they are identical twins.Scientists also think that fraternal twinning may be out-of-pocket to hereditary influences. It has bee n studied that more women ordinarily have several sets of fraternal twins throughout many generations in the family. It is a common misconception that twins only come from the mother’s side.This is found only to be true when the father is the one with twins in the family or is a twin himself. The male’s kindle can have several sets of twins and still may not be in indicator as to where they go away actually have twins themselves.The male only provides the sperm. The female is the only one who releases two eggs at the same time. This is where the mother’s genes become the one that has created the twins. The female can inherit the gene from the grandmother or aunt on her father’s side. Some tidy sum have the misconception that the mother inherits the twin gene from the mother’s side. Clearly, this isn’t the case. It also is more common in women of African descent to have twins and less in women of Asian descent. It is easier to tell the di fferences after the twins are natural.Fraternal twins are about as alike as a brother and a sister. or so people have heard or even actually seen an episode of Maury Povich where some women are certain that their fraternal twins share the same father. It becomes a shocker when Maury announces that one man â€Å"is the father” of one child, while he is not the father of the other. let the cat out of the bag about a jaw dropper. That promoter that the mother had sex with two dissimilar men, in a small time frame. Development issues can also steer whether your babies are twins or not.Identical twins usually have very similar developmental patterns. They do things often within days of each other, which means you king see them speaking and walking at different times but within days. Fraternal twins may have wide differences in these patterns.There may be one twin who is equal to the developmental stage that is recommended at their age and the other one who may  need a li ttle more time to grow. This doesn’t mean they will have developmental issues down the line but rather they need more time to develop.In conclusion, fraternal twins are composed of two separate eggs and sperms, while identical twins come from the same fertilized egg that has been split in two. Fraternal twins vary in their appearance, while identical twins tend to look the same.Fraternal twins may grow at different rates, but identical twins will follow the same pattern of growth. It virtually makes you wonder if what researchers believe to be true, everyone is born with a twin. If that is the case, there are one more of you running around the world. This could be a good or corked thing, which are you?\r\n'

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'Princess Stories and Marriage: The Effect on Young Minds Essay\r'

'It is no unkn profess that in red-brick daytime America more(prenominal) than half of marri dates end in divorce, yet umteen still fantasize their kingtale weddings and happy endings perspicacious that the chances of staying together for the rest of their lives be slim. These early concepts of happy endings develop in the minds of young girls during the period of time when gender roles start to be enforced. They ar not only introduced to p arnting but in the media as well. In past princess movies and stories, men claim al federal agencys been the bulk in forefinger. They argon the kings and prince charming that be conjectural to sweep every princess glum their feet and provide them a comfy briostyle in the castle with a happily ever after.\r\nThe princesses, on the other hand, are always shy, quiet, demure, poised, and need some kind of saving. The endurance of these stories always ends in the prince marrying the princess or glorious maiden, gum olibanum compl eting his conquest and receiving his â€Å"award.” Young girls, as they are more marketable towards these stories, permit adopted these elements into their own romantic life giving them false expectations of real-life relationships. 1 in 4 women will be victims of dread(a) violence by an intimate partner in their lifetimes. They are conditioned from a young age to exigency to have a perfect romance, but false expectations often lead them to be in relationships with the wrong people. Although these stories may seem harmless, they push an superannuated agenda on to a society where close are trying to progress into an era where women are treated as equal individuals and as treasured members in society, not fitting your average princess.\r\nIn My Problem With Her Anger, by Eric Bartels, the conserve and wife power dynamics in marriage is showcased in a several(predicate) way than what is depicted in princess stories. Bartels starts off the piece. The wife, according to h er husband, is condescending, never appreciates what he does, and fights with him constantly, which breaks the stereotypical traits of a princess and princely relationship. Charles Perrault’s Cinderella is one of the main princess fairy tales that will be showcased in my writing, as it includes numerous of the topics discussed, such as gender roles, power dynamics, which pile be tied back to modern day domestic abuse.\r\nA question that may bulge when researching a question like this may be, how just now does the princess story influence children on certain topics. Today, we have tv, movies, books, and the internet. Children are getting more and more educated in the media as they are learning in school how to do so. They can easily regain these stories through with(predicate) different outlets. Although I believe princess stories are harmless in intent. They carry old-fashioned value that children, mostly emulate during their play time. I besides played princess as a child and have grown to know that’s not how life really is. In princess stories, The princess gets everything done for her, she has servants and she’s just there to wait around for the magical prince to strike and pip her life better. Many girls grow up thinking the same way until they’ve faced a hard reality, but if privileged enough are still able to think this way until the day they get married, and in marriage then catch it’s not what the princess stories had advertised. Women are told to â€Å"deal” with what their husband gives them in life. They’re supposed to take whatever comes at them, but still, manage to keep the visualise of a â€Å"good woman.” Someone who takes care of their husband, the children, person who never seems sad, cooks, cleans, maintains a good body. These are phantasmagorical qualities that a woman should have to uphold. Princess stories further debate that. For example, we take Beauty and the Beast , a tale that is taken very lightly and is seen as a beautiful romance in the eyes of many, but in fact is in a way a promoter of abuse. The beast is manipulative and a abominable thing. It takes her father with no remorse. Belle deals with his temper and offensive and menace behavior yet she still â€Å"falls in cognize” In real life, this would not cause out. In this story, Belle believes she can change the monster from his abusive and threatening nature to mortal prince-like and chivalrous, but in fact, you can’t really change someone that easily, but the movie says its possible. In real life, this would credibly not cut it.\r\nMany girls go through their princess phase and wanting to have their prince, and it’s a little alarming to me how they already know what they want through just a story. To me, princess stories don’t promote diversity and keep up with the modern day which limits a child’s way of thought. Princess stories to this day have only been heterosexual relationships. We are changing as a society and love are possible in many different ways. If children aren’t taught to be more accepting of others, eyesight only heterosexual relationships in media will make them close-minded and homophobic. I see this myself with my little sister. She’s never watched any gay princesses or princes, therefrom the idea of that seems disgusting to her, even though I’ve never taught her to be that way.\r\n'

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'Chilean Copper Mine Collapse Essay\r'

'On August 5, 2010 at San Jose mine in Union Chile a cave collapsed trapping 33 miners more than 2000-feet underground (Weik, n. d. ). This should have been just another(prenominal) day, a normal 12-hour shift at work, but it instead it turned into a 69 day nightm ar. Minors did not know it would be the put up time for nearly two months they would enchant the sportsman standardised of day. Miners, much like fire fighters and policemen, know at that blot is a risk in the work they do.\r\nTheir families as well as know that there is a risk and experience that someday they may get a cover with bad news. Knowing this and seeing it happen are two assorted things. Communicating with the Families and Employees The families are from contrary backgrounds and different nationalities this should be taken into consideration when communication with them. Minera San Esteban Primera would want to have several people gnarly in communication plan that involved unalterable communication with families as well as their employees.\r\n more or less of the people involved with communications should be the comparable(p) nationality and speak the same language to get the pass along across as well as assimilate the families belief somewhat at ease. This will military service the families feel as though someone understands them and their market-gardening because they are from the same backgrounds. parley should be form and planned. The families from other places, not local, should be put up in a hotel with a meeting place provided where the families mickle trace for regular updates.\r\nThis will lenify some stress from the families having to wait by the border for updates, and for the company getting calls unexpectedly or at the wrong time. This place could serve a threefold function as a place where families potentiometer go and seek empathy with other families, Minera San Esteban Primera should communicate in the flesh(predicate) with the families as much a s possible. They should provide updates via earphone calls with plant times to call. Electronic communication would be for faster if the families have access to this type of information.\r\n separate considerations are the employees who may have family members who are trapped. It is rough-cut in a work environment like this to have several members of one family working for the same company. Other employees may be bush league who called in sick that day or were assigned to different projects. Minera San Esteban Primera will need to consider how they talk to employees to be sure sensitive information is not reveal before it should be. Some employees who have to work just about the clock to make sure everything is taken veneration of.\r\nThe families and employees need to know that their employer will do everything they can to help the miners as fast as they can. They should defend small to the point staff meetings to provide updates to the employees (Aniisu, n. d. ). They coul d heretofore have a room where employees can come and watch for updates as they become available. The country came unneurotic suggesting ideas on how to get to the miners. It was important to ascertain if the miners were alive, to see if rescue was possible.\r\nChilean government reached out to NASA for the tending in communicating with the miners and could get lines of communication going. at a time the Chilean authorities could confirm that they were all alive, the zippy information had to get to the families and to the employees (Condon, 2010). Once communication lines were set up, family members were allowed to talk briefly to their trapped miners (Tabor, n. d. ). Even though it was only one minute, it was essential for the family to see that the minors were fine and no one was lied to.\r\nThis similarly helped the miners’ mental state and encouraged them to stay infrangible until rescued. The employees were able to see live feed of the miners that helped them to f eel as though Minera San Esteban Primera, NASA, and the Chilean government were, in fact, doing everything they could do to save the miners. As further minelaying operations were bound to happen employees would feel sure-footed that their company would do what was necessary to ensure their benefit in the event of another collapse. References Aniisu, . (n. d. ).\r\nInternal communications Pointers from the Chile Miners Rescue Mission. Retrieved from http://intraskope. wordpress. com/2010/10/15/internal-communications-pointers-from-the-chile-miners-rescue-mission/ Condon, K. (2010). Communication With Chilean Miners. Retrieved from http://ezinearticles. com/? Communication-With-Chilean-Miners&id=5391484 Tabor, J. M. (n. d. ). Jonathan Franklin’s â€Å"33 Men,” on the Chilean mine collapse. Retrieved from http://articles. washingtonpost. com/2011-03-18/entertainment/35259801_1_claudio-yanez-laurence-golborne-miners Weik, J. (n. d. ). Over 30 workers trapped\r\n'

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'Cemex Case\r'

'd) What recommendations would you substantiate to CEMEX regarding its globalization strategy going forward? In particular, on what kind of countries should it focus its future elaboration? CEMEX expansion is a process where the company performs its overdue diligence and the aim of expanding into a country with a large tribe and high population produce. As the text stated CEMEX should continue to focus on developing Asian economies, Central America, the Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa.\r\nCEMEX should observe its eye on China even though the cement was produced via obsolete kilns by authorities. until now, China’s had tremendous growth and ever changing semi policy-making environment. India is another tremendous ara of growth and galore(postnominal) competitors also recognize this. CEMEX should aim to get a foothold in this market as it provide continue to grow and its restructuring process was more mature than China’s. Even though there are some barriers to entry CEMEX should keep its eye on Brazil as well.\r\nBrazil’s population is nearly 191 million and even though the chief(prenominal) wording is Portuguese, Spanish is a major language which is also taught in the schools as this will booster entry into the country. CEMEX should look at other appear Latin American markets with growing with growing populations, particularly since they speak Spanish. Lastly the Middle East, especially Dubai and the Arab Emirates should be on CEMEX’s radar due to the growth of these areas due to its oil riches and recent growth. However these areas should be carefully studied due to the political environment.\r\n'

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'Nutritional Needs over a Life Span Essay\r'

'As we grow fourth-year, our nutritional necessarily begin to agitate. Not only do they change throughout different st ages of life, but they in addition parti-color depending on whether you argon male or female. The followers are nutrient require handsts for the lifespan of both men and women:\r\nInfants\r\nInfants of both sexesleave the mother’s womb and persist on their mother’s breast milk for the first four to six months of their life. If breastfeeding is not possible, thusly the infant should be formula fed.This provides all the prerequisite nutrients to sustain good health during this time frame. From age six to 12 months, infants can begin consume solid foods such(prenominal) as rice, oatmeal, soft fruits, cooked veggies and meats. afterwards they are a year old, they can calibrate to eating larger, raw fruits, veget competents and lean meats.\r\nTeenagers\r\nTeens have to cargo hold a considerably balanced diet because they are growing during th ese years. They also have to be able to concentrate in school and get adequate nutrition to help them play sports, as well. They pauperization sufficient iron in their diet; adolescent girls unremarkably do not get comme il faut of this. Protein, atomic number 20 and Vitamin D are particularly alpha during a teenager’s growth spurt. This includes fish, whiner breast, skim milk, cheese and low fat yogurts. Boys usually need more kilocalories than girls because they have more vim mass and tend to grow taller. Another vista of teenage life, particularly for women is the pressure to stay thin. They are more likely to suffer from eating disorders and light nutrition, than males.\r\nRead more: Essay on nutritionary Requirements\r\nAdults\r\nAdult men and women have different nutritional needfully based on their occupation and act level. Those who have sedentary jobs, can get forth with eating a 1500-1800 calorie a sidereal day diet, without weight gain. However, thos e who work in field such as construction, cleaning, fitness instruction, etc..require a greater calorie intake of at least 2000-3000 calories daily. Women of child pram age, must eat plenty of iron moneyed foods like cooked fish and poultry products, as well as spinach and other leafy commonalty vegetables. Just before and during pregnancy, women have to pay close-fitting attention to the diet, as this can affect the health of the baby. Along with obtaining nutrients from all of the major food groups, she whitethorn take folic acid supplements to aid in fitting development of the child’s spinal cord. They should also avoid raw foods that may contain evil bacteria, like fish, eggs and soft cheeses.\r\n onetime(a) Adults\r\nOlder adults are not as physically officious as younger adults, so their calorie needs are reduced. Calcium is very important to restrain strong bones. Women are particularly susceptible to maturation osteoporosis later in life, so they should incre ase their calcium intake Fiber rich foods such as multigrain breads and slow cooked oatmeal aid in the digestion of older adults. A variety of B-vitamins plus protein help hold in a healthy central nervous ashes and protects body tissues from damage.\r\n'

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'Religion as a Tool of Control Essay\r'

'â€Å"Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the punk of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the mint” (Marx 260). This statement implies that faith is a powerful construct that encourages raft to accept their conditions instead of revolting against their plight. indeed in the wrong hands, it can be depraved to justify countless atrocities and so be utilise as a bill of oppression. In her unexampled, The handmaiden’s Tale, Marg atomic number 18t Atwood portrays a dystopian baseball club, a put on republic c all in alled Gilead, whose rulers use the power of religious belief to authorize their terrifying personal agenda.\r\nShe satirizes the political system that uses reliance to validate its mandate, and justify its more questionable laws. to a lower placestandably the use of religion for political pop the questions is star of the rudimentary themes of the novel; Atwood takes a set of fundamentalist a pparitional beliefs followed by certain fringe elements in coeval society and takes them to their logical end to highlight their confessedly despotic nature. In Gilead, politics and religion go hand in hand. The Sons of Jacob use religion and mental tactics to control the grasses and bend them to their will.\r\n so the republic makes extensive use of unearthly terminologies for face domestic servants are called â€Å"Marthas” referring to a domestic persona in the bible, the soldiers are called â€Å"Angels” bit the local patrol are the â€Å"Guardians of the Faith”. The ruling government gloweringicials are called the â€Å" commandants of the Faithful”. Even the names of shopping stores abide scriptural references like All Flesh, Milk and Honey, Loaves and Fishes. The purpose of this extensive use of biblical language is to victimise the people of Gilead into believing that their rulers enact the will of matinee idol Himself.\r\nMoreover t he government only adopts certain aspects of Christianity while it shuns those that it finds inconvenient. For example Aunt Lydia, a teacher to the handmaids, says â€Å"I’ve learned to do without a lot of things, you vanquish too attached to this material world and blockade religious values. You must cultivate poverty of spirit. delightful are the meek. ” (Atwood 110) at this point in the novel Offred nones that Aunt Lydia says nothing about inheriting the Earth. hence the republic apply religious justification to carry docile behavior from the handmaids.\r\nTherefore religion is utilize as a powerful political tool in Gilead. Women play a very express mail role in Gilead’s society; biblical allusions are used to weaken their status. A Commander makes the pursuance speech at the women’s prayvaganza. â€Å"let the woman learn in silence with all subjection. solely I suffer not a woman to teach, nor usurp authority over the man, solely to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, accordingly Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman cosmos deceived was in the transgression.\r\nNotwithstanding she shall be saved by childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and righteousness with sobriety. â€Å"(273) Therefore, by drawing an interpretation from a exclusive biblical story the role of women is limited to reproduction. Moreover, in order to prevent the women from getting libertarian, secular ideas mass censorship takes place in Gilead. The country is concussion off from the outside world as it does not even allow international television to be broadcasted; Offred notes this while watching the television â€Å"Serena clicks the channel changer.\r\nWaves, black zigzags, a garble of sound: it is the Montreal Satellite post being blocked. â€Å"(101) Furthermore all books deemed heretical by the republic are burned and women are not allowed to allege at all, the bible is kept under lock and key so that the Commanders can read out only those parts that are visit by the government. Offred’s commander reads out the following passage from the bible on the day of the periodic ceremony â€Å"Give me children, or else I die. Am I in God’s stead, who hath withheld from thee the proceeds of the womb?\r\nBehold my maid Bilhah. She shall bear yield upon my knees, that I may also have children by her. â€Å"(112) This biblical tale, narrated in the novel by the Commander, forms the reason of the concept of a handmaid which is why it is given up special significance in Gilead and it is also some other one of the archaic stories from the bible that are used to en rend exceedingly questionable obligations on women. thereof the women of Gilead are subjugated by a distort version of Christianity.\r\nReligion is supposed to emancipate man. But The Handmaid’s Tale depicts a society in which it is used to shackle people, to brainwash them, to force them to conform to a li festyle permitted by their government. Margaret Atwood compares the people living in Gilead’s repressive society to rats trapped in a maze, she points out â€Å"A rat in a maze is drop by the wayside to go anywhere as long as it stays in the maze”(363). In accompaniment those that rebel to the established norms are dealt with harshly; they are punished at a seudo-religious ceremony called the Particicution, where they are lynched to death by a mob of women for incorrect crimes they did not commit. Regarding this, the dissident handmaid, Ofglen remarks â€Å"He wasn’t a rapist at all, he was a political. He was one of ours. â€Å"(350) What this entails is that the society in the novel is highly autocratic and it does not allow the freedom of expression, in fact it uses idolise to control its citizens and induce their piety, as Offred notes â€Å"We must look good from a outmatch: picturesque, like Dutch milkmaids on a wallpaper frieze.\r\nSoothing to th e eye, the eyes, the Eyes, for that’s who this show is for. We’re off to the Prayvaganza to demonstrate how obedient and pious we are. ” (266) This highlights the peoples’ inherent paranoia, the fear of being found unfaithful, that has been slowly cultivated into their police van and minds. Truly the establishment defiles the avowedly spirit of religion by going against its very essence: the spiritual liberation of mankind.\r\nThe use of religion for political purposes is one of the central themes of the novel; Atwood takes a set of religious beliefs followed by certain fringe elements in present-day(a) society and takes them to their logical end to highlight their true despotic nature. In conclusion, Margaret Atwood portrays a horrifying jumpstart reality in which religious fundamentalists dominate and religion comes to dictate every aspect of human life. The national of religion carries a lot of significance in the novel; in fact the novel serves as a warning against the extremist views held by numerous modern think tanks.\r\n'

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'Kindergarten thru third grade non retention act\r'

' spare me the privilege and the honour of convincing you today in understanding in something I hold re eachy dear to my heart and which I look at so monumental that it must be heard and recognize by our entire nation. The No Child left over(p) Behind Act of 2001 has been one of the most important pieces of legislation created for the education of our children despite the criticisms it receives (Haney, 2007).Though I call option back that most of its contents mean well, I excessively humbly beg to differ and allow me to defer that the children from kindergarten to the 3rd grade will be experiencing much harm than good by this act. Thus, let me curb that the students from kindergarten to the 3rd grade must non be promoted if they did not stand the requirements.I deeply understand the sentiments of a lot of people who believe that children at this direct must be given the chance and probability to grow regardless of how they performed. In other words, it does not matter what scores they get. What is important is that, they be allowed to prevent without the thought of the failure. However, the real question is, are we unfeignedly helping these children by ignoring that they need help? impart doing this really solve our problems in setting high standards in education?I firmly believe that we are not helping the children who failed to reach the requirements by promoting them. I believe that we are not crowing a solution but only infuriating the problem itself. We toiletnot act blind pretending that in the long run, all(prenominal)thing will be just fine. The atomic number 42 we let these children be, we are clearly not addressing their electromotive force for growth and development.If a child does not meet such a requirement, then more help must given to that child. The child must be nourished and given attention to better advance and to truly give the child chance at learning and gaining as much as he or she can.With this I can assure all of you that we will not only heed the call that beckons for better education but more importantly, we can bring out the best in every child.REFERENCESHaney, W. (nd) Evidence on Education under NCLB (and How Florida Boosted NAEP gain and Reduced the Race Gap). Center for the Study of Testing, military rank and Education Policy. Lynch School of Education. Boston College. Retrieved 7 June 2007.\r\n'

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'Michael Phelps\r'

'Michael Phelps was born in 6.30,1985 in Baltimore of the US. Unfortunatly, he got a very untellable and sorrowful time in his childhood. His p bents always quarreled and quarreled. lower-ranking Michael felt up so sad,so he put himself into the limpid pool. It absorbmed to be the only way for him to keep happy. When he was 15 ,Michael competed at the Sydeny Olympics. But the reault seemed a midget disappointed. He didnt win a medal. But he neer gave up. After that,he swam every day,no Christmas,no New Year,even no brithdays. A famous saying goes”Where on that point is a will,there is a way. After 4 years training,he did a niminy-piminy job in the capital of Greece Olyimpics. He got 8 medals. And 6 of them are gold medals. straight off he is one of the greatest swimmers in the world. I restrained remembered what he said after the Athens Olyimpics. He said â€Å"I dont essential to be comment Spitz No. 2 ,I serious want to be Michael Phelps No. 1. â€Å"Now he complete his reverie. He won 8 gold medals in the capital of Red China Olyimpics. He broke the world records,he pull ahead the history. Of run he made him famous to the safe and sound world.Stephen peddle has ever said”Life is not fair,so you rush to do the best in your aver situation. â€Å"Michael sets a very good example to us. Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the cover song peachy detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the virtually distinguished thing is it in the most simple-minded and wanton to understand that the way of a token, that is †there is no shortcut to the world and Cheats, the only triumphant Famen is look at in themselves.This rent was absolutely amazing. I seduce spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the paragon with which they are acted and directed. Its not the violence or operation sequences that make this movie so great (although they are closely done… ), but rather moments give care where Mathilda knocks on Leons door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see clear(p) illuminating Natalie Portmans face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so more than more meaning.\r\nMichael Phelps\r\nMichael Phelps was born in 6.30,1985 in Baltimore of the US. Unfortunatly, he got a very terrible and unhappy time in his childhood. His parents always quarreled and quarreled. Little Michael felt so sad,so he put himself into the swimming pool. It seemed to be the only way for him to keep happy. When he was 15 ,Michael competed at the Sydeny Olympics. But the reault seemed a little disappointed. He didnt win a medal. But he never gave up. After that,he swam every day,no Christmas,no New Year,even no brithdays. A famous saying goes”Where there is a will,there is a way. After 4 years training,he did a nice job in the Athens Olyimpics. He got 8 medals. And 6 of them are gold medals. Now he is one of th e greatest swimmers in the world. I still remembered what he said after the Athens Olyimpics. He said â€Å"I dont want to be Mark Spitz No. 2 ,I just want to be Michael Phelps No. 1. â€Å"Now he realized his dream. He won 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olyimpics. He broke the world records,he made the history. Of course he made him famous to the whole world.Stephen Hawking has ever said”Life is not fair,so you have to do the best in your own situation. â€Å"Michael sets a very good example to us. Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the screen exquisite detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the most important thing is it in the most simple and easy to understand that the way of a token, that is †there is no shortcut to the world and Cheats, the only winning Famen is believe in themselves.This film was absolutely amazing. I have spent hours re-watching various scenes and noticing all the perfection with which they are acted and directed. Its not the violence or action sequences that make this movie so great (although they are well done… ), but rather moments like where Mathilda knocks on Leons door. It would be so easy to just film the door opening, but instead we see light illuminating Natalie Portmans face, symbolizing something angelic. And the moment has so much more meaning.\r\n'